Answers for Questions Vol. 292

Hi there everyone. I hope your memorial day was full of deep thoughts and bbq. Welcomes to a new edition of “Answers for Questions”.
You ask, I answer…Simple stuff. I’m definitely in need of some new questions so, if you’ve been wondering something or anything about ANYTHING, now is a good time to ask. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below.
Be weird. Be creative. I’m almost 300 volumes deep here so a lot of ground has been covered.

Would you rather cut off a you’re hand or your foot?
I’mma go with hand cause , at least, I could still walk. Being functional with one hand seems a lot easier than being functional with one foot. Also, creepy question, guy!

Your Wikipedia page says you’re also known as “Tone Capone”. Have you ever actually called yourself “Tone Capone”?

Hahahaha…that goes to show you depth of Wikipedia.
I have never called myself that or been called that with any seriousness (can you imagine?) BUT it was a jokey name I added to my first gmail account cause , when I made it, I had no idea it would come up again. So , clearly, whoever wrote that wikipedia portion must have emailed with me and gotten one from “tone capone”. That name, btw, was taken froma harlem based gangsta rapper in the early 90’s (pretty tone capone).

Do you think it is absolutely necessary to register with a political party? I never liked the idea of choosing sides so I am unaffiliated, but I’m beginning to think that being associated with a particular group can have its benefits, such as a sense of belonging and equality with like-minded people. Or maybe I am thinking about this too deeply and it isn’t that big of a deal.. thoughts?

I’ve literally never given this a moment of thought. As long as it doesn’t stop you from voting for whoever you want, seems like a pretty empty title. I certainly didn’t register as a democrat and , all of a sudden, feel like I was part of something bigger. I just felt like registered as democrat…cause that’s probably what I would be voting for. Then again, I’m not the type to really read into that kinda thing at all so I’m on the other side of this concept than you might be. I’d imagine it would only make a difference if registering for different political parties meant you were treated differently. I still get cold calls from republican organizations on my land line (yup, I still got a land line motherfuckers!) so their obviously not checking on my party affiliations anyway.

Do you think you will ever leave NYC? Have you ever wanted to live anywhere else?

I can’t see me doing it unless some outside reason forces my hand (IE: The Tidal wave of 2035). I’ve never really wanted to live anywhere else. I travel enough to miss NYC when I leave. I’ve been in some cities where I could imagine living (S.F., Montreal, London to name a few) but I’ve never even remotely considered moving to one of them. I would like to visit those types of places for a few weeks at a time at some point though. To me, that’s enough.

I have noticed that sometimes when people experience some kind of significant pain in their life, it seems to make something click in their head. They might have a better appreciation for their life and the lives of others, or may feel driven to go to lengths to accomplish something they never before thought they could. Have you ever had an experience that completely changed you (maybe negatively, but generally in a positive way) and made you run a bit faster, work a bit harder, keep trying until you couldn’t then try again, or just straight up get shit done.

Man…I wish I had a good answer for this. Like, in a perfect world, I’d like to be able to say that “Yeah, one time I was down cause of so and so then I fought my way out and was a better person!” but I haven’t had that. I mean, we all go through our ups and downs but my nature is pretty even keeled. I’ve always been a pretty down the middle, centered kinda guy so even when bad shit has happened I’ve just sorta stayed the course. I’d be more prone to accept reality than trying to overcome it via hard work. It sounds lazy…and it is!

Do you think it’s imperative to drive with both hands on the wheel? Many people are one-handed drivers, and the “10 and 2” rule doesn’t really apply to someone driving a stickshift. Would you feel unsafe riding with someone who doesn’t keep both hands on the wheel?

Well, I don’t drive so I don’t even know what difference it makes. But, I’d venture to guess it’s on a driver to driver basis. Some people need to use both hands, others are cool and know that one hand looks way more bad ass.

If you had to choose one of the following instruments to play for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Hmmm….I think It’s go with harps or accordion. The others just seem limited in what they can do.
A harp would be the hardest to play (I’d imagine) so it would take me a long time to learn it…and assuming I got my whole life, that just seems like the logical choice. I like accordions but that sound might get tiring after, i dunno, a week or two.

You meet a lot of people at your shows, have you met anyone (male or female) that you felt an instant connection with and kinda wished you could hang out and get to know them better?

I’ve met people that I’ve felt were very cool and enjoyed talking to them. I can’t say I’ve ever been like “Oh man, we gotta become close friends!” cause I don’t really operate like that. Most of my close friends have been around for a long time and I’m rarely looking to add on new people into my life on that level. But, the cool people I’ve met at shows I generally see again down the line, when I’m in their towns and we build a nice rapport.I get them in shows for free, maybe we get a meal. Stuff like that. It’s cool to know people all over and when you actually do like a person, it makes visiting cities you don’t know well much more pleasant. But I’d be lying if I said I’m out there trying to make life long friends with people I meet at my shows. That kinda stuff only happen organically with me and takes lots of time.

