Answers for Questions vol. 280

Hi there and welcome to answers for questions. You ask’em, I answer them. So very simple. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, fire away. Email them to me at or just leave them in the comment section of this post. Be creative. Be weird. Think outside the box cause, I can assure you, I’ve answered “What inspires you?” and “What kinda sampler do you use?” a billion times.
This weeks batch is primarily from one guy. One sick in the head guy who likes to make ma answer fucked up questions. But, hey, that’s why we are here…so I salute him.

How many 7 year olds do you think you could take in a fight at once?
Hmm…depends on how vicious they were. Like, If I picked the fight and was in control of the situation, I bet I could take about 6 or 7 of them but if they all came at me , specifically to end me, maybe 4?
Also, are these big kids or maybe some malnourished children? All these things come into play.

If you could only eat meat from one animal for the rest of your life, which are you going with?
I’ve thought about this question before and I really can’t ever commit to an answer. Pig or cow. I always lean towards cow but then I think about pork ribs and bacon. But, you know what, time to man up. I say cow. I guess it’s got a wider variety of options and , really, few things are better than a good steak.

How much would someone have to pay you to go an entire year with no internet or TV?
A shit ton of money. I don’t think I could even function in life without the internet. Like, my job depends on it. Emails, sending files, promoting my music, etc…
If I did it, it would basically be career suicide so I’d need enough money to live off of for the rest of my life. Millions and millions of dollars.

Same question as above, but to live in a cabin with no electricity or running water? You’ve got enough food/water for the year, and it’s warm enough that you won’t freeze, but you have nothing else.

Millions and millions of dollars, again. Here’s the thing, I’m a man of comfort. I will let a crowded train pass if it means I can get a seat on the next one. I will fly into a city a day early if it means not having to take an early flight instead the following day. Taking money for living in hell for a year just isn’t worth it to me. We only get so much time on this planet and throwing away a year of my life to live like caveman? Fuck that. Money is great but I’ll take my current situation and financial status over that every time.

If you went to jail, would you kill a pedophile to keep from being raped if you had to chose one of the two?
If those are my only choices? Probably gonna have to dead the kiddie diddler. On paper, I’d say yes but the reality of actually murdering someone might not be in my DNA. Like, I don’t even like killing mice, let alone another human. That said, I also probably REALLY wouldn’t like being raped (Just an assumption, but a fair guess) so , hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. At least it would be a pedophile and I would have some sort of rational to that.

Forced to chose at gunpoint, would you punch a 10 year old girl in the face full strength, or drown the world’s cutest puppy?
I’m a “human first” person so I would reluctantly go with drowning the puppy. I realize that my punch wouldn’t kill the little girl but I couldn’t do that to a child of any sort. The puppy drowning would be awful and probably scar me for life but I could move on from that eventually. Replace “puppy” with “cat” though and WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?! Your questions are fucking demented , dude.

If you had to fuck a non human, what animal would you choose?
Probably that dead puppy I just drowned. Just kidding.
I mean, I suppose a really pretty monkey would be the closest things right? I feel like I’ve answered this question before and said some huge animal that wouldn’t even feel me inside of them but, thinking about that now, then it would take forever for me to finish. I’d need an animal that I could get in and out real quick to make the experience as quick as possible.

What are some of you favorite comedy movies?

Oh, hey, whattup boring ass question!
I’ll forgo the obvious step brothers, apatow and borat kinda movies.
Some of my low key favorite funny movies are Macgruber (possibly the best film ever made), Team america, The Gentleman Broncos, The wolf of Wall street is a genuinely amazing comedy film. A lot of the christopher guest movies. Gremlins 2L the new batch. Umm…I dunno…i’m going blank on others. There are plenty of old movies I loved but I feel as though they haven’t aged well. Like, Revenge of the nerds was my shit but I doubt it holds up that well now.

Do you like music by many artists that are openly homosexual or who many people assume are homosexual? If so, which artists? Why do some people get so hung up on this type of shit when it comes to their own musical taste?
I don’t think about that…ever. If an artist is gay why would I give a shit in terms of how it effects they music they make. Anyone who cares about that is a fucking moron.
As for gay artists, shit, I dunno…Like I liked Queen. I think Elton John has some good songs. MC lyte has some joints. I can’t say there is an openly gay artist that I think it’s my favorite but there are plenty of gay musicians who make great music.

9 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 280

  1. Answers for Questions submission:

    Donald Trump, stripped of his power and wealth has to be sentenced. You’ve been appointed judge by powerful, ethical aliens that want humanity to carry out the task. All they tell you is that it has to be “educational for him, his supporters and everyone else watching”. You might be wondering if the aliens are testing you and humanity with the decision you make. What would you sentence him to?

  2. I want you to know I watched MacGruber specifically because you talked about how funny it is, and, yeah…suuuuuuuper underrated film. Funny as fuck

      • Did you hear that a MacGruber 2 is in the works? Might come out some time this year or next.

      • I did. I read a few articles about it and , apparently, it’s not as close to happening as once thought. At one point, there was a rumor saying it was actually already a done deal. Like the movie was already filmed and everything. But nope…My fingers are crossed though.

      • Oh man, that sucks. The stuff I read was about six months ago. Sounded like they were already filming. Hopefully it really happens. I hope they bring Val Kilmer back as Cunth. He could be some kind of half man half machine super villain.

        As much as people are shitting on Zoolander 2 (which I thought was great), I’m worried most people wouldn’t understand MacGruber 2 at this point.

        But some theater near me plays old movies all the time, and I got to catch a nearly sold out showing of MacGruber a while back. It was amazing in the theater.

  3. With NYC’s massive gentrification, are there neighborhoods in any of the boroughs that you would not go to because of imminent danger/crime/etc?

  4. I always love the feeling of nostalgia from listening music that I enjoyed in the past, but I’m curious to know if an artist could get the same feeling from there own music. Are there any of your past projects that envoke a sense of nostalgia when you listen to them? That is of course if you even listen to any of your own music in the first place.

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