This week in ridiculous rap: Cupcakke

Sex raps are not for everyone. They came in many shapes and sizes. From Blowfly to Two live crew to Lil Kim to Necro…the history of sex raps goes back as far as the music itself. It ranges from funny to all out gross and it’s typcially not for most people. Hell, I made a sex rap song with my friends when I was a 17 year old with barely any sexual experience under my belt. It’s just something many rappers do. I’ve always found it to be the great equalizer to the nightmare that is rap love songs. Save that bullshit for R&B guys.
So, Allow me to introduce you to Cupcakke. She’s…well…gross as fuck. And I kinda love it. She’s funny and crass. I’m all about some over the top shit and this falls right into my wheelhouse.
But, yeah, heads up…this is NSFW and don’t play it around your goddamn children.
This first song should be your bedroom anthem…if you’re a total low life. For the record, I support that lifestyle. The fact she says she doesn’t wanna fuck up her nails so she’ll pick up the dick with some chop sticks makes my heart swoon.

8 thoughts on “This week in ridiculous rap: Cupcakke

  1. “I’m 18, but my pussy tight like I was 8.” Good fucking lord! Also, that video for her smash hit “Pedophile” was pretty disturbing. Good morning Blockhead! Haha

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