Answers for Questions Vol. 274


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Hi there. Snow, huh? I know, bro….I know.
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You guys fire off random shit at me and I do my best to spin it back towards you. If you’d like to ask me stuff, go nuts. Email me at or leave them in the comment section below. All i ask is be creative. be weird. This is not a job interview.
Okay, let’s peep this weeks batch…

does new york’s sex culture seem different from other places, so far as you can tell? i’ve had many friends (from ages 20-40) characterize the general social climate of the city as very thirsty.
It’s hard to say. I don’t think it’s vastly different from any major city in the US except a few things
1)The girl to guy ratio is almost 2-1
2)There are more attractive people here than in most places
3)bars stay open till 4
4)Everyone is drunk when they are out so it can seem more horny than it actually is
5)It’s easy to be single here

all those things are factors but the sex culture itself? I’m sure people in iowa fuck just like us.

When you order food to go do you tip? I always feel like they expect a tip and hate putting a 0 on the tip line of the receipt. They didn’t do anything special though besides their job of cooking my food and taking my money.

Not generally. If I’d doing the pick up, I’m doing all the heavy lifting. But, inexplicably, I will randomly throw them a buck or two for no reason. I think it depends if I pay with cash or not.
I mean, it’s kinda interesting cause people tip counter people who are basically just doing the same thing (handing you the food/drink you ordered). I dunno. I’ve worked in the service industry and , even with that experience, the tipping culture still doesn’t make sense to me sometimes, outside of the obvious places (waiters, cabs, delivery guys, etc…).

What does a New Yorkian (?) do on New Years? Also what do you call someone from New York?
Are you from the moon? A new Yorkian? It’s New Yorker. There’s a whole fucking pubication called that.
As for new years, a New Yorker goes out and parties like everyone else. I’d say the natives avoid times square but, outside of that, it’s no different that anyone else.
Personally, i went to a party at a friends house this year. To me, the house party is ideal. And a good house party that you don’t want to leave from is perfect cause getting around the city on New years is a nightmare.

Hey, if you couldn’t play basketball anymore (say, because of injury or something) do you think you would take up another form of fitness (like, weightlifting…..or creepy guy in the back of a Zumba class)?
I’ve thought about this before and it depresses me to think about.
I’d imagine I’d just go “work out”. i don’t even know what that entails but I’m sure I’d hate it. Maybe I’d be forced to get a trainer or something. But, man…I would hate that so much. Exercising is not fun when it’s not a sport.
Or , fuck it, maybe I’d just throw in the towel and balloon up , truly living my life like I want to live it for once.

whats your favorite city in australia block?
I only went once but Melbourne was my shit. I wish i could get back there.

If you had to choose between constantly having an itchy asshole for 5 years or having to listen to nothing but Phish for 7 years which would you choose?

Ooof…this is gonna shock many of you but I think I’d take the latter. Discomfort is way worse than being bored by lame music. I’ve become quite adept at zoning out music so it could be on and i would barely notice it. Also, if that was the case, I’d just not listen to music much. Shut it down. Listen to podcasts…or would those podcasts be about phish? Hmm…I dunno.
But, regardless, having an itchy asshole…I’m not about that life.

I think you have said that you don’t see live music very often, but what is the best show/concert you’ve been to?
This is true. I pretty much only go see live music when friends are performing.
The best shows I’ve seen?
Probably Tenacious D or Richard Cheese. Both are comedy music so, yeah…
I will say that the most impactful live show I ever saw was Boogie Down Productions when i was 15/16. I snuck into S.O.B.’s , underage, and got to see the show that eventually became the recording for their live album. It was my first show ever and I was just in awe. But I feel like that shouldn’t count in this question cause of the fact it was my first show and such a momentous occasion. It’s not really fair by comparison.

while you don’t really enjoy listening to contemporary hip-hop instrumental stuff (like you, FlyLo, et al make), do you enjoy them when they’re rapped over? what makes that kind of song good to you? do you ever get bored of what is the consistently old(er)-school sounding east coast instrumental aesthetic?

To clarify, i don’t “Not enjoy” that music. I simply have no interest in listening to instrumental music in general…from any era. That includes most Jazz or fusion stuff from the 70’s. I simply prefer music with vocals. I can listen to a Fly-lo joint and think “whoa…what’s really dope” but never check it again.
So, yes, if someone raps over those beats, i will enjoy them more. When rappers do mixtapes where they rhyme over instrumental stuff, it’s my shit.
As for boredom towards the east coast instrumental aesthetic, if the beats dope i like it. If it’s boring, then I don’t.

9 thoughts on “Answers for Questions Vol. 274

  1. EL-P uses the phrase “New Yorkian” in the RTJ song “Close Your Eyes and Count To Fuck.” Is he out of line? PLEASE CLARIFY, BLOCK.

  2. Do you ever skip out on seeing people live for fear of it ruining your listening experience later on? Like with music you enjoy but aren’t sure that it would be well-done live.

    • Nah. I don’t really care about a live performance , in terms of how i view their recorded music. To me, the albums are what’s truly important. The live shit is just extra.

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