New Aesop Rock song and video!

Two video posts in one day? Why not?
This is big one. Aesop got a new album , “The Impossible kid” dropping soon and he just released a new video for one of my favorite songs on the album. PEEP ITTTTT!!!

8 thoughts on “New Aesop Rock song and video!

  1. Do you try to call your rapper friends by their rapper name or do you throw in their “real” name every once in awhile? Along with that note, any stories about rappers being called their born name and getting pissy that you’ve witnessed?

    • Just to be clear, ASAP Rocky’s name has absolutely nothing to do with Aesop rock and the only people who care about it are fans. Both artists have met and had a good laugh.

      • The bitch asap straight jacked it from him. You’ve changed man, supporting mainstream sellout posers.

      • YOu have no idea what you’re talking about..I do though. SO I’mma go ahead and trust me.
        Also, I’m too old to care about underground and mainstream. Good is good and both sides have great shit to offer.

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