Here’s a simple rap survey

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About 25 years ago you could look at someone and tell exactly what kind of music they listened to. Like “oh , look..that person listens to Phish” or “that person is a backpack rap fan” or “that person loves heavy metal”. While certain extremes of this still exist, the world as we know has become far more homogenized. That white nerd you would assume who only listens to banjo music knows every word to the newest Kevin Gates mixtape. The defining lines are as blurry as ever. In no genre more than rap music aka hip hop (for all you weirdos who think they are two different things).
Now, I think I have a handle on what I expect from the people who read this blog. After all, you’re very likely here cause you like my music. This automatically makes me assume you like some weird underground rap and/or beat music. More often than not, when I do my “Yay or Nay?” section, it’s me trying to check the temperature out there. Personally, I like all sorts of shit. Shit you guys often hate but , at the same time, I try to expose people to something different in a more palatable way. I know a fair amount of you hear triplet high hats and immediately zone out. That’s too bad. Or if autotune is used in any way, that song immediately sucks. Or if the rapper is talking about selling drugs and shooting people. I get it but I’ve always contended , within all these tiny sub genres of rap, there are always a few jewels. SO, today, I’mma take a test. I picked 8 different sub genres of rap. Each song is an example. Now, I’m in no way saying I love all these songs. In fact, i think some of them are pretty half assed. However, I wanna get a read on where your head is at. So, at the bottom, there will be two polla for you to vote for your favorite. One to vote for your favorite song of this particular bunch and the other to vote for the type of rap you typically find yourself drawn to. I’m curious.
So let’s see the nominees:

Let’s start it off real safe:
Rebels of the grain- Harvest season

This is some true school boom bap shit. Nice loop, tapped out drums that are east coast influenced.
It could be accused of being derivative and boring but it’s also holding onto the essence of what got a lot of people into rap in the first place.

Fredo Bang- Thuggin

This is some straight southern (new orleans) thugged out shit. Not quite trap though. This kinda stuff is generally local and doesn’t have a far reach but the people who fuck with? they fuck with it HARD.

DP- The Burial

This is some hardcore east coast shit (I honestly don’t know where he’s from though). It’s along the lines of Pusha T. Samples and more synthetic trap type drum sounds. This is a dude who still cares about his bars but isn’t one of those #barz rappers. He’s too busy talking some street shit to throw battle references in there.

Gruff Lion- Clock oven

He were get a little weird. underground rap weird. The beats are strange and the rapping is atypical. The type of thing you either love or hate. It’s abstract rap for the next generation.

Lil Bibby- Ridah

This is some street trap shit. Guns guns and more guns. Not sure where he’s from either but it could literally be from anywhere in the US.

Young Jake- Datamosh

Who could forget weirdo blog raps? Stuff that tumblr’s bust nuts al over. It’s aware art school types who understand the current status of rap as we know it. The type of shit that people who dress cooler than you fuck with and you’re like “what is this shit?”. It always is kinda infuriating but then you find yourself watching it a few times. so it’s got something.

AV-Everyday B

How bout some straight up west coast gangsta rap? It still exists and it still has that feelings that so damn specific. I don’t know if it’s likely someone from outside the west coast will mess with this but it’s nothing if not authentic


This could be cheating cause this song is a hit but it falls into a weird category. It’s popular rap. It’s trap. It’s cosigned by Kanye. It gets compared to future. But, you know what? This dude can rap. I tweeted the other day that if you put some sample heavy beat under the part when he actually starts rapping (around 2 minutes in) it could sound like a project blowed song from the mid 90’s. So this guy is a curious case to me.

I’d like to preface these polls by saying there is more to rap than just these styles. I’m more just curious where these particular types of hip hop land with the reader shit. I mean, i won’t lie, i can kinda guess where this is going but you never know…you guys have surprised be before.
So, what song if your favorite of this bunch?

What genre do you find yourself checking for the most of these options?

23 thoughts on “Here’s a simple rap survey

  1. Shit man this is a tough-ass question. Honestly all of the above genres have their moments and their pitfalls. Just depends on the situation. Sometimes you want intellectually tittilating art school BS and other times you just need something that makes you wanna break shit.
    P.S. Lil Bibby’s from Chicago. He’s pretty huge in the “drill” rap scene over there.

  2. Not that Rebels of the Grain were awful, they just didn’t grab my ears at all. So it was easy to give these other dudes a chance. DP is sick. If he was on a Run the Jewels album, everybody else here would start liking him too.

  3. Designer 100%

    But probably just because his Future impersonation is tight and I love Future

    He won’t say anything for 2 minute then he will say something like “police came round shot him on a bike, oh we popping wheelies in little Haiti baby, they shoot in broad day shoot in broad day” and it makes me feel the problem so much more viscerally than an entire immortal technique album dissecting the racism of the criminal justice system ever could.

  4. Boom bap is just… heavenly. And when someone does some underground, abstract weirdo boom bap it’s the sweetest thing ever. I’ve never been able to get into trap or any of that slower tempo stuff.

  5. did anyone think it was weird that dudes name is freddrick gibbons, and his song is called thuggin….like freddie gibbs thuggin??? mind.blown.

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