Answers for Questions vol. 279

I just slept for 13 straight hours after getting back from europe and only sleep 7 hours over the course of 3 days. 13 fucking hours. Holy shit. I needed it. Thanks to all of you who came out. The shows were awesome. so much love and the turnouts were great as well. If we took pics together post them on my facebook wall and join the ever growing bock of people with me at shows:
Annnyway, this is Answers for questions. If you’d like to join the fun, send me questions! either email them to me at or simply leave them in the comment section. Go nuts. be weird.
Now, lemme wipe the eye boogers away and get to this weeks batch.

You’ve touched on this subject in some ways before, but I’m really interested in what you think of what’s being called the ‘outrage culture’? It seems like anytime anyone posts anything on social media these days, it’s about what they’re pissed off about or what in their opinion is wrong with the world. Like with all things, there’s a positive and a negative impact of such a phenomenon. The positive being that this general outrage could be the motivator for big changes, and maybe it’s what the world has needed all along. The negative is that the internet is just full of noise of everyone sharing their opinions, and nobody really taking actions beyond letting everyone know what they’re mad about. What do you think of this change? Have people always been this way, and the internet is just now giving them a voice? Or, are pissed off people influencing more and more people to be pissed off about stuff?

It’s a mixed bag of good and bad. I’m glad people who would normally not have a voice are now allowed to speak and people are actually listening. That said, the majority of this “outrage” is generally petty bullshit aimed at jokes. People getting mad at jokes , to me, is the biggest waste of time on the planet. I mean, a week rarely goes by where I don’t tweet something then erase it cause I worry about the backlash it might cause. AND I’M ME! imagine if I were a comedian. The outrage culture has entitled everyone to mold the way they hear and see things into their own little ideal world. Everything is a trigger warning. Basically, our ego’s are being coddled at all times and it’s only making us weaker as people. It’s being done for a greater good but I don’t necessarily think that’s a good things. I think allowing people to think every thing they do is “great!” all the time and trying to make us all think “we’re all exactly the same deep down!” is hazardous. Cause, well, not everyone is great. Not every voice needs to be heard. Do you know how many people are fucking idiots? MOST OF THEM. The internet has allowed those fucking morons to have as much of a voice about things they know nothing about as people who are actually educated in those fields. Also, we aren’t all the same. As much as someone would like to tie a bow on america and make it seem like it’s a happy like country where everyone agree on things like sexual politics, racial issues , etc…those things aren’t going away. I’m obviously on the far left life of those issues but I’m also from a major city and was raised to be like that. Not exactly the norm of america society.
My feeling about the outrage culture is everyone thinks they matter. They don’t. Everyone has an opinion. They do. But if Janis dumbfuck from “little shittzville” middle america watches Beyonce at the super bowl and somehow is offended by a musical performance…that’s janis’s problem. it shouldn’t be ours. Back in the day, she would write a letter to the tv station that would end up where it belongs, in a pile that no one cared about. Real revolutions could be taking place right now. A massive changing of how we think but “outrage” over entertainment? Suck my dick. I don’t wanna hear. That said, you have all the right in the world to feel that way. the media just has to stop giving any weight to every person who get upset about some banal bullshit. Good luck with allllll that though cause this stuff is only getting worse. Orwells 1984 is not to far away. Word policing is already here. I’m just waiting for the all grey outfits and the screens with john hurts face on it telling me to keep walking.

you’ve written several times about weird and uncomfortable interactions w fans at shows. but have you ever had a blog reader get too familiar? like submit questions for answers and ask for dr. tony advice and submit demos and leave comments and constantly tweet at you? if you didn’t keep submissions anonymous, would it expose any phat friend stans? this is my 4th or 5th question for answer, but i’ve never done any of the other stuff. do i qualify as a phat friend stan?

I don’t look at them as phat friend stans. they’re just regular readers. In general, I appreciate them cause they keep asking me questions that leads to me having content. In most cases, they’re good natured and “get it” so it’s not a problem. I got a few people who constantly comment on my facebook wall though that I feel are completely insane. They legit worry me. Their comments are generally off base and just seem slightly deranged. I also a have a few people who tweet gibbersih at me with some regularity but i don’t really pay them any mind. Most cause , well, how can i respond to gibberish?

What are your thoughts on people being “addicted” to their devices? I don’t see the problem as long as an individual knows when to stop staring at the screen and give their attention where it’s required.

Also, is wu tang really for the children?

Definitely have been accused of this. I have this OCD thing where if I have an alert, I gotta get rid of it. So, If I’m at a dinner and I see a text pop up, I legit have to fight myself to not check it. God forbid it’s a group text that has like 5 people rattling off texts a million a minute. I have literally had to mute conversations just so I could get through a meal cause, if I don’t, i will lose my mind and just check every vibration my phone sends me. It’s bad.
I think, in general, we are all pretty bad about this. I can complain all day about dudes walking and texting, blocking up the street but I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t been me before. We are a phone obsessed culture. That’s why out parents look at us with such disgust cause they JUST missed the boat on that and truly don’t get it.
Wu tung isn’t really for the children. Unless you want your kid knowing that ghostface’s dick is “thick like a great adventure cigar”.

Have you seen “The Breaks” ? I thought it was really good!
I watched it. It was cute. I think the thing that impressed me most was the music selection. They dug WAY deeper than I expected. It wasn’t a new story and had similar issues other shows/movies about that era had had (trying to fit too much shit in and cover too many bases. having to have a down”white guy” as an integral part of the story) but I wasn’t mad at it. Sure, I coulda live tweeted it and clowned the fuck out of it but the truth of the matter is nothing like that will ever get made that feels 100% real. So, all things considered, they did a fine job.

