Demo Reviews Vol. 77

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Yup. It’s back. Demo Reviews. You guys send me your music so i can tell you what I think. It’s a bad look for all of us involved but, hey, it’s better than nothing. if you would like to take part and submit music, you may do so but you MUST read THIS. There are rules and you must follow them. I got a few submissions this week from people who did not read the rules and those went right into the trash pile.
Anyway, the reviews work like so, i write a paragraph or two about the song then arbitrarily rate the song from 1-10 in these categories:

That’s about it. Reach for the stars and learn how to use mics, guys!

Artist: Coping Mechanism
Song: Imbecile

Okay…hmm…I can say this…the beat is fun. It’s an awesome loop and definitely sounds like some old Madlib kinda shit. It’s super lo-fi but it works. That’s the good news.
The bad news is….what the fuck is going on here? Why does it sound like the vocals were recorded through a toilet paper roll and completely freestyled? i didn’t even think recordings this bad were possible in 2016. I mean, you could record out of the mic on your computer through garage band and make it sound better. Beyond the technical parts, the rapping is truly awful. Put the weed down. It’s for your own good, dude.
Production:5.5 out 10
Vocals:1 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: Andy O.
Song: Tiger Lily and Pete

The beat is okay. It’s not bad but it’s also not particularly interesting. It’s got a certain charm to it but it needs more variation.
The rapper is passionate and kinda sounds like a less polished Alaska. His cadence feels a touch methodical and lacks that feel of someone feeling natural behind the mic. But, that said, he’s not bad. It’s more just a style of rap that I’m not checking for in 2016.
Production:5 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: J.R. Jugare
Song: In on it

Tonally,this one is a bit of a mess. The bass/808’s are just not in key with any of the samples.
It’s a common mistake made by producers who are just figuring out their sound. They get so enamored with idea of them actually making music , they somehow overlook something that should be so glaringly obvious like tone.
This song has parts that work on their own but, as a song, it just doesn’t connect.
Production:4 out of 10
Listenability:3.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Axiom the wyze
song:Wade in the water

This dude is solid, skill wise. He can rap well but I can’t say I was drawn in much by any aspect of his rapping. I feel like this level of rapping is one only reached by people who really care and put in time but who are, ultimately, lacking that edge that puts them over. It’s a tough position to be in.
Beatwise, this is cool. Well recorded and mixed. Some nice details in there. The main part , itself, isn’t that interesting but I can respect the craftsmanship of it as an overall track.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Artist: Okien

This rapper is dangling between weirdo and total novice. He’s got a hokeyness to him that’s endearing but he also sounds like he’s been rapping for a week.
The beat is just kinda there. I don’t hate it but there’s also nothing about it that commands me to pay attention to it. To be honest, this song, on all levels, sounds like someone who doesn’t make or listen to a ton of rap music decided to make a rap song.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Prime Suspect
Song: Timeless

It’s hard for me to overlook the Nina Simone Sample. It’s obviously a great sample that really can’t go wrong (outside of it being a Nina Simone Sample and it’s kinda past the point where that’s okay to do in 2016). That said, he does interesting stuff to it and the layering is pretty cool. The fact he threw in “Good vibrations” made me crack up but it also worked. I’m not mad at this , even though it would be easy to dismiss it on some snob shit.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: I. Mythos
Song: Light Bringer

I’m not convinced the rapper was listening to the beat when he recorded this. It sounds like when I try to do a remix and don’t line up the vocals right. It reminds me of “The Streets” but , like, WAY more off beat. Even the singing is off beat. Very confusing.
The beat is one of those heart wrenching sad joints, which is fine. A little overkill but , hey, it’s a mood, right?
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:3 out of 10
Listenability:3.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Reke
Song: Number 1 under 20

This is like the poster child for “demo reviews”. It’s amateur, recorded kinda badly over a beat that is pretty half assed. I will say this though…i kinda like the rapper. I was ready to write him off but he had a few lines that made me crack a smile. He’s rough around the edges and definitely says some run of the mill stuff but, I dunno, i see a little promise in this one. He just needs to learn how to record himself, get some new beats, and focus more on being original.
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

So, what do you think?

Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol. 49

Well, it’s been a while and that means it’s time for “fuck/marry/kill” to rear it’s ugly head. YOu know the game. you’ve played it or been appalled by people playing it. Same difference. As always, i must state that this is all just for fun. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously and I don’t actually wanna fuck, marry or kill anyone or anything mentioned in this post. So , please, save any potential outrage for something that actually matters. If you have ideas for people/things I should f/m/k, please leave them in the comment section below. Get weird. I’ve been doing this for a while and all the obvious stuff has been done. Trust me.

Super-heroine edition: Wonder Woman, Black Widow, She-Hulk

Marry: Wonder Woman
I’d like to start this off by saying I think super hero based movies and comics are lame.No disrespect to all you people getting your costumes fit for comic-con. That’s just me. Just saying that to preface my lack of knowledge on all things comic book related.Anyway…
Wonder Woman is the only character, of these three, that I really know. I know her cause she was around on TV when I was a kid. I’ve seen many incarnations of her. They’re always a very pretty brunette who flies an invisible plane. And does’t she have magic bracelets or some shit? Who knows? Anyway, from the barely passing interest, I can surmise that she’s a good person who is just out in these streets trying to make a difference. Can’t knock that. So, I’d assume she’s quite a catch. But , really, that invisible plane, son. Imagine never having to wait in an airport again and just whipping through the sky like you were a bird? That alone has me sold.

Fuck:Black Widow
Oh, you mean Scarlett Johansson? Yeah, I want to have sex with her.
Not sure about what the Black Widow does but ,I’d imagine, if her name is any relation to the actual insect, she fucks guys and kills them afterwards? Surely that can’t be her secret power? Like I said, i know nothing about the comic book shit. Judging from the pic, she wears leather and shoots guns. I’ve also seen an avengers movie and she didn’t seem like she was out there boning guys and killing them right after. Still, if I’m gonna go out, having sex with Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t be the worst way to go. Definitely better than shattering my hip when I’m 85 or some random disease.

Kill: She Hulk
I figure I’d kill her before she kills me. Again, I know nothing of she-hulk. I’m actually not certain this is even a thing *quickly googles it* Okay, I guess it’s KIND OF a thing.
Definitely no She-Hulk Movies coming out and they made an Ant Man movie so, clearly, this is a D level super hero. Oh look! It’s the hulk but with a vagina!
On a more practical level, I’m a pretty steady guy, mood wise. I don’t get to high or too low. Because of this, I’ve never been into people who are unlike that. Call me crazy but I think that She-hulk may be a touch volatile for me. Just a hunch.
Also, i’m not really attracted to really buff women. Like body builder types? Nah, b. So there is that too.

Breakfast Bread edition: Bagel, Croissant, Muffin

Kill: Muffin
Listen, muffins are cool and all but I’m not a dude who craves sweet things when I wake up. I’m bout that savory life. And, really, blueberry muffins are the only type I ever really crave. So, sorry, muffins but you are a third tier breakfast option. I’m not mad when I have one but it’s rare I’ll even think to get one. If I’m at a hotel and they have a continental breakfast in the morning, the last thing I reach for is that muffin. So, sorry, I’m crumbling you up in my hand and leaving you for dead on the table.

I fucking love a good croissant. There are few things better to me than a buttery, warm croissant being stuffed into my greasy fat mouth. However, I couldn’t eat one every day. It’s just too decadent. Ideally, it would be great but the reality is I’d die of a heart attack by 50 if I went with that. Croissants are a special occasion type of thing. And, for this occasion, I’d want to be lowered naked into a swimming pool filled with warm croissants. I would eat and fuck my way out of the pool with no hesitation, stepping out the pool glistening like a new born baby.

Marry: Bagel
I’m a New Yorker. Part Jew. Bagels are our life blood. I remember the first time I traveled down south and I met people who didn’t know what a bagel was. Probably cause they didn’t know any jews. I felt bad for them. Bagels offer so much. They can be toast. The can be bread for a sandwich. And they can be covered in all sorts of crap. Some place opened near me a few years ago that was bagel bites , filled with flavored cream cheeses. Yes please. What about pizza bagels? I could go on forever. The secret to a healthy marriage is keeping things fresh and switching it up every now and then. With bagels, I would never have to worry about that.