How many times have people called you Tony The Tiger and told you that you’re GRRRRREAT!…?

So many times…when I was a kid, that was the go-to joke. Mostly cause frosted flakes commercials were a big deal. It never bothered me. Coulda been waaaaaaaay fucking worse. I coulda been named “Dick” or something that rhymes with an awful word. Hell, I knew a dude named “Noah Gay”and his life as a 12-17 year old must have been a nightmare.

I’m lucky that “Tony the tiger” and “Tony Bologna” were the pillars of my adolescent nicknames. Not at all damaging.

New Sir Jarlsberg video “Nectary” is upon us!

It’s been a while since I posted a Sir Jarlsberg video but he just dropped a timely new video on Biggie’s B-day a few days ago that’s too good to not share.
In case you’re unfamiliar with Sir Jarlsberg, he’s a rapping man from the Medieval times who tells all sorts of tales and travels with a crew of merry misfits. A steed, a maiden, a gnome and a scumbag drunk, to name a few. In real life, Sir Jarlsberg is Jeremy Gibson , who was the other half of my old comedy group “The Party Fun Action Committee”, as well as the bassist in my side project The Mighty Jones.
It’s hard to really explain Sir Jarlsberg but I think it’s best if I just direct you to his Bandcamp page cause he’s got two albums of insane music , well as a bunch of loosies. If you’re into extremely weird, funny things…I can’t recommend this enough. He even did a posse cut featuring the voices of Aesop, Lateef the Tru Speaker, Kimya dawson, Myself and Baby Dayliner.

Annnnyway…Check out his new Video “Nectary”, which is a parody of Biggie’s “Juicy”…It’s pretty much everything.

While you’re here, check out his last video which is a demented ode to NYC public access tv from the 90’s

Preview reviews Vol. 13

Movies are great, right? I watch them all the time and get great joy from them. Hell, I’ve watched “Zodiac” like 5 times this month just cause it was on, and I’ve seen it like 45 times already. But, sometimes, movies are a let down. Well, let’s be honest. Most movies are a let down. Such is the way of the world with art , in general. There is just too much out there to waste 2 hours on when all you really need to do is watch the preview to understand exactly what you will be getting. That’s where I come in. I review the previews for you so you don’t even have to watch those either. I know you’re busy. So, instead of watching a two minute youtube clip, spend 4 minutes reading me rant about some shit I have no idea about. Makes sense, right? #logic


Hollywood loooooves to makes movies with young people about technology gone wrong. This is probably cause hollywood is full of both nerds who love technology and old people who are terrified of it. So, you know, if you write a script about some made up internet thing that turns out to be an evil empire that can only be toppled by two millennials , CHA-CHING!!!!
Watching this preview, it reminded me of when “Hackers” came out, minus the futuristic outfits (which have almost become a reality thanks to Russell Westbrook). It’s a glimpse into the not so distant future but also a paranoid idea of a world where trolling people becomes big business in the form of an online truth or dare game. Like, if they find themselves in deep shit…can’t they just stop? Surely this is covered in this movie (I’ll never find out) but it’s not like the internet got a gun to head of their mothers. Then again, if you’ve ever tried to cancel your facebook page, you know that removing yourself from a website can be a real nightmare. So, perhaps, there’s some truth to this.
More than anything, the idea that two 22 year olds would have the mind, heart and soul to overcome anything, let alone a huge corporation trying to ruin their lives cause “why not!?!” is the most comical thing to me. Like, these kids are too busy taking pictures of food, snapchatting their assholes to each other and writing shitty yelp reviews to truly ever figure out how to take down the illuminati. Am i selling millennials short? Sure. But it’s only to even the playing field cause hollywood got them being super heroes in the future/not future.