Somehow I feel like this question might have been asked, but here goes. If you could be any body part on a female, which would it be? Same question for a male. Also, if you could be a body part on an animal, which animal and what body part would it be?

THe Pussy, dude! I’d just wanna get fucked all the time and when I got my period! woo hooo!!!!!
nah…obviously, i would never wanna be a vagina. Ever.
Okay, here’s the thing about this question…what is like to be a body part? Like, being a leg would be useful but would I have thoughts? Probably not. I’d say being a breast would be mellow. Every now and then I get rubbed but for the most part, I just hang out.
For a guy? being a dick would actually be okay cause that’s basically what we are anyway. Dicks are like our compasses. They’re dumb and have a terrible sense of direction but still, they do guide us more often than not.
What animal would i be? A bird would be cool cause, you know, flight. I would be a falcons beak. Why the fuck not?

If you met yourself from the future, how would you know it’s you?
I’d probably look about the same. I haven’t aged THAT much in the last 20 years. I mean, obviously, I’m older and not as pure as i once was but I haven’t had any great physical fall off. Old, saggier skin…probably in the same cloths. I think it would be easy to spot me, to be honest.

You’ve had some people play bass and guitar on your albums. Do you play any instruments too?
This is one of those FAQ type questions. I don’t play any instruments. I can figure things out on a keyboard but thats about it.

The Blockhead Meme Factory

So, I’ve had a lot of down time during this european tour. Chilling in airports , suckling on the wifi teet like the life blood that it is. Out of boredom, I downloaded a meme generator to my phone. Now, I’ve always enjoyed a good meme (who doesn’t?) but never really thought of making them cause…well…why would i bother doing that? Part of my resistance (outside of my age and my own self respect) is that so many of the tried and true Meme jokes are just recycled versions of the same jokes. Again, often hilarious but how many “Squad AF” and “Relationship goals” posts can really be made before it’s like “YEAH BRO, WE GET IT!”.
All that said, now that I’ve had a day or so to play around with making these things…I TOTALLY GET IT. It’s fucking ridiculous. So, I figured I’d share my own personal meme gallery with you. Some are dumb, some are mean, some are abstract. Regardless, they’re not all winners so cut me some slack. After all, these were made out of a boredom and loneliness that you can only find by sitting in a finnish airport for 4 hours between flights.
Let’s begin with one that i actually made years ago. My friend Claudia posted these ridiculous/cute baby pics on facebook and I was compelled to give it a whirl
This is not a new idea in the meme world but, when I did it, i certainly though it was. Let’s not forget, there’s nothing new under the sun.
So, I’ll be honest here. I 100% downloaded the generator specifically cause I wanted to make this one meme
After that, I started getting a little weird…specifically just random shit involving celebrities. Pretty aimless and misguided but, I dunno, they kinda crack me up for some reason.
mini me
But when I happened upon this Kanye pic…I started to “get it”

Kanye 2

Then i felt like it was time to poke fun at the classic , played out Meme’s everyone does…





With this one above I wanted to tag it with “When you’re an Athiest but she believes in a god and shit”

So, yeah…those were dumb, right? Whatever dude…

My Review of “The Life of Pablo”

Kanye 2.jpg
People often ask me to review albums on here and, generally, I prefer not to. Partially cause it’s weird for one artist to judge another artist publicly in detail. In fact, there are only two albums I’ve ever reviewed on here. One was Earl’s debut full length and the other was Yeezus. Why those two? Cause they seemed to be such divisive albums that I felt people on both sides of the argument were being ridiculous about. You know how the internet is. It’s black and white. Well, I’m a grey area ass dude. So, allow me to chime in on this whole Kanye “The Life of Pablo” album.
Little back story: I enjoy Kanye West. Sometimes. I think Yeezus was his worst album but it still had a few very good moments. Kanye is not a great rapper but , he can be entertaining. I enjoy when he raps more than a lot of people. That said, I also think he’s delusional and that he truly feels his shit might not actually stink. So that’s where i stand on him prior to even pressing play on this album.I generally appreciate his gumption and enjoy like 3-6 tracks on every one of his albums. I’d also like to add I’ve purposely avoided reading reviews of this album cause, well, music critics are generally dickheads with agendas that don’t reflect anything that matters. Kanye think pieces are as dumb as anyone who caught feelings about Beyonce at the superbowl.

I’m traveling in europe right now so there is plenty of downtime. Yesterday I took a 4 hour train across Russia and decided that would be the time to sink my teeth into “The life of Pablo”. What better way to really hear an album than to listen while looking at snowy emptiness whipping by you at 200 miles per hour. Admittedly, I rarely sit down and listen to albums front to back anymore so even doing this was a foreign experience. Well…one I haven’t done in a long time.

So, what do I think? Well…I think this is album is complicated. It’s got some great moments. It’s got some terrible moments. More than anything, it’s all over the place. It’s equal parts lazy and out there. This is Kanye’s “Nigga Please“. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the ODB’s sophomore album. An album that spawned “Baby I got your money” and not much else. That said, it was a masterpiece of dysfunction. Entirely produced by a, at that time, little known duo called The Neptunes. “Nigga please” was the work of a man unhinged and the people around him who were able to pick up the pieces. A man who was extremely high all the time and given the keys to do whatever he wanted. I’ve heard stories of ODB refusing to come to the studio to record anything unless they paid him 20k for that day. Then he would go in, ingest mass amounts of various drugs and freestyle. I don’t know this to be fact but, you know, if certainly sounds like it at times. Listening to the album, it’s obviously cobbled together. He no doubt did a bunch of cracked out little takes and left the rest for The Neptunes to clean up. Now, it’s a mess of an album BUT it’s also as pure as it gets when showing what life as ODB was during that time. It’s actually a beautiful time capsule. That’s a long digression but “The life of pablo” seems to be that moment for Kanye. The main difference is that, no matter how off the deep end Kanye goes, he still is rooted in his songs having melody and catchiness to them. Where as “Nigga please” could not have cared less about you humming along to it.

