Song of the day

Haven’t done this in a while and , honestly, I don’t have time to write shit today soooo….Here’s a song I’ve been bumping a lot lately. It’s actually from the summer but I’m late to the game as usual and heard it last week. Tree and twista on the same track? Yeah son…Just a warning, I have a feeling most of you will not like this. But, hey, such is life.

8 thoughts on “Song of the day

    • Disagree. Tree’s line about about girls who never eaten crawfish but rode on a dolphin is awesome as well as marvo’s line about girls not taking pics of him while he sleeps to blow up his spot. But, really, this song is more about the mood.
      Also, Twista does what twista does and that’s always awesome.

  1. Q for A. Hey Block, I know you aren’t a superhero/comic guy, but have you seen the Marvel covers with superheroes posing in classic hip hop album tributes?

    • Nope.
      Not that I don’t appreciate the questions but, just a clarifier, It’s best people don’t ask “yes or no” questions. Cause the answer will always be boring and uneventful.

  2. Hey Block, could you set up an interview with Cage? I feel like that dude has got a very interesting story and I’ve never really heard it told from his point of view.

    • I would read this. Better yet I’ve been itching to start a “where are they now” website about hip hop dudes who I used to love but faded into the ether. Start a “where are they now interview section” Block. Free ideas. More where that came from.

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