Now you see me 2

I’mma take this idea of reviewing previews one step further into peak generalization and not even watch this preview….and still review it. Yup…I have crossed over into a new plane of dismissiveness but, trust me , it’s for a purpose.
“Now you see me” , the original, was one of those movies I casually watched on cable. It started, I was home so I watched it. It was baffling how bad it was. Like…wow. A real “how did this movie get made?!!?” moment. But, like most shitty things, you watch it, shrug your shoulders and move on. I never checked to see if it was a success or if it was enjoyed by the people of rotten tomatoes. I just kinda assumed it did “ok” was panned by anyone with half a brain and that was that.
So, when i see they made a second one, I was shocked and had all sorts of questions. Why? How? What? Huh?
To remind you, the first one was about some bad ass magicians. I’ll stop right there cause that phrase , in itself, doesn’t make sense. I love Penn and Teller. They are much more than magicians, in my mind. But, “bad ass” isn’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of them. A guy like Cris Angel, who’s whole existence is spent trying to be the bad boy of pulling doves out his sleeve, is a dork with Dave navarro hair. Still not a bad ass. So, this movie having the balls to try and make that a thing would be like me making a movie about a group of bedroom producers who run a successful fight club, even though we all know beat makers are anti social shut ins with anxiety issues.
So, to make a SECOND one of these is just…I don’t know…incredible? Like someone wrote a script, it got picked up, actors were called. Sets were designed, locations were scouted (las vegas), craft services was used. All this happened so this movie could exist when I’m fairly certain the first one was enjoyed by only a handful of 14 year old boys and , perhaps, Cris Angel. But, hey, whatever works I suppose. For all i know, this will make 200 million dollars it’s first week…or, maybe, it will just disappear, like the title promises. Whatever the case, this movie is this summers “eh…I guess I’d see that…” last second option for anyone who went to a theater with no game plan/the thing they went to see is sold out.

Me Before you

Movies about disabled people are tricky. It’s like , due to the subject matter, you’re not allowed to have an opinion on the movie itself. It’s “brave” out the gate. The problem is, let’s be honest, most movies about disabled people are shmaltzy, pandering horseshit designed to make people cry. For every great movie about the topic (“My left foot” come to mind. That one about the parapalegic who has sex was good too), something like this comes alone. It’s like a typical terrible romance movie…but with a little twist! So, this super hot, down on her luck, lost in a life lady lands the job taking care of a disabled guy (cause no training is needed for that kind of thing) and he turns out to be a handsome and charming, yet paralyzed, billionnaire. But then, get this…she’s there to help him but then HE ends up TEACHING HER…about herself! Shut the front door!!! And wait…lemme guess…does he fall in love with her and learn to open his cold heart and see life in a more flowery way? It’s like rediscovering the wheel for the five millionth time!
Also, I feel bad for Emilia Clark cause she’s always gonna be Khaleesi no matter how many movies she makes. It’s the gift and curse of being on a wildly popular tv show. So, anyone who sees this is gonna be like “Oh yeah, the one where Khaleesi falls in love with a guy in a wheelchair?!?!”. That’s gotta burn.

Yay or Nay?: Medhane and Slauson Malone

Last week, I did a little write up for Brooklyn’s Elucid. I spoke of him being experimental but still maintaining a NYC aesthetic, in terms of having a gritty feel that very particular to NYC hip hop, without looking backwards. This week, I was introduced to Medhane and Slauson Malone. A rapper/producer duo from Brooklyn that are actually a fantastic companion piece to where Elucid left off. The word “Challenging” is not something a lot of rap fans have a stomach for. Most people would rather be spoon fed their entertainment. Medhane and Slauson Malone do not make music that is meant to be heard in passing or booming from car speakers. This is thinking rap. This is more in tune with people like Billy Woods/elucid, The Clipping, and Rat King. Similar to those aforementioned artists, Slauson Malone can rap very well. Madhanes beats are off kilter but not at all just noisy hell. He also takes some really great creative liberites with the directions his songs go. You’re never really sure what might happen next, which is a cool feeling to have when listening to a rap song. The video that accompanies their first song is definitely one that jumps off the screen (and perhaps, might give you a seizure) but, personally, it grabbed me right away.

Clearly, this isn’t rap music made for everyone but it is made for a specific type of fan. I feel that may be right in the wheelhouse for many readers of this blog so I’m curious what you think. Before casting judgement just off the video, I’d advise downloading the album and giving it a listen cause the video doesn’t portray the group entirely how they are.

So, what do you think?

Answers for Questions vol. 291


Hi guys. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask it, I answer it. My questions queue could use some refilling so I urge and and all inquisitive people to fire off some questions at me. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Go nuts. Get weird. Be creative. Ask multiple questions. I’m at your disposal. Okay? great. Also, I’m accepting “Dr Tony” questions as well , for those of you who need life advice. Go for the gold.

Here’s a hypothetical for you.

Imagine you were offered the lump sum of 2 million dollars to produce a celebrity Hip-Hop album, ala “Rappin Rodney”.

Do you turn down the offer to keep your integrity? Or do you happily take the cheddar and give zero fucks about how the end product is received?
If yes, WHO and WHY would you work with from the following people & how would you create a distinct style that suits their personality/characteristics?

Tim Allen
Sly Stallone
Rowan Atkinson
Amy Schumer

I would say yes, assuming I was allowed to make the kinda beats I make. If they hired me and told me to make a pop record, i wouldn’t even know where to start.