Here we have one of the most famous men on earth, married to one of the most famous women on earth. He is loved and hated like very few other people on the planet. He’s richer than god. Much like eminem before him, rappers who become rich and famous kinda run out of relatable things to rap about. Kanye isn’t an underdog anymore. He’s a super nova. He’s also manic and quite possibly doing way too much cocaine. And that leads me to this album being a somewhat a shit show. But a very watchable shit show. Like “love and hip hop” or “Intervention”. I don’t have credits for this album but I’m fairly certain he didn’t make a single beat on it. He’s past that. He now sings and raps. Sparingly. Part of me feels like he’s so fucked up in his own head he’s abandoned song structure due to his mania…but, then again, maybe this is him saying “Fuck pop song structure!” and just doing what he feels. I guess we’ll never truly know, even though you can guess which one he’d cop to.

Okay, enough speculating why kanye does what does he does. Let’s talk about the music. That’s what this is about.
The album starts with “Ultralight beam” which is both messy and awesome. Kanye babbling over a gospel chorus , with a minimal yet powerful backing track that just works. It’s one of those songs that you can listen to late at night, walking home drunk, even though it’s seemingly talking bout some jesus shit. Or maybe he isn’t? This is a reoccuring theme on the album. Kanye rarely is talking about anything specific. Unless it’s personal stuff about his family, fame or dick, it’s mostly just gibberish being displayed as something like a sermon. Also, it should be noted that Chance the rapper delivers the best verse on the entire album on this song. It’s not even close. This song is dope though.

That song is followed by “Father Stretch my hands”. It’s an autotune, uplifting song that has Kayne singing about bleached assholes. I know there is a large group of people who hear autotune and kanye and throw their hands up in disgust. i get it. But, you know, he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. It’s still kinda catchy. My major critique of this song is that it, I dunno…seems like it isn’t finished yet. It just sorta ends. I guess that’s cause it’s a part 1 , followed by “Part 2”. The wailing gospel vocals are the only bonding factor of the two songs. This one one features newcomer Desiigner, who’s basically like Future but obsessed with panda’s for some reason. Like, seriously, what the fuck is up with this guy and pandas? He’s worse than me and sloths.
Much like the part 1 of this song, it ends abruptly for no good reason. Kanye has created a cache for himself where he can do that kinda thing and say it’s his process or whatever but it just sounds lazy and poorly executed.

The next song is “Famous”. Rihanna sings on the beginning then vanishes, which is fine. This song is kanye at his cokeheadiest. It’s him rapping about his fame. Thing is , think about it…this is what he knows now. This is an honest song about his life. Now this song has extreme ADD and I wish someone would throw a Muzzle in Swizz beats mouth but there are parts in this that are just awesome. Like the reworking of Sister Nancy’s famous “Bam Bam” is fantastic. So subtle but that’s the kinda thing that jumps out to me, as a producer. Then he throws a nina simone vocal at the end. Why? No clue. It doesn’t fit the song but , overall, this is yet another mess of a song that somehow manages to work on some level.

“Feedback” sounds like a Yeezus outtake. He’s at least he rapping on it but, still, ultimately, it’s forgettable. That’s followed by “Lowlights” which is just a skit of some woman talking about some shit. Who cares? I suppose that’s there to prompt “Highlights”. It’s a weird attempt at a catchy song. Cause the “we only making the highhhhlights” part is the catch. Then it changes up and he spends like a minute dedicating the song to a dumb line about girls in equinox being freaks or not. It’s just another example of his focus being all over the fucking place. Sure, this is a meandering song but has parts that could make a coherent song in the somewhere…but Kanye don’t care. Cause, like, he’s a genius and shit.

Other songs worth noting are “waves” which is like a mix between Ushers “Love in the club”, Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” and Kanye’s face buried in a pile of that good white. This one is as close to a “single” as this album will get. it adheres to a more typical song structure and I think chris brown is on it.

“FML” is a song I’m drawn to. It’s similar to “Ultralight beam” in that it’s good cause of the sum of it’s parts. It’s a mood and it works. Sure, it’s self indulgent but when he’s being introspective, that’s when he’s at his best. Even if his “depth” rivals two teenaged girls having a heart to heart.

“Real friends” was an early leak and it’s cool but I also think it’s pretty boring. I get why people like it though. I much prefer “No more parties in L.a”. It’s just a classic, good old rap song with a good beat with some dudes talking shit. Nothing wrong with that. This is the “bound” of this album, in the sense that it’s what old Kanye fans want to hear but it’s also a relic of his past. He knows he can’t make an album of songs like this and he wouldn’t even want to. It’s more of a “Hey, i could if I wanted to but nah…” kinda song.

The last song that matters is “30 hours”. Dope beat. This is a classic Kanye kinda song. Problem is his self indulgence rears it’s ugly head at the end.And not the good kind I spoke of earlier. I’m thinking this song may be called “30 hours” cause that’s how long he lets the fucking beat run at the end. Not only does it run but he babbles line ideas and takes a call from his manager. It actually gives an interesting insight to his creative process. Or, I should say, exposes it for what it is. Just a dude in a booth flying by the seat of his pants. And in an epic example of classic Kanye trolling , the song feature Andre 3000, who only sings the words “30 hours” a bunch of times. It’s actually incredible he had him do that and nothing else. It’s such a dick move that I can’t even do anything but respect it.