F/M/K presidential candidates edition: Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin

Fuck: Sarah Palin

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winks as she speaks during her vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winks as she speaks during her vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

I know killing her would be the right thing to do but I’m still a dumb animal and she’s still the most attractive choice. And , deep down, there is a nasty side to her. I don’t mean her politics, which are fucking abhorrent. I mean sexually. This is a lady who was once a newscaster and fucked basketball player Glen Rice. That doesn’t mean much but, to me, it says she’s down to have a good time. Or, at least, I can convince myself she may have been like that at one point. Now she’s just batshit crazy and dumb as a bag of bibles.

Kill: Carly Fiorina

Former US business executive and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina waits to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on April 6, 2015 in Washington, DC.     AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI        (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Former US business executive and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina waits to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on April 6, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

She got those crazy eyes. She’s got those crazy politics. I also know the least about her, of the three options so, it’s not hard to throw her in the kill pile. Female republicans are a baffling bunch. It’s a brand of self loathing i can’t wrap my head around. Yeah…i dunno what else to say about this one. It just is. Sometimes things just fall into place.

Marry: Hillary Clinton
Duh. I’m not even a person who’s super gung ho about Hillary but , clearly, she is wifey material when placed next to these two lunatics. I feel about marrying Hillary the same way I do about her being president. It’ll do. I don’t love everything about her. I kinda think she’s a bit too much “in the game” but, at the same time, so is every other politician not named trump or sanders. So, if she wins, things will be fine. If she’s nominated, she’s getting my vote. If I married her, in this completely unrealistic situation, things would also be fine. We’d skip all the exciting newlywed stuff and slip right into the boring, comfort part of marriage where you barely speak to each other at length but you don’t really have any true disdain for your partner. You know, that long term relationship sweet spot, right before you realize you don’t ever wanna be in the same room with the love of your life. Ah…Marriage.

FMK: Queens/Bronx/Staten

Fuck: The Bronx
I used to go up to the bronx and record occasionally. It was my first time as an adult , being in the borough.It was kinda cool. Sure, it was foreign and somewhat terrifying but it had a distinct vibe to it. The people are cool too. At this point, the Bronx is NYC’s final piece of authenticity. It hasn’t been taken over and ruined by people moving in from other states. People who move there tend to be coming from other countries. Big difference. The reason I’d fuck it and not marry it is cause, well, it’s so fucking far away. it’s just a train ride I’m not willing to make on the daily. So, I’d make the trip once to make sweet love on Fordham road.

Marry: Queens
Queens is fucking Huuuuuuge. It’s got so many parts and different vibes to it that marrying it makes sense. The variety would be awesome. It’s a place that is known for having all the secretly best ethnic food and that’s some shit I could immerse myself in deeply. Truth be told, I’m in queens maybe once every 6 years but still…I know it’s got stuff. And, hell, if I’m married to queens for a while and feel like it’s time to move to a more quiet neighborhood, there are areas in Queens that are straight up suburbs. Picket white fences and all that shit. I like the idea of having options. Not even Manhattan or BK can offer that. But, really, I’m wifing it for the food.

Kill: Staten island
LOL. Yeah…obviously. Outside of Wu-tang and “The situation” , I honestly wouldn’t even know if S.i. ever existed. I went there once as a kid. Let’s just say it didn’t leave much of a mark on me. All i know about it is that it’s full of racist italians and it’s also a place where they set up huge housing complexes for mentally unstable people to live in. That’s a great thing to do but I’ll be damned if I wanna be anywhere near that shit. Easy choice. Sorry S.I. and Sorry Wu tung.

Peep my Beats Antique Remix!

My Buddies Beats Antique were kind enough to ask me to remix their song “You the Starry Eyed”. So..I did it! It was lots of fun to do and it’s finally been released to the world. Check it out…free download from all the below places.

If you wanna skip streaming it and just get right to the D/L:

Also, While I got you here, I did another remix for my dudes Arms and Sleepers for their remix album “Swim Team”. Check that here and peep the whole album. Some great stuff on there…


Answers for Questions vol. 276

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 10.57.53 AM
If you’re anything like me, you ate too much last night and are paying dearly for it today. I don’t even care about football but , man, hot wings…you pay the price.
Anyway, this is answers for questions. You guys ask me stuff and I answer. Simple stuff. If you have an interesting or funny question you would like me to take a shot at, fire off. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. That’s all i ask
This weeks batch is a good example of the variety that’s possible when people actually think beyond “What sampler do you use?”. Let’s see what we got.

