Answers for Question vol. 284

Hi there. Welcome to Answers for Questions. I’m back home from my two week tour with Eliot Lipp. Thanks to all those who came out on the east coast and down south. We hit the West side early next month. Special shout out to all the people I met who actually read this blog. I was shocked at how many of you there were at every show.
So, as you can guess, this is something where you ask me stuff and I answer it. If you would like to ask me anything, fire away. Send questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. Be weird. Don’t be basic. That’s all i ask.
Okay, here is this weeks batch…

What are your thoughts on homeschooling? Have you ever had any weird of uncomfortable interactions with people that were homeschooled?

I’ve only met a few homeschooled people in my life. It’s not exactly a common thing here in NYC. The few people I have met we’re people who moved here from other places , after homeschooling. The fact they came to NYC leads me to believe they aren’t you’re typical weirdo’s you might see on Spelling bee’s and shit.
As for thoughts on the idea in general…I dunno. I’m a person who believes people learn more about life through social interaction than acquired knowledge from books. There’s a difference between knowing facts and understanding other people. Emotional intelligence. I don’t have any studies to prove me right but ,I’d imagine , a child that it homeschooled loses out on many of those things. I mean, general life experience can’t be had if you’re with your family 24/7. Friendship bonds, healthy sexual growth, basic human interaction with people outside of your family. I don’t even wanna get into what agendas the parents might have in molding the minds of their children.
I’m sure there are some good parents doing a fine job of home schooling their kids but, in my mind, it just seems more beneficial to kids to live their lives and learn from experience outside the house. But , hey, I don’t have kids so what the fuck do I know?

How would you react if you found out that someone hung themselves to your album Music By Cavelight?
Jesus dude…you trying to ruin my week?
I mean…if the suicide note read “I killed myself because of Blockheads “Music by cavelight”, I’d be more confused than anything. It’s not an album promoting death. If anything, it’s celebrating the passing of my father in a few songs. I’m of the ilk that feels people who kill themselves and blame one specific thing obviously have much bigger problems than that one thing. So, honestly, I wouldn’t feel bad about it…cause I didn’t have anything to do with it. That person just happened to decide my album was his excuse. It’s never that simple. So, yeah, please don’t kill yourself in general but, more specifically, to my albums. Thank you.

Say one night you met a girl at the bar that you really hit it off with, and you go back to her place. When you wake up your in a small wooden shack outside the city and surrounded by cultists in robes. What do you say do to get them to kick you out of the cult so you can go home? Right now they wont let you go because they think your Jesus, and the girl you met is no where to be found.

Well, the awful question situations keep coming!
Hmm…If I’m their jesus, I’d assume they would listen to me. So I’d probably order them to do some menial task, I’d call an uber and be the fuck outta there. That’s the easy answer.
The hard answer would be: I’d get a lay of the land. See where their heads were out and possibly start a church….here’s the thing…I’d just preach my real thoughts and see how long I could get them to go along with it. Hell, in a week or so, I might have some really chill, Athiest interns as my disposal. If not, they’d probably figure out I wasn’t a messiah and move on…or murder me in some weird cult ritual. So, yeah…I’mma go with option A on that one.

So, it’s been 4 years now. I come back to this article every now and then (as well as the first one) because it’s interesting to read how pop stuff works (from your perspective). I’m not the biggest fan of LDR, I find her a bit repetitive, but different strokes for different folks…

Any thoughts on that from a four-year distance?

Not really. The world seems to be the same. The machine still cranks. Only difference now is that Lana Del Ray probably wouldn’t have happened in 2016 without being from the internet or some other public forum.
I’ve venture to guess pop music has gotten worse and more formulaic in the sense that every song has 15 writers , it has to go through a hellish screening process and the end result is so tested out, it lacks any sort of spontaneity to it. At the same time, pop music has always been like that on some level so it’s not a huge change.

Which holidays do you think would have the highest streaming traffic for porn?

Hmm…National ass to mouth day?
I would guess ones where people don’t go out at night. Like Thanksgiving or christmas. Most people just feast then dissolve into the couch afterwards. I’d imagine , once they peel themselves out of the living room many men will find themselves alone , in bed, with nothing to do…possibly at their parents house (the origin of their masturbatory life) and…there we are. Splooooosh.

What are some of the best “Alternative Hip-Hop” names out there?

Names? As in the best names…not artists, just names? i’m gonna go with that cause the alternate question is too boring.
Oh, you know, MC verbs n’buttah , The vocal lyrical MC worduser, Lil Mr. big stuff, BLVCK White guy, Cloudy Mcfloats the God MC.
That’s just a few off the top. Those are some great names.

Hey Block, I’d like your best guess on some stats. About how many times do you think someone has been listening to your music while doing the following things?
-Having sex
-Playing boardgames
-Baking a cake
-Cleaning a toilet
-Doing a backflip
-Tripping really hard
Actually, numbers are hard and not that important. Ranking them would be great. So, the activities in order of how many times someone has done them listening to your music (your solo stuff and anything you’ve produced).

I’ll do both…rank and number.
Tripping: a bazillion times.
Sex: thousands and thousands of times
Boardgames: between 300 and 600 times
Baking a cake: Over 200 hundred, less than 1000
Doing a backflip: I would go low with this but I know a lot of people dance to my shit in weird ways so I’m go with , like, 150 times.
Cleaning a toilet: 78 times
Rollerskating: once or twice ever

Do you worry about clearing your samples or do you kind of just skate under the radar? Your music is very sample-heavy and I know you released Bells and Whistles independently, so I’m just wondering how the sample clearing process went down for you.

I definitely skate under the radar. Thing is, it pretty much eliminates any chance of licensing music, which is a HUGE form of income for artists like myself. So, it’s a trade off for me. I don’t clear stuff (unless i have to) but i also don’t get big $ from song placement of those songs. Such is life, I suppose!

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