Yay or Nay: Well$

When you think of North Carolina, hip hop doesn’t exactly jump into your mind. Sure, there have been some acts from there over the years (Petey Pablo was repping very hard for them when he was swinging shirts around like a helicopter, J-Cole, and few others I’m forgetting right now) but, in general, it’s not exactly a hub of rap music.
Well$ is someone I recently heard about. He’s a young rapper who is an interesting mix between old and new. He’s not oblivious to new musical leanings but also takes from an older sound that might actually appeal to all you grumpy old school only types. Whether or not this will translate to popularity or success for him remains to be seen but he’s certainly got a lot of potential.

Here’s a profile Complex did about him for some more background:

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Well$

  1. Oh wow, glad to see Well$ got your attention man!!! He’s a good dude, and I think he’s done a great job of blending the old and new schools, a very delicate balance.

    He’d actually sound perfect over your production haha, let me know if you want his contact info. Id love to hear that collab

  2. Another noteworthy artist that I follow from now on. Thanks!

    By the way, Petey Pablo was not repping hard. He is still repping hard!

    Enjoy 😀

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