Not only is 2 million a lot of money, I’m at the point in my career where being a “sell out” doesn’t fucking matter to me. That something 20 year olds with no bills to pay worry about. That said, this is all contingent on me being able to make the music I want to make. After all, what’s the point of having me produce an album if it’s not going to sound like me?
Of the options given, I’d go with Schumer or Stallone. Schumer cause I like comedy , think she’s funny and it might actually result in something interesting. She’s also the only option that actually probably listens to rap music at all. So there would, at the very least, be a slight understanding there. I’m not sure what the album would sound like stylistically but it’s would obviously be a comedy rap album so so we’d be doing satire based songs. Meaning, I’m probably try and mimics other genres. Something I’ve done before on the “Party Fun Action Committee” album.

Stallone I’d pick simply cause the idea of him rapping is hilarious and could somehow turn into some cult album that people will love 30 years from now.
Stylistically , it could go one of two ways. I could take the easy route and make an album of old samples…shit from the 70’s that sound like rocky or maybe even italian stuff from the 50’s , full or harmonicas and upright bass. OR, just give him my 12 dopest beats and see what happens. It would kinda be like what Primo did when he made the first group home album.

Who are some artists who you never want to meet but like their music?

I’d say most artists. I don’t really have a vested interest in meeting my heroes. It’s not like we’re gonna become friends and start hanging out. Best case scenario, they’re friendly and the interaction is positive but, beyond that? Meh. My experience with these things has been underwhelming so I don’t even try. Shake their hand, tell them you are a big fan and keep it moving. That said, I feel as though I’m able to keep a person and their music separate. Like, if I met someone like Tom Waits and he was a total asshole to me (just thinking of a random example), i wouldn’t start hating his music after that. Conversely, if I met Will.I.AM and he was the nicest guy ever, it may soften my take on his music. Like “Yeah, I don’t really like what he does but he’s a really good dude”.
In general, I’m fine if I never meet anyone I’m a fan of. The aura of celebrity doesn’t do much for me.

Any funny stories on doing psychedelics? How were your first times doing psychedelics?
Would you ever consider doing DMT at your age? (For like, depressing stuff, or can be for experimenting aswell) Also, have you thought of learning to play an instrument and read music?
I don’t know why but I always picture you playing a trumpet.

The first time I did psychedelics was at hampshire college in the mid/late 90’s. They used to have a huge halloween party there every year and some of my friends went there so I would go visit them. About 5 friends and I ate some shrooms and walked around the campus, tripping the fuck out. It was amazing. So amazing, in fact, it became a tradition until all those guys graduated.
I’ve written about this before I think but the funniest thing I ever saw while tripping was a family of rollerbladers wipe out right in front of me. I was down in battery park city, by the water, just sitting on a bench. I saw a line of about 6 people who seemingly were all related, snaking their way down the bike path, hands on hips. That itself was weird and funny to see but when one of them lost control and they went down like dominos, I lost it. It was one of those laughs where tears are streaming down your face and you think you might never breath again. I was legit hyperventilating. I was high so I really don’t even know how far away they were or if they saw me losing my shit but that will forever be my favorite moment while tripping.
As for DMT, I’m good on that. I’ve had enough people explain what it’s like to me to understand I have zero interest in feeling anything like that. I’m past the point in my life where self discovery via drugs is of any interest to me. If I do drugs now, it’s for fun. Everyone who’s ever told me about has spoken like it was a transformative experience that changed how they see the world but, looking at most of the people who told me, can’t say that world is one I would ever wanna live in. No offense to them, just not for me.
As for learning to play instruments, nah. I’m simply terrible at learning and my attentions pan is that of a fruit fly. It’s amazing I can’t even sit here and write this, let alone, learn to play an instrument.

Have you noticed a difference across cities with how much people tend to use their phones during shows? Like filming and taking pics during the show etc.
I’d say the phone usage thing is across the board. It’s less so in europe. Especially the further east you go. Americans though? We live via our fucking phone screens. Seems counterproductive to experiencing something first hand but I guess that’s just how it is. I know when I’m at a show and I wanna capture something, I’ll do it for like 15 seconds, feel dumb and give up. It’s not like recording that shit even sounds good or has replay value. It’s more like a proof of attendance. I’ve seen people just sit in the front row and record entire shows on their phone. Why, I will never know.

