Answers for Questions vol. 279

I just slept for 13 straight hours after getting back from europe and only sleep 7 hours over the course of 3 days. 13 fucking hours. Holy shit. I needed it. Thanks to all of you who came out. The shows were awesome. so much love and the turnouts were great as well. If we took pics together post them on my facebook wall and join the ever growing bock of people with me at shows:
Annnyway, this is Answers for questions. If you’d like to join the fun, send me questions! either email them to me at or simply leave them in the comment section. Go nuts. be weird.
Now, lemme wipe the eye boogers away and get to this weeks batch.

You’ve touched on this subject in some ways before, but I’m really interested in what you think of what’s being called the ‘outrage culture’? It seems like anytime anyone posts anything on social media these days, it’s about what they’re pissed off about or what in their opinion is wrong with the world. Like with all things, there’s a positive and a negative impact of such a phenomenon. The positive being that this general outrage could be the motivator for big changes, and maybe it’s what the world has needed all along. The negative is that the internet is just full of noise of everyone sharing their opinions, and nobody really taking actions beyond letting everyone know what they’re mad about. What do you think of this change? Have people always been this way, and the internet is just now giving them a voice? Or, are pissed off people influencing more and more people to be pissed off about stuff?

It’s a mixed bag of good and bad. I’m glad people who would normally not have a voice are now allowed to speak and people are actually listening. That said, the majority of this “outrage” is generally petty bullshit aimed at jokes. People getting mad at jokes , to me, is the biggest waste of time on the planet. I mean, a week rarely goes by where I don’t tweet something then erase it cause I worry about the backlash it might cause. AND I’M ME! imagine if I were a comedian. The outrage culture has entitled everyone to mold the way they hear and see things into their own little ideal world. Everything is a trigger warning. Basically, our ego’s are being coddled at all times and it’s only making us weaker as people. It’s being done for a greater good but I don’t necessarily think that’s a good things. I think allowing people to think every thing they do is “great!” all the time and trying to make us all think “we’re all exactly the same deep down!” is hazardous. Cause, well, not everyone is great. Not every voice needs to be heard. Do you know how many people are fucking idiots? MOST OF THEM. The internet has allowed those fucking morons to have as much of a voice about things they know nothing about as people who are actually educated in those fields. Also, we aren’t all the same. As much as someone would like to tie a bow on america and make it seem like it’s a happy like country where everyone agree on things like sexual politics, racial issues , etc…those things aren’t going away. I’m obviously on the far left life of those issues but I’m also from a major city and was raised to be like that. Not exactly the norm of america society.
My feeling about the outrage culture is everyone thinks they matter. They don’t. Everyone has an opinion. They do. But if Janis dumbfuck from “little shittzville” middle america watches Beyonce at the super bowl and somehow is offended by a musical performance…that’s janis’s problem. it shouldn’t be ours. Back in the day, she would write a letter to the tv station that would end up where it belongs, in a pile that no one cared about. Real revolutions could be taking place right now. A massive changing of how we think but “outrage” over entertainment? Suck my dick. I don’t wanna hear. That said, you have all the right in the world to feel that way. the media just has to stop giving any weight to every person who get upset about some banal bullshit. Good luck with allllll that though cause this stuff is only getting worse. Orwells 1984 is not to far away. Word policing is already here. I’m just waiting for the all grey outfits and the screens with john hurts face on it telling me to keep walking.

you’ve written several times about weird and uncomfortable interactions w fans at shows. but have you ever had a blog reader get too familiar? like submit questions for answers and ask for dr. tony advice and submit demos and leave comments and constantly tweet at you? if you didn’t keep submissions anonymous, would it expose any phat friend stans? this is my 4th or 5th question for answer, but i’ve never done any of the other stuff. do i qualify as a phat friend stan?

I don’t look at them as phat friend stans. they’re just regular readers. In general, I appreciate them cause they keep asking me questions that leads to me having content. In most cases, they’re good natured and “get it” so it’s not a problem. I got a few people who constantly comment on my facebook wall though that I feel are completely insane. They legit worry me. Their comments are generally off base and just seem slightly deranged. I also a have a few people who tweet gibbersih at me with some regularity but i don’t really pay them any mind. Most cause , well, how can i respond to gibberish?

What are your thoughts on people being “addicted” to their devices? I don’t see the problem as long as an individual knows when to stop staring at the screen and give their attention where it’s required.

Also, is wu tang really for the children?

Definitely have been accused of this. I have this OCD thing where if I have an alert, I gotta get rid of it. So, If I’m at a dinner and I see a text pop up, I legit have to fight myself to not check it. God forbid it’s a group text that has like 5 people rattling off texts a million a minute. I have literally had to mute conversations just so I could get through a meal cause, if I don’t, i will lose my mind and just check every vibration my phone sends me. It’s bad.
I think, in general, we are all pretty bad about this. I can complain all day about dudes walking and texting, blocking up the street but I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t been me before. We are a phone obsessed culture. That’s why out parents look at us with such disgust cause they JUST missed the boat on that and truly don’t get it.
Wu tung isn’t really for the children. Unless you want your kid knowing that ghostface’s dick is “thick like a great adventure cigar”.

Have you seen “The Breaks” ? I thought it was really good!
I watched it. It was cute. I think the thing that impressed me most was the music selection. They dug WAY deeper than I expected. It wasn’t a new story and had similar issues other shows/movies about that era had had (trying to fit too much shit in and cover too many bases. having to have a down”white guy” as an integral part of the story) but I wasn’t mad at it. Sure, I coulda live tweeted it and clowned the fuck out of it but the truth of the matter is nothing like that will ever get made that feels 100% real. So, all things considered, they did a fine job.

Somehow I feel like this question might have been asked, but here goes. If you could be any body part on a female, which would it be? Same question for a male. Also, if you could be a body part on an animal, which animal and what body part would it be?

THe Pussy, dude! I’d just wanna get fucked all the time and when I got my period! woo hooo!!!!!
nah…obviously, i would never wanna be a vagina. Ever.
Okay, here’s the thing about this question…what is like to be a body part? Like, being a leg would be useful but would I have thoughts? Probably not. I’d say being a breast would be mellow. Every now and then I get rubbed but for the most part, I just hang out.
For a guy? being a dick would actually be okay cause that’s basically what we are anyway. Dicks are like our compasses. They’re dumb and have a terrible sense of direction but still, they do guide us more often than not.
What animal would i be? A bird would be cool cause, you know, flight. I would be a falcons beak. Why the fuck not?

If you met yourself from the future, how would you know it’s you?
I’d probably look about the same. I haven’t aged THAT much in the last 20 years. I mean, obviously, I’m older and not as pure as i once was but I haven’t had any great physical fall off. Old, saggier skin…probably in the same cloths. I think it would be easy to spot me, to be honest.

You’ve had some people play bass and guitar on your albums. Do you play any instruments too?
This is one of those FAQ type questions. I don’t play any instruments. I can figure things out on a keyboard but thats about it.

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