The rest of the album is pretty forgettable, in my opinion. Overall, I think it’s a step up from Yeezus. Kanye still makes compelling, catchy, self indulgent, and flawed music. He’s not a genius. He never has been. But he’s a fucking weirdo with mental issues and , honestly, those are the people making the most truthful music out there. When you lack a filter and people around you to tell you “yo, chill”, it’s hard to not keep the insanity pure. I think, in 10 years, no one is going to look back on this album as one that mattered much in his legacy but, at the same time, it might be one of those sleeper albums that sneakily finds its way into peoples heads against all logic. Kanye gonna Kanye, and this album kanye’s all over the fucking place. For better of for worse.

Answers for Questions vol. 278

Hey guys! I’m writing this from a hotel room in Moscow. Time no longer exists to me. Sleep is a concept, not a real thing. But, still, I’m loyal to this blog. So, I’m doing it! This is “Answers for questions” You guys ask me stuff, I respond honestly. so simple. If you’d like to join the fun, go for it. Send questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Get weird. Be interesting. it makes it better for all of us.
Let’s see what we got this week. Lots of focused , nerdish questions. Whelp, okay!

– What would you do if making music for a living stopped paying the bills? / Do you have a retirement fund?
I have no idea. It’s something I think about as I continue to age. I’ve been good with my money and i own a home so I’d maybe get involved in some sort of business like a restaurant or a bar. I do Not have a retirement fund though.

– What would your job have been if you couldn’t make music for a living?
Some bullshit. All my jobs prior to music were service industry or places a record store. I’d imagine I might be bartending. Honestly, I’m a college drop out. I’m not exactly trained for anything. In a dream world, i’d be writing for something comical but you know, that’s a best case scenario.

– You seem pretty laid back. What irritates you the most on a daily basis?
Inconsiderate people and slow people. They can often be one in the same. But when I see someone who’s clearly only thinking about themselves, it’s makes my blood boil. And people who are slow are just an extension of that. They’re basically like “Oh, you’re time is important to you? How about go fuck yourself cause the world begins and ends with me and my personal clock”. Side note: I’m the promptest person of all time.

– Do you have a favorite country to visit while touring?
I feel like I haven’t visited it yet. I loved Australia (and I’m going back this fall) but I’d like to see Spain and maybe Iceland. To be honest, I travel so much that leaving NYC is never something I really feel like doing for pleasure.

– If you had to go on a 2 week vacation with Adele where would you go?
Probably some fancy island where she would pay for everything. I bet she’s fun.

– Who are some of your favorite visual artists?
Truth be told, I don’t really follow that world. i grew up around the arts and it numbed me to it at a very young age. I can barely even appreciate it outside of a passing “Oh, that’s cool!”. There are tons of great artists out there, I’m just not really paying attention.

Why were hip hop drums so terrible in the late 90s early 2000s? Don’t get me wrong I love some 80s and early 90s drums and I love the sound and variety of today’s drums but drums across the board from underground d to main stream(with some exceptions) in the late 90s and early 2000s were very simplistic and weak. There was no knock. And I say this Looking back because I am talking about songs from an era that were important to me (I am 32. So like my HS era). Was it because of equipment of the era? People making there own kits and not sampling? Or was it just a shitty trend?

I don’t know if I agree with your opinion but I think what you’re referring to was the growth in popularity in synthesized drums sounds, versus good old break beats. I contend that both have their merits. People stopped using break beats or chopped up parts of breaks and started using sounds that came from certain keyboards. It made of a cleaner, less authentic feel. I think some of it worked fine though. It was when people started dabbling with 808 kits (aside from miami bass music from the late 80’s/early 90’s) on a larger level. Southern raps emergence played into that. I dunno…i think you can make dope drums with any thing if you use them right.

You have answered sampling questions before but do you have any insight as to why sampling keeps going away and coming back? I know sampling started to fade out in the late 90s because of lawsuits and the popularity of Swizz beats and Timbo. But I am confused as to nowadays it seems that Record labels could pay for samples and Indy artist couldn’t. And now record labels rarely clear samples unless you are Kanye. But Indy artists still sample tons of records I notice. Do Indy artists just say fuck it, because they figure they won’t get sued? For the record I much prefer sample based records.

It goes away cause it is both dangerous and a money pit. When you sample, you cannot license the song to tv or commercials. That’s where a lot of money comes for people making beats. Even if you do clear the sample, the writer of said sample will get the lions share of the money so it’s kinda pointless. However, it comes back because sampling is timeless. People will always like a nice samples loop. Any time a major artist releases a song with a sample, it becomes a hit. “Hotline Bling” is a perfect example. As for indy guys still sampling, it’s cause they don’t clear shit and just keep their stuff under the radar. Only people on a major stage have to worry about getting caught or , even having enough sales and radio play for the owners of the sample to notice, let alone deem them worthy to sue.

I’ve noticed that you seem to be less ‘nerdy’ than most of the emcees you’ve worked with or around (Aesop, Slug, EL-P, Vast Aire, Illogic, Murs etc) does this affect your social dynamic or interactions at all?

We’re all nerdy on some level The type of music we make kinda dictates that. Even something cool like “Run the Jewels” is still kinda nerdy at it’s core. And that’s a good thing. Nerdy just means being obsessive about something. it could be star wars or it could drums machines. We all got our “thing”.
In everyday life, i’m not really a nerd type though. I’m socially comfortable. I like going out. I like doing things. I play sports. Not saying those other guys don’t but being a nerd is not something I’ve been accused of in my day to day ever in my life.

