Answers for Questions Vol. 288

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. My never ending quest to answer every question anyone could ever ask me. If you have a question, don’t be shy, fire away. send them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. All i ask is be creative. Be weird. It makes it better for both of us.
While I got you here, I just wanna give a heads up that I will be doing some shows out west this week with Eliot Lipp. San Diego, L.a., S.f. and Seattle. For more info check HERE. This also means my posting may be scarce on the blog this week but, you know, who really gives a shit about that?
Okay, let’s go….

I get the impression that a lot of people in America are super PC and if you say something non-PC people will think you’re a privileged piece of shit. My question is how careful are you in general conversation to not offend anyone and do you think that over the top political correctness is another product of the internets global retardisation

Man, things have changed a lot over the last 20 years. I feel like it’s all in the name of good but ,sadly, the result is that everyone is kind of a pussy. It’s nice to see people learning to respect the lives of others and, in turn, not using certain words and speaking of certain lifestyles with disregard. However, in order for this to be possible it appears we have entered into a time where everything is a trigger and anyone who’s ever felt some sort of way about anything is out there policing what other people say. It’s a tricky situation. Cause, being PC means all sorts of different things. At one point it was something like referring to black people as “African Americans”. Now it’s more along the lines of what’s the right term to use for things related to gender equality. As a straight white male, I’m really not in a place to say shit about anything. The natural privilege that comes with being a straight white man is so engrained in our society that I have to basically just step back from topics like this and let the people actually involved tell me what is what. I’m fine with that. Sure, lots of the word based stuff is semantics to me. But, again, not my place to decide who gets to be called what. Like I think about how the word “midget” is now thought of to be offensive when , growing up, it was literally what you called little people. Like, that WAS the name. Or using the word “retarded” to describe someone with mental development issues. Same thing. Now these words are off the table. It’s more a case of getting used to things than fighting them.
So, to answer your question, I’m pretty careful to a point. More so in conversation than I am on this blog. Not cause I don’t have my own beliefs (and trust me, I think a big portion of what people get uptight about is ridiculous) but more because why rock the boat? If I’m talking to some stranger about whatever, do I really need to inject some word in there that might offend them just to prove some weird anti-PC point? It’s just not worth it. Now, if I know you? All bets are off. I say outlandish shit all day cause friends “get it”. The understand context and the concept that humans are multifaceted. Also, jokes. They get Jokes. But strangers? You gotta be more careful. It’s unfortunate that it has to be like that but, like I said, there is a greater good to it. Hopefully ,it will even out eventually cause some of the things people get upset about are just fucking insane. Gender, race, human rights, etc…those are all real things that deserve focus and change. But if someone makes fun of your gluten allergy or the kinda clothes you wear? Getting upset about that isn’t being “P.C.”. It’s you being a sensitive pussy who thinks, just cause you believe in something means it can’t be joked about or questioned. And that’s the problem. The P.C. movement isn’t a product of global “retardisation”, it is a product of the pussification though and that’s only cause people keep adding their little causes to the movement. THAT shit scares and saddens me but, hey, it’s the world we live in.

Knicks vs Celtics
Knicks:Walt Fraizer,Earl Monroe,Benard King,Melo,Ewing


Who wins in a 7 game series?

Celtics. Easily. Fuck the Celtics though.

What was it like making the decision to drop out of college? Was it more of a “fuck it” decision or did you have everything planned out? I don’t see myself getting through college but I’m scared I won’t be able to support myself without it.

Me dropping out of college was a culmination of a few things. One was “Fuck it”. I didn’t like school. Never did. Didn’t have interest in learning what was being taught to me and I figured I could save my parents a shitload of money if I just didn’t go back. That said, there was no plan. No at all. I just knew that school didn’t “work” for me. I had been a bad student and someone who genuinely didn’t give a shit about it my entire life. I didn’t get sad when i got bad grades. I didn’t beat myself up when things didn’t go well. This was because I truly didn’t care (or try). So, dropping out felt like that. Nothing. I clearly recall driving away from school after knowing I wasn’t coming back , thinking “i will never have to do homework again…”. Looking back, part of me missed the idea of college. The social aspects. But not the learning. If i could, I might have gone and lived on campus for four years but it doesn’t work like that.
All that said, I got lucky. The jobs I worked after college were trash and, had music not worked out, who knows where I’d be now? At best, a bartender. At worst? i really can’t even imagine.