If you had to do one of these things, which one would you do?
1) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (~2,600 mi)
2) Bike coast to coast (~3,300 mi)
3) Complete an IronMan triathlon (2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, 26.2 mi run, completed in <17 hrs)

All of these have to be done continuously, without breaks. With the first two, a break would mean stopping and flying home for a couple weeks then going back. You would be able to stop in a town for a day or two to resupply, fix gear, etc. The Ironman triathlon has additional time requirements (along with a lot of other rules)- like, the swim must be done in 2 hrs, 20 mins, the bike must be done in 8 hrs, 10 mins, and the marathon must be done in 6 hrs 10 mins.

I think the Pacific coast hike would be my only plausible option. I haven’t ridden a bike in like 25 years and have zero confidence in that as a skill that would take me 3000 plus miles. The iron man thing would probably just kill me and the fact I’d have to be doing it under a clock? Fuck that. I’d drown 1/5th through that swim.
I would loath every second of the hike and camping is truly hell on earth but at least it could go at my own pace. I’d probably be in great shape afterwards too, so that’s a bonus.

How long do you think human civilization will last?
I think we got maybe 150-300 years left. After 150, i feel as though we will be low on all natural resources, the weather will be nightmarish and the economy will be in the toilet. I think , within the next 100 years, shit is really gonna hit the fan. Wars, famine, no clean water, etc…and it will take another 100 years or so after that to finally finish off all mankind. Roaches will be chilling though. They got this.

Hey Block, I heard a rumor that you’re moving to New Jersey because you’re tired of city life, is this true?
Nah man. Never. I have no plans of leaving NYC at any point , unless I’m forced out by powers beyond my control. And , if I was, i wouldn’t move to jersey. Now, don’t front…you didn’t hear that rumor. You made it up so you’d have a question to ask.

Check this remix I did for Elucid!

Hey there,
Elucid is a Brooklyn MC and possibly one of the more underrated rappers out right now. If you’re familiar with this blog, you’ve probably seen his name pop up a few times, along side Billy Woods. While he’s far from typical and might not appeal to the more mainstream ears , he’s got a style and approach that is truly his own thing. It’s kinda that new-new york sound. he recently put out a fantastic album called “Save Yourself” on Backwoodz Studios and I was fortunate enough to get to remix a song from the album. Here it is:

Don’t forget to peep (and buy) the whole album. Definitely worth the money:

Answers for Questions vol. 290

Hi guys. Welcome to Answers for Questions. you asked me stuff and I answer it. I always need more content so don’t be shy. Also, if you need love/life advice, send those questions as well. Email me all questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Get weird!
Let’s peep this weeks batch.

How much do you put into consideration regarding the audience when performing? (e.g. playing more uptempo, “danceable” beats, sampling popular music) Do you ever feel like you need to compromise your own tastes to appeal to the masses?

Many people discovered you through The Music Scene, and I’m sure you’ve played it hundreds of times already at shows. Do you ever get sick of that song, and if so, how do you try to keep it fresh for yourself?

Does performing with instrumentalists interest you? Do you personally enjoy performances that involve improvisation or jazz musicians?

You mentioned that LA, Portland, and Denver were great places to go for the beat scene. I’d love to work with a bunch of artists/labels based in LA, but was surprised when you mentioned the other two. Who comes to mind for you in Denver and Portland?

1)I play the set I’m gonna play regardless. The way my live set works, a path is already in place. There is room to maneuver within the set but what songs I play doesn’t change depending on the audience. This has certainly worked against me but, then again, i’m not a DJ. I could go up there and just play entire songs but that’s not how I do my music live.
I will say, when I’ve dj’d at bars and stuff (not playing my own music) it’s definitely a constant compromise of finding a happy medium between music I like and music the average drunk person at the bar wants to hear.

2)I mean, I get sick of all my songs. Playing them live over and over again is definitely boring. So, I gotta change up the way I hear them (during my live set, I blend my songs with all sorts of other songs, vocal clips, etc…). But really, the energy from a crowd can make me get into it more.

3)Not really. I have live instruments on all my albums and I enjoy bringing in that kind of improvisation but, as far as performing live, it simply wouldn’t work with what I do.

4)Well pretty lights is from denver and that’s just a bubbling scene. There are so many acts coming up there right now and , more than anything else, it’s a place where people go out to shows and party. Portland has Emancipator and , much like denver, it’s a place where up and coming artists seem to be flocking to. I’d say,when I said they are great places for the beat scene, i meant there is a lot of support from fans there. They are both a creative environments with a lot of support systems in place.

Would you rather live in Council Bluffs, Iowa and eat whatever food you wanted or stay in NYC and be only limited to penne pasta noodles and lemon pepper?
Jesus…that’s tough. I mean…the idea of eating one food for the rest of my life sounds like torture so I suppose I would be forced to live in Council Bluffs. No clue what that is but I can’t be eating penne every meal for the rest of my life.

