Answers for Questions vol. 285

Hi! Welcome to a new “Answers for Questions”. THis is where you, the reader, get to ask me literally anything. I will answer it (within reason). So, if you have a question, send it my way: or leave it in the comment section below. Be weird. Be interesting. this week is full of music related questions and, depending who you are, might bore the shit out of you. Then again, it will be great for music nerds so i guess it works both ways. I’ll let you be the judge.

If you had to try a recreational drug that you haven’t tried by now, which one would it be?
Hmmm…I gotta say, all the drugs I haven’t tried are ones I haven’t tried for a reason.
Don’t like uppers and my heart gets weird when I drink coffee so I’m not fucking with anything like that. Also, having been around so much of it and the people who do it, i never wanna be like them. I bet i’d like parts of it too I just don’t think my heart could handle it.
Don’t like downers and I’ve seen this fuck up too many people to even indulge the idea. Also, any drug that makes you barf is a no go for me.
I smoked a blunt laced with it by mistake once and I’m good on that shit forever.The idea of smoking it on purpose is insane to me.
4)all pharms
I just don’t do them.
People keep shoving this shit in my face but , whenever I hear it described it sounds like the last thing I wanna do. I’m not looking for a life altering experience or to find myself. I’m almost 40.
6)Special K
Seeing people on this shit made me never wanna touch it. but, outside of molly, i avoid powders.
Honestly, I’m scared of it a little cause of how long it lasts. I bet I’d like it , under the right circumstances
I don’t like the feeling of being tired or slowed down. This is like that on 10. no thanks.

So I guess I’d go with Acid. But , at this point, i don’t see that happening.

I know you’ve been asked about your favorite albums, but what are some of your favorite mixtapes? Not by today’s definition of a mixtape, but the kind you would go to canal street or fat beats for.. something that’s actually… mixed. I guess I’m mostly thinking hiphop, but any genre, any time period would do. Thanks!
I was never a guy who bought many mixtapes. I would walk up to the stands with them on the street, look at the tracklisting and be like “Meh”. Thing is, back then, I used to get all my new shit from radio shows. Stretch and bob, Nighttrain, Martin moore’s show and there was one on NYU radio as well. I’d record off the radio and make mixes out of that. In that era, mixtapes would have maybe one song i hadn’t heard/didn’t have already and I HATED scratching. Not in general but that thing where they’d play a song and then scratch the beginning for 3 minutes, bringing back the first verse over and over again. I couldn’t deal. So, i never bought any of them shits.
Nowadays, Mixtapes mean something else entirely. They’re basically albums that you give away for free. Gunplay has made some bangers, Vince staples put out a great one before he dropped his last EP. Hell, Drake’s newest “album” was considered a mixtape and, sorry to all the sad faced underground rap fans but that shit had some seriously dope music on it.

Can you offer some insight into why calling someone out for driving a rental car used to be a diss in 00’s independent rap?

“For the last time, I’m nasty – like Nas was at halftime
You fuckin know it like I know that’s a rental car
Hey sucka poet, whoever ya are” -Sage, Tolerance Level

Slug had a rental car diss in one of his songs as well, but I cant find/remember it.

I wouldn’t say those two songs make dissing people who drive a rental car “a thing”. I certainly never noticed that as a trend. i would say it’s cause rappers clown on each other for being broke but neither Sage nor Slug seem the type to point that out. Especially in the early 2000’s era of “Do it for the love!” indie rap. My guess? They were just random lines in songs that had no real meaning behind them.

You probably get tired of sampling questions. But I’m obsessed with sampling right now and you’re pretty much the only beatmaker whose beats I listen to just for fun (although I’m starting to get into 9th Wonder, but I doubt he’d ever answer questions). So anyway, how do you go about layering multiple samples together? Do you ever get frustrated that you can’t get two (or more) samples to blend together that you just stop trying for the day? It’s something I tried looking up online, but for some reason there seems to be no definite answer. Also, have you ever come to Mexico? I don’t know how many fans you have over here but it’d be awesome to see one of your shows live.

Back in the day, it was different. Before I used abelton (which was around the time I made “uncle Tony’s coloring book”), matching samples was tough cause I wasn’t using time stretching. My sampler didn’t have it so I had to do it manually by manipulating samples. Things wouldn’t match ALL THE TIME. Making a beat was basically creating a foundation and then searching for layers that might or might not work. Trial and error. I usually found some things but there were definitely days it just wasn’t working.
Once Abelton came into the picture, that all changed. I could match most things within reason. Just make the loop and adjust the pitch. Sure, not everything works but most things can be pitch shifted to at least be in key. Whether that works or not remains to be seen (major/minor chords, awkward time signature. dissonance, basic moods not aligning are all reasons a sample might not work with another even though it’s in the same key). So, basically, all you need is an ear that can tell when something is in key or not. If you lack that, i’m afraid music isn’t for you cause, well, that’s like being a chef who can’t taste.

As for mexico, I’ve never been or gotten an offer but I’d love to go one day. if you know promoters, send them my way!

If you could control one aspect of your biological functionality, what would it be? We’re talking exhaustion, tan levels, metabolism, muscle mass, ect.
I wish I could control all those things. Metabolism would be amazing cause then i could exercise sparingly and eat everything I want. Like, say I’m about to eat a huge meal, just flip my metabolism WAY up. Basically, I’m all about food and how I can cheat the system of never becoming a fat fuck.

Hey man, love the blog. I’ve got a few questions about drums…

Do you tend to sample individual hits from different beats or chop into a single loop?

Any great record labels or artists who are great for loud clear drums?

How do you generally layer / EQ your kick drums?

Do you get much use out of any drum machines?

1)I do all sorts of different things. I take hits, I use drum loops, I chop loops.
2)I’m sure there are but I don’t tend to pay attention to that kinda thing. I find most of my drums randomly.
3)I use 808’s sometimes to give the kick more bottom but often , the kick I use will be fine on it’s own. Layering tapped out kicks over chopped breaks gives me the best sound, i find. As for eq, I do it by ear. Just tweak it till it sounds right. I’m not a producer who will sit a tweak a drum for 3 hours. I usually figure that out pretty quickly and move on. Or save it for when the beat is actually being mixed by a professional.
4)I haven’t used any drum machines. i’ve used sounds sampled from them though.

What would be your fantasy cartoon foursome? Feel like a threesome involving only two cartoons wouldn’t really suffice with the whole dimension problem, you’d lose a pretty significant factor of threesomes really wouldn’t you. (Mine would be Rick Sanchez, Larry the Lobster and Aladdin…would be mental)

Hmm…I’m not much of a cartoon person. Especially action cartoons. So, my knowledge is stifled here. But, Jessica rabbit, The hot girl from Archer and April O’neil from Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 285

  1. Not sure you do these often but when you fill out official forms and there’s the part after the name section that says ‘Other names you go by’ do you have to put ‘Blockhead’?

  2. I think that rental car thing was more about people putting on like they were better off than they were, like renting a crazy nice car for a photo shoot or video and acting like you owned it or drove it on the regular. I believe the technical term is “fronting”.

  3. Any funny stories on doing psychedelics? How were your first times doing psychedelics?
    Would you ever consider doing DMT at your age? (For like, depressing stuff, or can be for experimenting aswell) Also, have you thought of learning to play an instrument and read music?
    I don’t know why but I always picture you playing a trumpet.

  4. Unrelated to this post… I just dug up you break record, blockheads broke beats, out of my parents basement. Awesome vinyl! Is it OK if I sample this for some beats I’m working on?

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