Time to play “Is it real or is it a joke?”


Man, when’s the last time we had one of these things pop up? Was it Slim Jesus? Probably. Ladies and gentlemanm Rich Chigga

I bring you your newest internet sensation. You may have seen this on your facebook wall or on various websites that post rap videos and oddities. It’s the same old story.
Here we have a well made video, crafted in that perfect way that makes us think “Is he serious or not?”.
I always tend to think people with good production value are self aware so, yes, I think Rich Chigga (I mean the name alone…) is aware of the joke. Very aware. But, in case there is any dispute, let me play a little point/counterpoint. Keep in mind, this is like a debate class. I could argue both sides of this. I have the side I truly believe in but it’s not about that. It’s an exercise in trying to convince someone else. Also, I’m a libra, yall. i’m all about seeing both sides and a balanced view point. No, seriously…i know that sounds asinine if you’ve been reading this blog for a while but I assure you. I see both sides of the coin.
Here’s my case for this being real:
The kid can rap. Straight up, he’s got a good voice and his flow is on point. He’s no Rakim but, for the type of shit he’s doing, he’s solid. It’s a genre that isn’t exactly hard to make but, that said, without the video, you wouldn’t really question the authenticity of this music. This could come on in your car or at a party and people could dab to it (or whatever the fuck you fucking idiots do to music in public now). It fits. While it is similar to Slim Jesus (who was both real and fake, in the sense that the shit he was talking was tall tales, he was really rapping for real) this guys production value and voice are actually more honed. Would I bump this? Nope. Well, maybe…if I was out drunk and this came on, I might be into it. But I also would do the same thing if “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys came on so that’s no grand feat. If nothing else this song shows that rapping in 2016 is easy. Which makes me so confused when people can’t do it. I mean, sure, not everyone can rap but if you take the time to actually record a song and make a video for thousands of dollars, you should at least be on par with Rich Chigga. Just a heads up: MANY OF YOU AREN’T.
Also, He drops an N bomb. See, that’s something that popped out at me. If this were a total joke, he’d probably avoid that shitstorm all together (unless asian kids seemingly from the suburbs have the go ahead with that word now? I didn’t get the memo. someone in the know, please advise on this matter). But , by him doing that, it’s a level of “i don’t give a fuck” that, somehow and someway, lends the entire thing a speck of authenticity. Not in the sense of “Oh shit, this dude is mad real and he shoots cops!” but in the sense of “He’s not just doing this song and video to get youtube hits*.

My case for this being a joke:
Look at him. Just look at him. His blunt soaked eyes make him seem borderline downs syndrome-ish. But more than anything, his gear. The polo, his little shorts and the fanny pack. This man is self aware. This man has a sense of humor. He’s probably 5’4″, weighs 117 pounds and has never been punched in the face. I mean, he could be a virgin for all I know. I remember, in my early days of rapping, I made a sex rap song having such limited sexual experience , talking to me about actual sex would have been like that “bags of sand” scene in 40 year old virgin. But I didn’t care, i made a song about fucking. It was silly and fun. This is no different except it’s about killing cops.
Here’s the thing though, much like some dipshit will write a think piece about this and try and tell you we live in a post racial world, we ACTUALLY live in a post-“it matters what you look like” world. At least in rap music. The need for rappers to look a certain way to satisfy or fantasized needs are over. They BEEN over. Not just looks but actual realness. Drake pops shit. Rick Ross was a security guard. All bets are off. Sure, you’d be way more comfortable with song if he was a menacing black dude or even a menacing asian dude. But no…he’s a twerp. He looks like he drinks Sunny D straight out the bottle then asks him mom what time dinner is so he can finish him homework in a timely manner. And it DOESN’T MATTER. In fact, it does matter, cause without him looking like he does, this wouldn’t work. It would just be another song. He knows that. He saw that. He executed that.
I think my main case maker here is that he has another video. This one. And, you know what? It’s pretty normal. His gear. His beat. He’s just a kid rapping. There’s a reason this new video got traction and this older one didn’t. It’s cause he realized if he dressed like Alex P Keaton and raps about guns, people will notice.

The verdict:
This is both fake and real. He’s obviously aware of all the moving parts. It’s not a joke song. It’s not a parody. It’s a kid making a rap song who definitely loves the kind of music he’s emulating. He’s aware of how the music and visuals mix and knows it makes for , at the very least, a conversation piece. In fact, it could undoubtedly open doors for him to be a touring rapper for a year or two. If he makes a few more songs and videos in the vane (and not like his older vid)? Why not? Riff raff did it. young Lean did it. Both those dudes were thought of as jokes but gained REAL fans just by staying the course. So, regardless of what you or I may think of this song and video, it is, in fact, a real thing. I mean, as far as I can see, he’s not killing cops any time soon but neither was Ice T, so who’s to say anything about credibility of anything anymore. It’s music. We’re all liars on some level. You, me and , especially, Rich Chigga

*spoiler alert: He is doing just that

6 thoughts on “Time to play “Is it real or is it a joke?”

  1. Ok, real shit, homie can rap. Like, I wasn’t expecting that at all. I agree, it’s both real and fake. Maybe the video is the only thing truly “fake”? I dunno, but I’m kinda feeling it…

    Also, with regard to suburban asian kids using the N-word….I don’t know how things are elsewhere, but I grew up with a bunch of Korean and Cambodian kids, and they use that shit all the time.

  2. Looking at the videos i don’t think they were filmed in the USA. Also the same truck is in the background in both. Shit must have been broke down for months

  3. Haha nice.

    Also doesn’t this kid have an instagram account or something where he photoshops himself really well into pics like the one with the cop above? I might be wrong but I swwwear I’ve seen his face on the internet before somewhere, can’t remember exactly.

  4. I listened to a couple more of dude’s songs on youtube. I think this is 100% legit, not meant to be a joke in anyway. My guess is he is comfortable as fuck dropping the N bomb almost anywhere, and does so on a daily basis. It’s not just part of some act. This is just the Odd Future era that we live in now, get used to it. In a couple months kids will all be clowning us for not rocking a fanny pack and knee-high neon socks with our polo T.

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