Have you ever found yourself in a moment where you’ve either flexed your celebrity or, looking back at a situation and been like, “that was kind of a diva move”. I know we’ve all had instances of self entitlement but has that ever effected you, being a well known musician?
Nope. I don’t do that shit. Ever. Partially, cause my “celebrity” is a joke. I don’t get noticed when I’m out. I’m low key. I have no sense of entitlement when it comes to this music life so the last thing I’d do is try and flip my situation into a way to get some cheap benefits. I go the other way. I try and not bring it up as much as possible. Like, when I meet people, I go out of my way to not talk about what I do for a living. And even if they ask, I’m pretty vague until pushed to the point where I have to speak about it. Not cause I don’t wanna talk about it or cause I am ashamed but cause I want to be judged on my own merit as a person. And, generally, no one has any idea who I am anyway so it’s a win/win.

What is something you’re okay with overspending on? Or rather just spending a lot of money on. For instance, once I started spending more than $5 on sunglasses, I could never go back.

Also, what do you think is the weirdest thing that people will shell out crazy amounts of money for?

Food. I will throw money down on an expensive meal, no questions asked. I’m pretty frugal in life. Not cause I’m cheap but I simply don’t have desire to own a lot of stuff. But food is one of my favorite things so you will never see me turn down a meal cause a restaurant is expensive. I’m all in, as long as the food is worth it.
Weird thing that people spend money on? I mean…lots of things. Like a $400 pair of jeans seems a but much. Women spending thousands on Handbags and fancy shoes they wear twice ever is insane to me but, hey, I’m not them. I’m very simple in my approach to life so things that are generally “extra” don’t make sense to me. Like decorative pillows. I dunno. I get why people buy them it’s just nothing i would even think to own. I buy things out of necessity , in general.

Do you try to call your rapper friends by their rapper name or do you throw in their “real” name every once in awhile? Along with that note, any stories about rappers being called their born name and getting pissy that you’ve witnessed?

Depends on the rappers. If I met them as the rappers then, chances are, I call them by their rap names. But If I knew them before that, I call them by their birth name. It’s really a case by case thing. I don’t have many close friends who are rappers. I know tons but only a handful I’d consider my actual homeboys. And those guys I call by their real names.
As for rappers getting pissy about being called by their government names, not really. I gotta say, it is a little weird when a stranger comes up to me at a show and is like “Hey Tony!” cause then I feel like I’m supposed to know them or I’ve met them. It gives this false sense of familiarity which can be confusing cause I’m constantly meeting people when I’m on the road. It’s impossible to keep track. It’s feels a little presumptive of someone to do that. I get why they do it and realize that it’s not done for any bad reasons but still, it throws me off. I’ve spoken to other musicians who feel the same way. It would be the same thing if a friend of mine called me “Blockhead”. They know me better than that.

how would you say you achieve “not giving a fuck”, especially today with the oversaturation of EVERYTHING, and living in a clusterfuck city like NYC? Thoughts?
Not giving a fuck is kinda easy when you’re naturally apathetic. I’m just kinda like that so it’s easy to brush things off. Thing is, I still feel things and get fired up about random bullshit but it dissipates quickly. Honestly, sometimes just firing off a dumb tweet or writing a blog post will clear the chamber for me. It’s like exorcising demons. Once it’s out, it’s no longer on my mind.
I should also add that I’m at an age where so little REALLY matters. It’s like “Does this effect me life in any way? No? then who cares?”.
I’d say living in a place like NYC makes not giving a fuck easier cause there is always a sense of things being bigger than you. You got your little problems but, oh look, that homeless dude is on fire. It’s easy to be distracted from the distractions here and that’s another reason I love it so much.

Hey Tony,
Why don’t more producers make beats in 3/4? This jay z beat is the only one I know of
If you drop some beats in 3, I will be the first to pick em up. Or maybe you already I have?
Thanks man.

There’s a difference between 3/4 and a swing rhythm. Most songs that people assume are 3/4 are actually 4/4 but with swing. I’ve made a few beats like that… “Four walls” and the beginning of “Planes and trains” are two that come to mind. But actual 3/4 beats are rare. Only one I can think of is Aceyalone’s “The hunt“. Honestly, listening to it now, I can’t even tell. hahaha.

Have you ever had Vegemite?
I have not ever actually put it in my mouth BUT one of my best friends growing up had it in his house all the time cause his mom was from New Zealand. I smelled it once and almost barfed. We played a trick on his brother and made him a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich but put a huge dollop of Vegemite in the middle. Sufficed to say, he gagged and chased us around the house with a whiffle ball bat while we howled with laughter and evaded his swings.