Could you beat Rhonda Rousey in a fight?
Fuck no. She’s beat the shit out of me. I’d last maybe 4 seconds before I tapped out or just cried.

This week in ridiculous rap: Eastside Crackhead

Drug raps. Once Dr. Dre Opened the door, it wasn’t long before every rapper who liked weed had a pot anthem or album covers that was shot amidst the fog of blunt smoke. Very few other drugs have been accepted into rap as something people would admit to doing. Del Took Mushrooms. So did Eminem and Xzibit. Lots of rappers pop mollies and sweat. recently, Lean and pills have been more openly rapped about lovingly. Hell, even cocaine has had it’s moments thanks to rappers like Gunplay who say shit like “Lost five pounds in the last five hours, I got a photo shoot, still tootin’ chowder”.
But, there are still those drugs rapper doth not speak of, as users. Namely, Heroin , Meth and Crack. I suppose these drugs are the last three that people should be embarrassed to do. Well, it’s time to scratch Crack off that list cause Eastside Crackhead is here…and he’s rapping about loving crack.

Here we have a guy who’s asking all the rappers who claimed to sell crack, “gimmie a taste”.
Now, this song is clearly jokes. Kind of like the crackhead version of Dirt Nasty’s Dropping Names, but the thing is , looking at this video, I’m kinda thinking this guy might be the real deal. I’ve seen my fair share of crackheads in my life and, well, this guy fits the bill. There are some legit funny crackheads out there. This dude is hilarious and not in a “laughing at you” way. He’s actually got jokes. Now, if I’m wrong and this guy is not , in fact, a crackhead…well, he’s a good actor. He’s also a weirdo for deciding that would be his niche but I guess it makes sense when you’re looking for youtube hits.
Regardless, Eastside Crackhead probably won’t ever put out another video but, really, it’s not necessary. He’s already cornered the market.

Answers for Questions vol. 277

Hey there everyone. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend (US ONLY). This is answers for questions. You guys ask me stuff, I answer. Simple stuff. If you’d like to ask me anything, please do! Send Questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be creative!
Also, I’m leaving for a european/russian/tel aviv tour on wednesday so I dunno how functional this blog will be while I’m gone. You never know but don’t be surprised if I don’t post for a week or so. Not like you care but for the 4 or 5 people who do…just a heads up.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were going to die?

Hmm…I’ve been in situations where i’ve felt very threatened (being robbed at gun point, a plane having insane turbulence then the lights flicker off, a car crash where we flipped over, seeing a shooting at a pool hall) but I honestly can’t say I ever felt I was gonna die.
In all the cases above I just sort of assumed things wouldn’t get that far. I’d say the car and plane situations were the scariest cause those were out of my control. But turbulence happens and the car crash happened so quick, it didn’t really give me time to think i was really going to die.
Now that I think about it…the closest I’ve come to truly feeling like I might die was choking on pizza cheese while eating alone in my house once. I legit had to reach in my throat and pull the cheese out cause I couldn’t breath. That was one case where I felt a legit moment of terror and mortality.

What are some of your favorite names of porn films? Strictly talking about the name, regardless of subject matter. Have their been any films name after hip hop artists/albums that you’ve come across?
The whole idea of funny porn names is far more hypothetical that a reality. Sure, “Edward Penishands” exists and there have been plenty of porn parodies of real movies but the majority of them are called shit like “Latino cum swappers 28” and “Where the boys Aren’t vol 39282”.
I have yet to see a porn that references something hip hop related outside of the obvious “Hip hop honeys” kinda shit that’s basically using the phrase hip hop to mean “black”.
It’s a shame cause you could flip rap album titles into porn titles easily…
“It takes a nation of millions to hold this cock”
“Gay outta compton”
“All guyz on me”
“Step in the anal-rena”
“The gape adventures of Slick Rick”
“The Life of Pablo”

Sup. Got a question. Beyond Reach is one of my fav tracks you made because of the lyrics. Who wrote ’em? How did Baby Dayliner and you came up with the song? You both share the emotions of the lyrics?

Beyond reach” was a song that Baby Dayliner had made way back in the 90’s. It was done on a four track and he made it while he was still searching out his sound. He wrote the whole thing. I had always loved it and thought about sampling it in some way cause it never came out and it was just sort of sitting there.
I forget exactly how my version came about but I must have been reminded of that song and thought “I should remix that on my album”. I hit up Baby Dayliner and asked if he had a copy and he sent it to me. That’s about it. The piano and vocals are all parts of his original song. everything else, I added. As for the emotions of the song, it always hit a nerve with me. I can’t say I relate personally to those feelings of young loneliness but the overall mood definitely grabbed me.

Being an “anarchist”, I believe that society’s endstate will be one of freedom from wage slavery, and having machines care for our immediate needs – also, money will stop being a thing. It might take a thousand years (if we survive that long), but I think it will come around.