As you get close to your 40s, are girls in their early 20s just not as hot any more? I find that some of the moms who are in their early 40s are super sexy and I just think of the young ladies as a pain in the ass more than anything. Do you still want to get with hot young ladies, or are you more drawn to women now who are about your age or older?
It’s hard to say. While I definitely can look at a 21 year old and be like “she’s super hot” the reality of them and actually having to talk to them is something very different. There is just such a huge disconnect between their generation and mine. In my limited experience with talking to girls in their early 20’s, they tend to be more self involved (which makes sense, they’re still growing up) and the things they’re concerned with are things I haven’t thought or cared about in 15 plus years. Like, how can I, as a 39 year old college drop out, really talk to someone about what college courses they’re taking with any interest whatsoever? And what would I have to say that would interest them? I’m old and boring.
There’s also that thing where , in a picture, I might drool over them but ,once I see them in person , how young they really are jumps out at me. That can mess with my head for sure.
At the same time, I’m not looking at older women and being like “yesssss”. There are certainly tons of girls older than me that are Beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to but it’s not like the lust for young girls just leaves and all of a sudden transfers to older women. That makes no sense.
To be honest, I’ve found my self most attracted to girls in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. That’s more my range of interest.
There used to be some old saying that men should date a women half their age plus seven. Well, a 26 year old is still a little young to me and the person who came up with that equation probably owned slaves so, yeah…I dunno if I’m buying that one.

Have you ever taken a review of your music really badly?
Eh…not really. I mean, sure, reading about you sucking is never fun but the thing about reviews is that you have to take with the good with the bad. They’re both equally unimportant cause, in the end, that’s just one persons opinion. Who is that person? Some dude/girl who listened to an album I made once and wrote about it. Why do i give a shit what they think?
The only time it’s a bummer is when it’s a big publication with some pull. Like, when Pitchfork has reviewed my albums, they generally haven’t liked them much (I think Music by Cavelight got a 6/10 or something) and that can hurt me in different ways cause websites like that are tastemakers.
Also, when I read a review that is negative and they are coming at me with some weird made up angle about why my music sounds the way it does and what it’s influenced by , even though, I’ve never even heard these things/people I’m supposedly influenced by, that can be frustrating.
Basically…art critics on any level are 98% full of shit so taking them to heart is a waste of time. What my peers think is far more important to me.

Who is your favorite porn star of the 90s? Like the one who was on a vhs tape whose name you remember.
I had a special affinity for Heather Hunter. She wasn’t the prettiest but she was sexy and lived in my neighborhood and I’d see her around all the time. She also had an amazing public access show called “Wild style” that I loved where she would interview rappers and make them uncomfortable by coming on to them. I wish clips of that still existed.
I think those two things made her seem like an attainable goal and that , to me, was huge.

For the rest of your life would you rather:

a) have to speak in a fake british accent and end every single sentence you say/write with the word “nigga.” example: “hi can i take your order?” “yes i fancy a slice of pepperoni, nigga.” if you fail to do either of these things your dick catches on fire.

b) be R.A. the Rugged Man’s roommate and share a bunk bed with him (you get to choose the top or bottom). You would also have a 2-seater toilet and only be able to poop when he poops, sharing the same bathroom.

c) give a homeless guy a blowjob once a year.

I guess I have to go with B on this one. It’s the only option where I’m not risking physical or mental harm on myself on a daily basis. With option A, i’d be opening myself up for constant fights and misunderstandings. With options C, I’d be sucking a homeless guys dick , so…yeah…that’s off the table.
With C, it’s just a shitty living situation but it’s not jail and I can go out so I’d just take advantage of that and be out as much as possible. Also, after a while, I’d get used to the dual shitting things, as awful as it sounds.