What do you think of the word ‘cunt’?. where I’m from it is used quite freely (not even as an insult) e.g. “oh yeah, Tony’s a good cunt” or when toasting “cheers cunts!”, the loose rules are not to bomb it in front of children, girls and grandmas. In the workplace (blue collar) it would be unusual to hear it dropped less than 20 times in a day. Would this frighten you or would you not give a shit?

I don’t get offended by curse words. Ever. So, to me…hearing or saying “cunt” is nothing. At the same time, culturally, that word is much different in the states than it is over seas.
Here it’s looked at as the most fucked up thing you can call a girl. Like, “bitch” to the tenth power. If I’m calling someone a cunt, they are a fucking awful human being (and they are a female). So, it’s one of those words you really got to weigh out the usage of. So, no, it doesn’t get thrown around much here but when it is used, it’s done so to make a very clear point.

The question I have for you is, what do you make of artists, particularly rappers from outside of the US that rap in fake American accents? Personally I think it’s silly and I’ve tried to understand why they do it but I just don’t get it so I’ve given up on trying to understand it and just let it be. Do you think that rappers from outside the US using a fake American accent is the equivalent of a producer using a sample and that’s why these rappers see nothing wrong with the fake accent?

I didn’t realize that was a thing. Like, all the foreign rappers I’ve heard sound foreign.
So, if this is in fact a trend, it hasn’t made it over here yet.
That said, if you think about it, it’s not that crazy.
Rap is from America. It’s an art form created here and, to this day, the validity of it is still based on sounding a certain way. I mean this in the sense of “what is accepted in the states” in terms of rap. Outside of some british mc’s and, i guess, MC Solar you will pretty much never hear a rapper with a foreign accent have success in the US. It just doesn’t play. I know I heard that shit and immediately zone out. So, if a rapper from another country seeks the validation of the US rap audience (which is understandable cause this is where it all comes from. It’s the major leagues of rap), why would he not try and sound as american as possible? It’s similar to white rappers throwing on a heavy fake “blackcent” in order to sound more authentic. It’s corny but I see why they do it. They just wanna be accepted.
As far as your “using a sample” comparison, it’s nothing alike. Sampling has been a part of beat making since hip hop began. Rapping in german has not been. The fake accents (that I’m not aware of but you seem to be talking about) can only be the result of rappers on the outside looking in, trying to fit into american hip hop.

Michael Jordan coming out of retirement AGAIN.


Well, that’s not happening so my thoughts are “where did you get this misinformation?”

I’ve been a big fan of you and Aes for a few years now (when I say big fan, I freak out when I come across vinyl copies of either of your works). I wanted to ask you what advice you’d give a 16-year old hip-hop nerd like me who’s an aspiring producer?

This is one of those FAQ type questions but there really isn’t an answer. Sadly, my advice won’t help or hurt you. There is no secret to being good or being successful. You either are or you aren’t. Sure, having a natural talent for making beats is a good building block but things like timing , luck and who you know are just as, if not more, important.
My only advice to anyone wanting to do this is to work hard on it, try and find your own sound and don’t get caught up in what other people are doing. If you dedicate your life to making trap beats cause that’s what’s hot right now then, in 8 months from now, when that phase has passed, where are you gonna be? Make your own path. Also, don’t expect it to work out. For anyone to have a career in this kinda of thing is a fluke. It’s like playing a professional sport. A guy like me is still in the minor leagues. I make a living off this shit but I’m far from rich. So, make music for the love of making music. If it pans out, that’s great. If not? well, you do it as a hobby cause it’s something you like doing.
Regardless, keep doing it until it’s not fun anymore.

Do you ever refer to women as “ma’am?”

I do on random occasions. I don’t even know why, to be honest. You would think I would save it for an older woman, as a sign of respect but it generally blurts out my mouth when I’m getting my change from a cashier at some place like chipotle. There is something kinda funny about called a 19 year old Chipotle cashier “Ma’am”. It’s not a diss but it definitely makes them be like “say what?!?”.
Also, i definitely use it more when I’m down south but I think that’s just what happens. It’s in the air down there.

5 thoughts on “Answers for Questions Vol. 288

  1. i would absolutely100% rather be called a cunt than be called ma’am. i have a morbid dread of being old. also it only ever gets dropped on me by bitchy female cashiers that take pleasure in making other females feel like shit. being female is pretty much 90% bullshit

  2. Your Wikipedia page says you’re also known as “Tone Capone”. Have you ever actually called yourself “Tone Capone”?

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