Yay or nay: “Cement” By Chris Spencer

Chicago has a rich history in hip hop. One of it’s facets is it being a place where you can never really guess what they’re gonna come up with. Being in the midwest, they take from all over the country. There has never been a definitive “chicago sound”, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It could be jazzy, east coast influenced conscious rap like common and Lupe Fiasco or more west coast leanings like Twista or even some Drill music stuff like Chief Keef or a guy like Kanye.
Over the last few years I’ve noticed a movement that I can only assume Phat Friend favorite Tree has been leading. It’s one of the more successful hybrid rap styles/sounds I’ve heard in a while. Tree dubbed it “soul trap” and it’s a mixture both those two things. Samples, triplets, that certain bounce, with raps that cover all sort of topics. Now, I’m sure there are still portions of you that are in that mind set of hearing any beat that sounds like it was made in 2016 and immediately tuning out. If it’s got any trap elements whatsoever. So, for you guys, this won’t be for you. But for those of you who have a more open mind and can see past how a songs high hats are sequenced, I’m curious what you think of this.
“Chris spencer” is a group consists of two up and coming chicago mc’s. Chris Crack and Vic Spencer. They’ve actually been around for a while and put out a fair amount of music but , for the sake of discussion, let’s call them “new”. This group is at least new!
So, yeah…I’m definitely fucking with this song. Curious what you guys think.

What do you think? (you can choose more than one answer)

Defending my tweets Vol. 19

Hi guys. Welcome to “Defending my tweets”. This is for those times when 141 characters is not enough to really drive home whatever stupid point I’m trying to make. It’s a launchpad for rants, really. As misguided as they may be, they gotta end up somewhere.
Let’s see what we got this week…hope you guys don’t have a fondness for musicals. You may wanna skip this one.

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 9.11.02 AM

In case you’re out of the loop and unsure of what a “Fleshlight” is, let me explain. It’s basically a fuckable flashlight. It’s a cylinder, shaped much like a flash light, but instead of sending beams of light out of one end, there is a gummy mouth/vagina for which you are supposed to stick your dick into. It kinda looking like a pink version of Audrey 2 from “Little shop of horrors”, which doesn’t totally miss the mark cause we all know she had those crazy dsl’s.
Anyhoo, it’s a tool for masturbation. Pretty simple. Masturbation is a facet of pretty every man’s life. We start doing in at a young age and in evolves from something we do 5 times a day to something we do when we need to relax or go to sleep. What was once a drug becomes something used almost more for maintenance. Guys do all sorts of things. Most use our hands, like gentleman. Some, at younger ages, have been know to get more creative and fuck things like fruits with holes cut in them or a sock full of lube. Personally, I’ve always be a meat and potatoes guy and that extra work just seems like a bit much for me. But, for those guys who need more than the skin on their hands, inventors got your back. There have been many versions of this. The blow up doll has been around longer than me. It was literally a balloon with a face, some sharp plastic tits and a rudimentary hole you could maybe kinda fuck. I won’t lie, it looked pretty uncomfortable. Like boning an inflatable mattress. But time won’t let something like the way a man pleasures himself stay in the caveman era. Nope. Nowadays, they have plastic vagina molds modeled after real porn stars. Sure, it looks like a serial killer chopped out just the vagina on some poor girl but the holes work and you get to kinda sorta pretend you’re having sex with a real person.
The flesh light is a different thing though. It’s a tube you hold. While it is specifically for men, it’s less direct as to what part you’re actually fucking. It could be a mouth. It could be a vagina. It could even be a weird butthole if you want it to be. No matter what it is…it’s still a tube you stick your dick in.
As a seasoned masturbator (we all are, really), I’ve always felt that being extra about how you bust nuts is a slippery slope. Especially if you’re blowing loads all over that slope. I’m not saying this to shame anyone. I get why people want to kick things up a notch. But, once you go online, see a fleshlight and decide “I need this in my life”, you are officially a “fleshlight” guy. You have jumped from a man who jerks off all basic like, to a guy who now fucks an inanimate object that looks like a baby’s eye winking. I say, fuck it! Rock it with pride. Embrace that you need a little more to get yourself off. Leave in on the table like your would a candle or your tv remotes. When people ask “uh, what is that?!!”, you look them dead in the eye and say “Oh that? it’s my fleshlight. I CUM IN THAT.” and don’t break eye contact cause it shows weakness. Stand by your life choices! It’s the only way to truly be free.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.57.05 AM