Are rich people more pretty or do pretty people become rich? Which comes first? Chicken on the egg kinda question.
I think the wealth comes first, followed by the upward breeding.
Historically, men have been the ones with the money, whether it be through it being handed down to them via their families or them actually earning it. These men, however, are often troll faced hunchbacks. But, with money comes options. So, they flash the money and power they have been given/acquired to attract females of a higher caliber. Fortunately for them, many women love the idea of power and wealth so they come to a mutual agreement. It should also be noted that , in general, women are far less shallow then men so they are better at “finding the good” within something that might not be so pleasing to the eye. So, the ugly rich man mates with the beautiful woman and , ta-dah, the upward breeding has begun. A few generations of that and the men start looking better as well. Case in point, Donald Trump has a beautiful daughter , yet he looks like an inside out orange sock that a 13 year old has been cumming in for months. Breeding, yo.

have you ever had to deal with any serious cognitive dissonance, such as with shitty or exciting aspects of the world? And if so.. how’s that shit going?
You know…not really. I’ve always been pretty centered and my thoughts don’t waiver much about things that really matter. I mean, i also don’t take hard stances on things I’m not truly informed on…and that’s A LOT of things.
The closest i can say I’ve been to that is realizing that the last Drake album is really fucking good and questioning if I was wrong about him this whole time. Well, the album is GREAT but , upon looking back, I wasn’t wrong. That’s just a really good album and his old music is mostly mediocre.

I am an up and coming producer — Nah just kidding man, anyways, you’re stuck on a desert island forever (assume food/water is taken care of) and you get to bring one album, one movie and a book. What’ll you choose?
The bible on tape, the passion of the christ and the bible. OBVIOUSLY.
These kinda questions are always such a shit show cause I don’t have clear favorites in any of these categories.
One album? Fuck. Probably the longest album I could find. Maybe some awesome mixtape with like 45 songs on it. Cause, really, it doesn’t matter what album it is…I’m gonna be sick of it or just stop listening to it. So, in effect, music would become irrelevant on this island.
Same goes for the book and the movie. Having one of anything for the rest of your life isn’t gonna last. I mean, I’ve watched the movie “zodiac” probably 45 times and I could watch it 45 more times but…eventually…I’d turn it off forever. And books? Shiiiit…I don’t read much. Maybe the most updated encyclopedia? Cause i could at least use that whenever i had questions that needed answering on the island. How’s that for a practical and “not what you were looking for” answer?

Tour news and an Exclusive NEW song!

First off, I made a new song for the hell of it. It’s called “Carousel” and features the vocals of Pierre Michel. Just some background, Pierre was an original member of the group I’m in, The Mighty Jones. He passed away a while back and we never got to really record any of our music. I recently happened upon a song he made called “The mighty jones” and thought it would be cool to try and a new song around it. This is that. It’s slow, sad , dreamy and available to download. Check it out…

In other news…
I’mma be hitting the road very soon. Europe and US. I’ll be touring with Elliot Lipp in the US and there are more dates to come. Check the flyers, guys…and come see me if you’re in the area!
Here are the Us dates (thus far)
And here’s Europe/Russia/Tel aviv dates
Blockhead tour flyer

I’m also gonna be playing at Fractal Beach in Miami 3/11/16
I’m rarely down in that area so please come see me if you’re down there.

Song of the day

Haven’t done this in a while and , honestly, I don’t have time to write shit today soooo….Here’s a song I’ve been bumping a lot lately. It’s actually from the summer but I’m late to the game as usual and heard it last week. Tree and twista on the same track? Yeah son…Just a warning, I have a feeling most of you will not like this. But, hey, such is life.

Answers for Questions Vol. 275

Hi there. Welcome to another “Answers for Questions”!
You guys ask me random shit and I oblige. I’d like to thank all the people who have ben submitting questions lately. It’s much appreciated and , basically, keeps this blog going. That said, don’t stop! I always need new content so fire away. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be original. That’s all I ask.
Anyway, here’s this weeks batch…

how does one attend NYU graduate school (happening v soon) and not be despised by all?

Do you mean by New yorkers or just in general?
If you mean the former, then don’t worry about it. There are so few natives left, hating on college kids isn’t as much of a thing as it once was. But, just to be safe, simply know your roll. You are a guest, act accordingly. Enjoy all the city has to offer. It’s at your disposal. Just never think you “run this town” on any level and you should be good to go.
If you mean the latter, I don’t think anyone cares about you and your education. Go to school, get your degree. No one will even notice.

what’s your holiday experience generally like?
I’m assuming this is about Christmas.
Well, it’s pretty simple. I just go to my moms house. A random group of family members show up (it varies every year, I have a huge family from all over) and we eat. I stuff my fat face, chat with family members and go home to lay around like a manatee cause, in all reality, I am nursing a brutal hangover from the night before that I had to pretend wasn’t there during the family meal.