My question then is: do you think people will still be rapping, or b-boying or doing graffiti or whatever without money being a part of it? Without the profit motivator determining the charts? Without labels propping some acts up and not others? Or is material gain and fame an indispensable part of the industry? (save for some small acts that defy it)

This already happened in a sense. When record sales started to not matter anymore, the whole landscape of music (especially hip hop) changed. People no longer could “get signed” and “sign a big deal”. MTV stopped playing videos. Everything was illegally downloaded. So, all these people who were angling to make rap music simply as a means to get rich were suddenly in a bind. It’s no coincidence this happened during on of the most stale eras of rap. The mid 2000’s.
However,once that smoke cleared, there was an abundance of great music getting made by people who simply did it cause they love it. That was around 2009/10. So, i feel as though, no matter what happens to money and rap, there will still always be people making the music. To many artists, it’s like a itch. You can’t leave it alone cause it’s not bringing home a profit. Think of all the people out there who are in their mid-30’s, still doing local shows, opening for mid-level acts. They do it cause they love it. Sure , some may be delusional but, deep down, they know they aren’t gonna “Make it”. They keep pushing forward cause it’s what they enjoy doing.

Can you see yourself ever dating a woman who is REALLY in to any of this nerdy stuff? Like maybe not all at once, but she REALLY likes a few things from the list? What are your general thoughts on these hobbies for an adult, be it a man or woman?

Video Games
Science Fiction or Fantasy movies
Comic Books
Collecting toys
Card Games (Magic the Gathering, Yugioh)
Board Games (The new complicated ones that no one has ever heard of.)
Renaissance Fairs
LARPing (Live action role-play)
Cosplay (Dressing up like characters from movies, comics.)
Collecting crystals

I mean, if she doesn’t expect me to take part or care about those things then it would be fine with me. It would only be an issue if those things interfered with our relationship. Thinking realistically, it may be hard to keep some of those things separate from a relationship but I’d be willing to at least try if every other thing about this hypothetical girl was awesome.
The first 6 things on the list all seems workable. As we get into things where dressing up and pretending come into play, i might be a little wary. If not just totally embarrassed. Like, more power to people who do that but I don’t ever wanna be forced to have to go to one of those things for a millisecond.
Also, collecting crystals is fine and probably the least offensive thing towards the back of the list but if that girl wanted to talk to me about crystals at any point, I could not date her. In general, I feel people who collect crystals and I have a different life view. Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends…I just can’t see a crystal person and me ever truly connecting with any depth cause, well, I just don’t buy into that shit and they do. Similar to religion. Like, if you’re someone who feels strongly about your faith, i support that but it will eventually become an issue if we were to be together cause it’s a basic difference in beliefs that you’re eventually going to have to face.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be gaining popularity as the next thing the Technology sector is bent on figuring out. I feel like AI is making that same evolution into our general acceptance as Facebook and Google did, but it’s is way more deserving of our scrutiny. What are thoughts and predictions about the involvement of AI in the future of our world?

It would seem that the internet is well on its way to becoming a sentient being. Like you say, the tech people are obsessively working on all things AI related. From robots to figuring out ways to make advertisements seem more interesting.
I can’t say i lose sleep over this kinda thing but it is certainly the type of idea that, if you stop and think about it for any amount of time, you could spiral into a pit of fear and despair towards what the future may hold. Robocop could be a reality. Cars that drive themselves. Robots that learn and evolve like people do. it’s all possible and will very likely happen in our lifetime. Personally, I miss rotary phones.

I am trying to get back into reading but it is a bit challenging and I’m not sure what to get into. When is the last time you read a book and what was it? If you don’t read very much, pretend you do – what kinds of books would you go for?

You could not ask a worse person this question. I loath reading. It bores me to death and I honestly haven’t read a book in years. The only time I’ve read books for “pleasure” is when I was traveling a lot and knew I’d have tons of downtime with nothing to do. I can’t even recall the last book I read. Probably someones autobiography. It’s been that long. Maybe Tina Fey’s book? Pretty sure I bought it in an airport bookstore last second.
So, yeah, i can’t even pretend to tell you what to read. I don’t have a favorite author. I don’t curl up with a good book ever. It’s just not for me. Never has been, most likely never will be.

A Valentine’s remix of Nina

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1950:  Photo of Nina Simone  Photo by Tom Copi/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1950: Photo of Nina Simone Photo by Tom Copi/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Listen, we all know that , single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is some ol’ bullshit. This isn’t about that. I was fiddling around with some music today and decided I’d hit all the lonely people and lovers with a remix of Nina Simone’s song “Be my Husband”. It’s no secret, I love Nina Simone and remixing her is always fun for me. I mean, who hates Nina Simone, anyway? If you do, you’re a dickhead.
So, enjoy this remix. Send it to a loved one. Send it to the person who got you locked in the friendzone. Send it to the person you think you could fuck but aren’t totally sure. Like Nina, this is for everyone. Enjoy, Lovers…

Free download HERE:

Demo Reviews Vol. 77

Cyanamid  cover Scan 2
Yup. It’s back. Demo Reviews. You guys send me your music so i can tell you what I think. It’s a bad look for all of us involved but, hey, it’s better than nothing. if you would like to take part and submit music, you may do so but you MUST read THIS. There are rules and you must follow them. I got a few submissions this week from people who did not read the rules and those went right into the trash pile.
Anyway, the reviews work like so, i write a paragraph or two about the song then arbitrarily rate the song from 1-10 in these categories:

That’s about it. Reach for the stars and learn how to use mics, guys!

