Here’s a dope album for you to check out

I typically do “Yay or Nay” here but a former “Yay or Nay” subject has recently put out a great new album that deserves to be shared. L.A’s KoreaTown Oddity just released “5 Chuckles”. It’s him and Producer Ras G.
Gotta say, I post a lot of music on here but nothing seems like it will be more up the alley of my readership than this. It’s like if Madlib made an album in the early 90’s. Vocals samples, quirky loops, and just a overall very coherent flow to the entire album. All I kept thinking while listening to it was how it’s mood really bought me back to what albums used to sound like. Before people just slapped together a bunch of songs and, instead, really took their time crafting an album as something that works when played front to back. It was nice to hear again.
Koreatown Oddity, as you can imagine from his name, is not your typical rapper. He’s a weirdo. And that’s great. He’s not out here doing crazy flow patterns or anything but his originality is found in his basic personality. He’s a character. I don’t mean that in a “he’s a made up person” kinda way. I mean, just off listening to this album, you can tell he’s on his own shit. So, yeah, peep the album. I think you’ll like it. Hell, even buy that shit and support an artist. That would be nice of you!

4 thoughts on “Here’s a dope album for you to check out

  1. This came out a year ago, definitely check out Koreatown Oddities two solo joints “No Health Insurance” and “200 Tree Rings”. Ras G has been making beat tapes for a second, Koreatown is his cousin. There’s some videos of Koreatown walking up in a random Burger King and performing a song with a boom box randomly and unwarranted. It’s fucking brilliant

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