This isn’t an opinion piece but more just a case of how little we understand cultures outside of our own.
As an american, I grew up with PB &J. We all did. It’s as much a staple of our country as apple pie, hamburgers, and pick up trucks. In my myopic mind, I assumed this was something all first world countries took part in. Well, holy shit, was I wrong.
I had been in europe doing a tour and the topic of PB&J came up, only to be met but confused stares. “You eat a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly…together?” followed by a face I’d make if I saw someone eating raw liver. Turns out, it’s not only uncommon, it’s considered gross. Also, it turns out peanut butter isn’t widely available in some parts of europe. Then they began to tell me how they eat sandwiches of jelly and butter. Now, that’s not gross at all but…man, I couldn’t help think they were missing out big time. I also noticed, while out there, that in places where there might normally be peanut butter (mostly continental hotel breakfasts) they would replace it with nutella. And, goddamn, I can’t argue with that logic. Having a Nutella option is some next level shit cause i feel like, even though that stuff is readily available in the states, we use it wrong. It should be everywhere. Like, at all breakfast spots, next to the ketchup and hot sauce. Why the fuck not? So, well done Europe. You guys nailed that one.
Anyway, when I posted this tweet, it was met with endless responses of people agreeing or giving me their variations of what they eat. It was quite enlightening. I truly had no idea. So, this is the rare case when the internet actually did teach me things that I was curious to know. Well done, internet. You are now batting 3 for 248712847489 in that category!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.57.39 AM

I was thinking of writing a whole post on just this but stopped myself. I did that for one reason. I have not seen this play and the backlash of speaking out of my ass would be too much. I know how the internet works. Even when I actually know about something there’s always 100 people waiting to “actually…” me to death so it’s best to , at least, be prepared to defend yourself.

In the case of the musical “Hamilton”, I had no idea what it was until I was watching some award show and there was a performance of a scene from it. Now, by nature, i find musicals to be the worst. It’s acting and singing stewed together into a pompous mess of over done theater kid mania that makes me want to jump off a cliff. So, clearly, this isn’t for me. But, I’m a rap guy. I know rap. I’ve been immersed in it for as long as i can remember so ,when I see rap pop up in unusual places, my ears perk up.
Watching this scene from the play, within moments I let out an audible “Oh fuck this…”. I was in a room alone, by the way.
But, I soon forgot it had happened and went on with my life as a normal person does.

Over the next few weeks , I started seeing this play come up on all sorts of media outlets. People praising it as some revolutionary work of genius. People like Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, New anchors, friends on facebook etc…Many of these are people I respect greatly…but not when it comes to their opinion on anything having to do with rap music. The common thread being all these people were old white folks who have no perspective on what might make something like this good, bad or whatever. “Corny” is subjective. But it’s also a feeling that shoots through your body when you see/hear it. In my case, I felt the Corny holy ghost in me from just the first 8 bars of this thing. It’s a feeling.

The outpouring of love for this musical was far and wide. They performed at the white house. The guy who made it is not some random cornball who decided rap would be a cool idea for a musical. No, he’s a guy who definitely came up in the culture, had a vision and executed it very well. He’s a capable rapper. He made a rap musical about a historic figure and, to the ears of a the layman, it’s genius. To me? It’s some corny underground rap shit that has been done better (Prince paul’s “Prince among thieves” comes to mind). But, like i said, this dude isn’t a wack guy. Like, he’s got his head in the right place. Also, the main rapper in it is The Clipping, a guy I’ve given props to on multiple occasions on this very blog. So, clearly, there is lots of talent and hardwork being put into this musical.   However, you can be legit and talented but still be corny. Corny isn’t about talent. It’s about a mind set. There’s a freedom to being corny. In a way, it’s quite respectable cause being corny is a very vulnerable way to live. It means you’re open in a way that is exposing your shortcomings. It’s like a lack of a filter, but that filter is good taste and awareness of what’s going on around you. Sounds pretty judgmental, huh? Yup. it is. And I’m one man. This is my solitary opinion. My word doesn’t mean more than yours or anyone else but, hey, when you feel something you gotta let it out.

Again, I have not seen this musical. I know this is me talking out of my ass but, you know…vibes can be very real and I’d be willing to see this musical just to justify everything I just wrote. But, at the same time, if I never do, I’M GOOD.

I did a remix for Aesop’s song “Dorks” and other goodies…

In case you don’t know, Aesop just dropped his new album “The impossible Kid” on Rhymesayers last week. If you have missed it, you are fucking up cause it’s a really great album and should be ingested by all. You can get it all over the place but, if you’d like the two bonus tracks, I suggest you make the purchase from here:
Yes, that’s right…BONUSSSSS. You get “Syrup” featuring Homeboy sandman and Open Mike Eagle as well as this remix i did for the song “Dorks”. That song you can also listen to streaming right here…

Oh hey…while i got you here…figured I’d just throw a bunch of new-ish remixes and random little joints I’ve done that are on my soundcloud page. Why not? Perhaps you missed one or two of these. Better late than never, right?