Answers for questions Vol. 273

Hello everyone. I hoped your 3 day weekend went well. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask stuff, I answer stuff. You wanna take part, it’s so very easy. Just email me questions (anything at all) to or leave them in the comment section. Be creative. Be weird. I’m bout that.
Let’s see what this week has in store…

What’s the longest you figure you’ve gone without….

eating? masturbating? drinking alcohol? playing basketball? making music?

Eating: I’m an obsessive eater. Meaning, food is always on my mind. I pretty much start thinking of what my next meal is going to be right after I finish the current meal. It’s a wonder I’m not the worlds fattest man. Because of that, it’s rare I have gone without food for any extended period of time. The only time that pops out to me is once on tour , we had eaten an early dinner the night before and had to drive like 9 hours that day so we skipped breakfast. Honestly, it wasn’t even that long a period (maybe like 18 hours) but I was losing my mind. I’m not a moody person at all but hunger is one thing that will make me a lunatic. That and waiting in line behind indecisive people with too much time on their hands.

Masturbating: I’ve gone like a month. Again, on tour. It just wasn’t an option. Was sharing a room with someone and I’m not a guy who jerks off in showers. It wasn’t that bad though. You kinda forget about it after a while.

Drinking alcohol: Oh…months and months. When I had mono at the age of 19. It fucked me up for so long (and it especially weakens your liver) that I just avoided booze for probably 2 or 3 months. Booze is something I have no problem not drinking. I like being drunk a lot but I hate hangovers and I don’t particularly like the taste. So, if I’m not partying , i don’t drink it. It serves one function for me and thats: getting me drunk. A casual drink with a meal or one drink here and there? I simple don’t do that. it’s pointless. Why drink a little poison?

Playing basketball: 9 months. When I was 22 i tore three ligaments in my ankle and that put me on the shelf for a long ass time. I didn’t have health insurance so I never really got the proper care (I didn’t do physical therapy) so I just waited till it didn’t hurt. 9 months. That was the worst.

Making music: I’ve gone long stretches. Maybe 4 months? If I’m touring a lot it’s hard to make new stuff but, often, during the summer, I will get lazy. I don’t work like I used to , in general. Inspiration doesn’t come as often as it did when I was younger. So, i don’t force myself to make music unless i feel I have to. Definitely hit a slump a few years back where I didn’t even turn on my sampler for a long time.

Have you considered doing a basketball-related column? Would you? Just curious, since I’m a fan.

Nah. People aren’t really trying to hear my blab about basketball with any regularity. Also, I’m not really trying to get into punditry. It’s the worst. i love basketball and will go on other peoples shows and talk about it forever but I wouldn’t subject the blog readers to that kinda shit.

Are there certain fashion choices (or other superficial choices) that immediately turn you off to talking to a person? For example, (these are all old and probably outdated), when I saw someone wearing a bluetooth, even when not on a call, I assumed they were a tool. I assumed girls in trucker hats were cornballs. Dudes who wear sunglasses on the back of their necks would be another example. Are there any examples that hit a nerve for you?

Over the years, sure…Many fashion styles rub me the wrong way. Like those tight at the bottom, baggy like diaper pants. Those are the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Not a fan of those baggy , ripped up jeans girls have taken to. it makes every lady look like a hobo in a boxcar. What else…I dunno…teenagers…what they wear. The 90’s are back and , while there is something nostalgic about it, it’s still fucking dumb looking.

In general, when people try to much. That’s a wide spectrum but , what can I say? People go out of their way to look like assholes. The way people tend to blindly follow fashion trends has always been corny to me. I’m a person who’s basically dressed the same for over 20 years so, clearly, I’m not on the cutting edge of anything. Still,I feel that some peoples willingness to look like assholes cannot be ignored. All I can think is “they are going to look back on that ten years from now and feel so wack…” I mean, we all have. No one dresses cool in a timeless way.

What’s your favorite venue to play at? Also what is your favorite venue to go see a show at?
I love the Empire control room in Austin. I just always have fun shows there. The energy is great and they have good visual components working at all times.
As far as going to see shows? I don’t really go see many shows. i only see my friends play so I’m either at hole in the wall spots or places where Aesop might play in NYC. I can’t say I have one that I love more than another. It’s all relative.

In the darkest time of your life, what pulled you through?
This is gonna sound like bullshit but I haven’t had many “darkest times”. i mean, i’ve been down and fucked up shit has happened to me but I’ve never been one to wallow in my own sadness. I just don’t function that way. I have a very “It’s out of my hands” way of looking at certain aspects of life. So, things like death of people close to me don’t typically put my entire life into a tailspin. I can be sad and feel a certain way about things but I’ve never been in a hole i couldn’t come out of. I’m too even for that. I also don’t get manically happy ever either so it works both ways. I’m just very level, for better or worse.
To be honest, the most fucked up I’ve been was when my laptop got stolen a few years back and it had two albums worth of music I hadn’t backed up. That was an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that fucked me up. Also, it was my fault for leaving my bag at a bar. That’s the most inconsolable I have ever been…and , lucky for me, I somehow got it back. That in itself was incredible.

What are your thoughts on the 1993 film classic ‘Super Mario Bros’ starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper and Samantha Mathis?
I have no thoughts on this movie. I never saw it. If I had to guess, it’s terrible and the only people who like it do so in an ironic manner and/or nostalgia.

Could a girl’s voice ever turn you on? What makes a girl’s voice sexy, if anything?
It’s hard to say. Like, i don’t think phone sex with a stranger would work for me. Cause that faux sexy talk shit is usually corny. I’d say I can pinpoint what makes a girls voice unsexy before i can tell you what makes it sexy. Like a shitty accent. Midwest, boston, philly…that kind of thing will turn me off quick. And a baby voice, like Joey Lauren adams. Not sexy. Wouldn’t want a husky low voiced girl either. I know that kathleen turner type is liked by some but , I dunno…Just a normal voice works for me.
I suppose it’s more in what and how they are saying it then the voice putting it out there.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 273

  1. How do you view the impact that soundcloud has had on the music industry? Both as a musician who posts new content and as a listener who is able to connect with fans of music you like yourself. Do you find that you are better able to reach prospective fans, or do you think it promotes a sort of “tunnel vision” sequestering you to a specific genre of both music and people?

  2. Say you think of all the people you’ve had sex with in your life. If you had never known any of them and had to go by a picture only, which % of them do you think you would swipe-left versus swipe-right? (does this question make sense??)

  3. I am in the worst fucking female slump in my life. Real shit, I’m either getting no love, or it’s some lead you on/bait and switch bullshit. My question is, have you ever been in an extended slump with the ladies, and if so, how did you get out of it?

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