Artist: Coping Mechanism
Song: Imbecile

Okay…hmm…I can say this…the beat is fun. It’s an awesome loop and definitely sounds like some old Madlib kinda shit. It’s super lo-fi but it works. That’s the good news.
The bad news is….what the fuck is going on here? Why does it sound like the vocals were recorded through a toilet paper roll and completely freestyled? i didn’t even think recordings this bad were possible in 2016. I mean, you could record out of the mic on your computer through garage band and make it sound better. Beyond the technical parts, the rapping is truly awful. Put the weed down. It’s for your own good, dude.
Production:5.5 out 10
Vocals:1 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: Andy O.
Song: Tiger Lily and Pete

The beat is okay. It’s not bad but it’s also not particularly interesting. It’s got a certain charm to it but it needs more variation.
The rapper is passionate and kinda sounds like a less polished Alaska. His cadence feels a touch methodical and lacks that feel of someone feeling natural behind the mic. But, that said, he’s not bad. It’s more just a style of rap that I’m not checking for in 2016.
Production:5 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: J.R. Jugare
Song: In on it

Tonally,this one is a bit of a mess. The bass/808’s are just not in key with any of the samples.
It’s a common mistake made by producers who are just figuring out their sound. They get so enamored with idea of them actually making music , they somehow overlook something that should be so glaringly obvious like tone.
This song has parts that work on their own but, as a song, it just doesn’t connect.
Production:4 out of 10
Listenability:3.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Axiom the wyze
song:Wade in the water

This dude is solid, skill wise. He can rap well but I can’t say I was drawn in much by any aspect of his rapping. I feel like this level of rapping is one only reached by people who really care and put in time but who are, ultimately, lacking that edge that puts them over. It’s a tough position to be in.
Beatwise, this is cool. Well recorded and mixed. Some nice details in there. The main part , itself, isn’t that interesting but I can respect the craftsmanship of it as an overall track.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Artist: Okien

This rapper is dangling between weirdo and total novice. He’s got a hokeyness to him that’s endearing but he also sounds like he’s been rapping for a week.
The beat is just kinda there. I don’t hate it but there’s also nothing about it that commands me to pay attention to it. To be honest, this song, on all levels, sounds like someone who doesn’t make or listen to a ton of rap music decided to make a rap song.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Prime Suspect
Song: Timeless

It’s hard for me to overlook the Nina Simone Sample. It’s obviously a great sample that really can’t go wrong (outside of it being a Nina Simone Sample and it’s kinda past the point where that’s okay to do in 2016). That said, he does interesting stuff to it and the layering is pretty cool. The fact he threw in “Good vibrations” made me crack up but it also worked. I’m not mad at this , even though it would be easy to dismiss it on some snob shit.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: I. Mythos
Song: Light Bringer

I’m not convinced the rapper was listening to the beat when he recorded this. It sounds like when I try to do a remix and don’t line up the vocals right. It reminds me of “The Streets” but , like, WAY more off beat. Even the singing is off beat. Very confusing.
The beat is one of those heart wrenching sad joints, which is fine. A little overkill but , hey, it’s a mood, right?
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:3 out of 10
Listenability:3.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Reke
Song: Number 1 under 20

This is like the poster child for “demo reviews”. It’s amateur, recorded kinda badly over a beat that is pretty half assed. I will say this though…i kinda like the rapper. I was ready to write him off but he had a few lines that made me crack a smile. He’s rough around the edges and definitely says some run of the mill stuff but, I dunno, i see a little promise in this one. He just needs to learn how to record himself, get some new beats, and focus more on being original.
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

So, what do you think?

Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol. 49

Well, it’s been a while and that means it’s time for “fuck/marry/kill” to rear it’s ugly head. YOu know the game. you’ve played it or been appalled by people playing it. Same difference. As always, i must state that this is all just for fun. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously and I don’t actually wanna fuck, marry or kill anyone or anything mentioned in this post. So , please, save any potential outrage for something that actually matters. If you have ideas for people/things I should f/m/k, please leave them in the comment section below. Get weird. I’ve been doing this for a while and all the obvious stuff has been done. Trust me.

Super-heroine edition: Wonder Woman, Black Widow, She-Hulk

Marry: Wonder Woman
I’d like to start this off by saying I think super hero based movies and comics are lame.No disrespect to all you people getting your costumes fit for comic-con. That’s just me. Just saying that to preface my lack of knowledge on all things comic book related.Anyway…
Wonder Woman is the only character, of these three, that I really know. I know her cause she was around on TV when I was a kid. I’ve seen many incarnations of her. They’re always a very pretty brunette who flies an invisible plane. And does’t she have magic bracelets or some shit? Who knows? Anyway, from the barely passing interest, I can surmise that she’s a good person who is just out in these streets trying to make a difference. Can’t knock that. So, I’d assume she’s quite a catch. But , really, that invisible plane, son. Imagine never having to wait in an airport again and just whipping through the sky like you were a bird? That alone has me sold.

Fuck:Black Widow
Oh, you mean Scarlett Johansson? Yeah, I want to have sex with her.
Not sure about what the Black Widow does but ,I’d imagine, if her name is any relation to the actual insect, she fucks guys and kills them afterwards? Surely that can’t be her secret power? Like I said, i know nothing about the comic book shit. Judging from the pic, she wears leather and shoots guns. I’ve also seen an avengers movie and she didn’t seem like she was out there boning guys and killing them right after. Still, if I’m gonna go out, having sex with Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t be the worst way to go. Definitely better than shattering my hip when I’m 85 or some random disease.

Kill: She Hulk
I figure I’d kill her before she kills me. Again, I know nothing of she-hulk. I’m actually not certain this is even a thing *quickly googles it* Okay, I guess it’s KIND OF a thing.
Definitely no She-Hulk Movies coming out and they made an Ant Man movie so, clearly, this is a D level super hero. Oh look! It’s the hulk but with a vagina!
On a more practical level, I’m a pretty steady guy, mood wise. I don’t get to high or too low. Because of this, I’ve never been into people who are unlike that. Call me crazy but I think that She-hulk may be a touch volatile for me. Just a hunch.
Also, i’m not really attracted to really buff women. Like body builder types? Nah, b. So there is that too.

