Pick your favorite song

Let’s play a fun game. Below are 8 random songs. I enjoy them all on varying levels. Some are great, some are just okay. Some are very serious, some are funny. They come from all different regions and the genres of rap vary from NYC underground to southern mainstream to west coast gangster shit to straight up comedy rap. I’m curious what you guys think.
This kinda thing is always interesting to me cause i’m pretty sure I know what way you guys tend to lean, when it comes to music taste but, hey, sometimes you surprise me.
Which of these songs do you like the most?I’ve made a poll below the songs, so please vote. in fact, you can vote for as many of these as you want cause i understand picking just one might be hard.

What song is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Pick your favorite song

  1. The commenter on the Trump track saying OG Swaggerdick didn’t know what he was talking about cracked me up. Definitely my least favorite track, but not for the same reasons that guy was most likely alluding to. Anyway, voted for the Larry Fishman track. 2nd favorite one was Lettuce & Croutons, followed by Smoke Break/Fly Away & You’re My Boy Blue. The rest were all listenable, but not my thing. Lil Dicky, the white rapper on the Trinidad James/Mystikal track, praying to that big black ass made me laugh. Never heard of him though.

  2. Really digging the WhoEvers track… will be checking them out. The song doesn’t seem to be on their album though. Is it more recent or older? do you know? Thanks!

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