James Murphy has a craft bar, Maynard James Keenan has wine, St. Vincent has coffee, etc. If you had the chance to create a non-musical product, what would it be?

I see a clear path for me to corner the market on male hip hop producer based feminine hygiene products. “Block in the box” tampons and douches will take the nation by storm. Just you wait…
But , seriously, I have no idea. I can’t ever see myself latching on to something like beer or coffee (two things I don’t enjoy). I’m not exactly passionate about things like that in general. It would be cool, one day, to be involved with owning a bar or restaurant. Down the line, investing in something like that may definitely be in the cards for me. Free drinks and food, bro.

I’ve been thinking about buying a sampler and a drum kit but it’s so damn expensive. I love instrumental hip hop beats and I especially love finding them on vinyl. I was considering giving it a shot, but do you have any advise on what type of gear to get or a cheap way to get into making this type of music?

Honestly, it’s less about what you get nowadays than it is how well you learn to use it. I know people who make great beats on Fruity loops and others who make complete bullshit with a room full of equipment. I know it’s not a popular opinion but, it’s 2016, just buy some software. Hardware is great but so expensive and really more aimed toward people who do this kinda shit for a living. If you’re a novice, get some software (logic, abelton, etc…) and see where that takes you. Eventually, when you get better and wanna expand, then worry about the other stuff.

It seems like the only leftovers that I don’t mind eating the next day is pizza. I know you enjoy a good slice so let’s say you wake up with a few slices in the fridge from the night before, what’s your preferred reheating technique? Microwave, oven, toaster oven, micro bake, cold, etc…
I’m a lazy piece of shit. I would rather eat something the moment I want it and have it taste slightly less great than wait for it to cook. So, with day old pizza I’m either eating it cold or microwaving it. I did recently get a fancy new toaster though so maybe I might turn over a new leaf in the near future. But, in general, I’m an instant gratification kinda guy.

Do you have stories behind you songs? NYC bounce is the one I think of most. In my story it is a guy chasing the dream in NYC. He is bright and excited for his big break. But as the song goes on he discovers the realities of making it it not only the big city, but also in entertainment. As the city chews him up and spits him out, the song ends with the city calling out to it’s next victim. Did I really over think that? I can see the animation for a video for that song.

You did over think that but I can’t blame you. I don’t create songs with specific visuals in mind but I definitely try and make songs go from point A to Point Z, as opposed to going A-B-A-B.
The thing is, it’s music without vocals so it really is up to the listener to decide what they envision. I mean, sometimes i’ll just get a vibe for a song and name it something totally random that relates to that vibe. For instance, “Which one of you jerks stole my Arnold Palmer?” came about like so: The song was done. It had a very summery feel. The first half is somewhat more aggressive but when the second part comes in, it just felt like summer to me. I envisioned people sitting on a porch drinking cool beverages. Like, somewhere down south. That made my mind jump to drinking an arnold palmer (a drink I love and was drinking tons of during the making of that album). Somehow, that thought transformed into the idea of wanting an Arnold palmer (perhaps i had one in the fridge) and then looking for it, only to find it wasn’t there. WHo took it? I will never know. So, it’s kinda sad but summery. And that’s why that song has that name. There’s no actual story and, musically, the song actually works backwards in the sense that the more aggressive part comes first , followed by a mellow second act. But, yeah, maybe that gives you some insight to the dumb reasons I name some songs random shit.

With all of your blogging has the idea of starting a YouTube channel ever occurred to you? Please explain why you haven’t done this yet. It would be a good idea. I hope other people comment and agree with me and also urge you to do it.

That’s simple. Cause I don’t film myself doing stuff. I Don’t think i’d want to either. I much prefer the simplicity of writing stuff down as opposed to a whole production, involving having to remember to say things and uploading video clips. Also, I pretty much say everything I need to say on here and twitter. I’m good. You guys don’t need MORE of me. Trust me on that.