Breakfast Bread edition: Bagel, Croissant, Muffin

Kill: Muffin
Listen, muffins are cool and all but I’m not a dude who craves sweet things when I wake up. I’m bout that savory life. And, really, blueberry muffins are the only type I ever really crave. So, sorry, muffins but you are a third tier breakfast option. I’m not mad when I have one but it’s rare I’ll even think to get one. If I’m at a hotel and they have a continental breakfast in the morning, the last thing I reach for is that muffin. So, sorry, I’m crumbling you up in my hand and leaving you for dead on the table.

I fucking love a good croissant. There are few things better to me than a buttery, warm croissant being stuffed into my greasy fat mouth. However, I couldn’t eat one every day. It’s just too decadent. Ideally, it would be great but the reality is I’d die of a heart attack by 50 if I went with that. Croissants are a special occasion type of thing. And, for this occasion, I’d want to be lowered naked into a swimming pool filled with warm croissants. I would eat and fuck my way out of the pool with no hesitation, stepping out the pool glistening like a new born baby.

Marry: Bagel
I’m a New Yorker. Part Jew. Bagels are our life blood. I remember the first time I traveled down south and I met people who didn’t know what a bagel was. Probably cause they didn’t know any jews. I felt bad for them. Bagels offer so much. They can be toast. The can be bread for a sandwich. And they can be covered in all sorts of crap. Some place opened near me a few years ago that was bagel bites , filled with flavored cream cheeses. Yes please. What about pizza bagels? I could go on forever. The secret to a healthy marriage is keeping things fresh and switching it up every now and then. With bagels, I would never have to worry about that.

F/M/K presidential candidates edition: Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin

Fuck: Sarah Palin

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winks as she speaks during her vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winks as she speaks during her vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

I know killing her would be the right thing to do but I’m still a dumb animal and she’s still the most attractive choice. And , deep down, there is a nasty side to her. I don’t mean her politics, which are fucking abhorrent. I mean sexually. This is a lady who was once a newscaster and fucked basketball player Glen Rice. That doesn’t mean much but, to me, it says she’s down to have a good time. Or, at least, I can convince myself she may have been like that at one point. Now she’s just batshit crazy and dumb as a bag of bibles.

Kill: Carly Fiorina

Former US business executive and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina waits to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on April 6, 2015 in Washington, DC.     AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI        (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Former US business executive and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina waits to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on April 6, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

She got those crazy eyes. She’s got those crazy politics. I also know the least about her, of the three options so, it’s not hard to throw her in the kill pile. Female republicans are a baffling bunch. It’s a brand of self loathing i can’t wrap my head around. Yeah…i dunno what else to say about this one. It just is. Sometimes things just fall into place.

Marry: Hillary Clinton
Duh. I’m not even a person who’s super gung ho about Hillary but , clearly, she is wifey material when placed next to these two lunatics. I feel about marrying Hillary the same way I do about her being president. It’ll do. I don’t love everything about her. I kinda think she’s a bit too much “in the game” but, at the same time, so is every other politician not named trump or sanders. So, if she wins, things will be fine. If she’s nominated, she’s getting my vote. If I married her, in this completely unrealistic situation, things would also be fine. We’d skip all the exciting newlywed stuff and slip right into the boring, comfort part of marriage where you barely speak to each other at length but you don’t really have any true disdain for your partner. You know, that long term relationship sweet spot, right before you realize you don’t ever wanna be in the same room with the love of your life. Ah…Marriage.

FMK: Queens/Bronx/Staten

Fuck: The Bronx
I used to go up to the bronx and record occasionally. It was my first time as an adult , being in the borough.It was kinda cool. Sure, it was foreign and somewhat terrifying but it had a distinct vibe to it. The people are cool too. At this point, the Bronx is NYC’s final piece of authenticity. It hasn’t been taken over and ruined by people moving in from other states. People who move there tend to be coming from other countries. Big difference. The reason I’d fuck it and not marry it is cause, well, it’s so fucking far away. it’s just a train ride I’m not willing to make on the daily. So, I’d make the trip once to make sweet love on Fordham road.

Marry: Queens
Queens is fucking Huuuuuuge. It’s got so many parts and different vibes to it that marrying it makes sense. The variety would be awesome. It’s a place that is known for having all the secretly best ethnic food and that’s some shit I could immerse myself in deeply. Truth be told, I’m in queens maybe once every 6 years but still…I know it’s got stuff. And, hell, if I’m married to queens for a while and feel like it’s time to move to a more quiet neighborhood, there are areas in Queens that are straight up suburbs. Picket white fences and all that shit. I like the idea of having options. Not even Manhattan or BK can offer that. But, really, I’m wifing it for the food.

Kill: Staten island
LOL. Yeah…obviously. Outside of Wu-tang and “The situation” , I honestly wouldn’t even know if S.i. ever existed. I went there once as a kid. Let’s just say it didn’t leave much of a mark on me. All i know about it is that it’s full of racist italians and it’s also a place where they set up huge housing complexes for mentally unstable people to live in. That’s a great thing to do but I’ll be damned if I wanna be anywhere near that shit. Easy choice. Sorry S.I. and Sorry Wu tung.

Peep my Beats Antique Remix!

My Buddies Beats Antique were kind enough to ask me to remix their song “You the Starry Eyed”. So..I did it! It was lots of fun to do and it’s finally been released to the world. Check it out…free download from all the below places.

If you wanna skip streaming it and just get right to the D/L:

Also, While I got you here, I did another remix for my dudes Arms and Sleepers for their remix album “Swim Team”. Check that here and peep the whole album. Some great stuff on there…