Answers for Questions vol. 291


Hi guys. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask it, I answer it. My questions queue could use some refilling so I urge and and all inquisitive people to fire off some questions at me. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Go nuts. Get weird. Be creative. Ask multiple questions. I’m at your disposal. Okay? great. Also, I’m accepting “Dr Tony” questions as well , for those of you who need life advice. Go for the gold.

Here’s a hypothetical for you.

Imagine you were offered the lump sum of 2 million dollars to produce a celebrity Hip-Hop album, ala “Rappin Rodney”.

Do you turn down the offer to keep your integrity? Or do you happily take the cheddar and give zero fucks about how the end product is received?
If yes, WHO and WHY would you work with from the following people & how would you create a distinct style that suits their personality/characteristics?

Tim Allen
Sly Stallone
Rowan Atkinson
Amy Schumer

I would say yes, assuming I was allowed to make the kinda beats I make. If they hired me and told me to make a pop record, i wouldn’t even know where to start.

Not only is 2 million a lot of money, I’m at the point in my career where being a “sell out” doesn’t fucking matter to me. That something 20 year olds with no bills to pay worry about. That said, this is all contingent on me being able to make the music I want to make. After all, what’s the point of having me produce an album if it’s not going to sound like me?
Of the options given, I’d go with Schumer or Stallone. Schumer cause I like comedy , think she’s funny and it might actually result in something interesting. She’s also the only option that actually probably listens to rap music at all. So there would, at the very least, be a slight understanding there. I’m not sure what the album would sound like stylistically but it’s would obviously be a comedy rap album so so we’d be doing satire based songs. Meaning, I’m probably try and mimics other genres. Something I’ve done before on the “Party Fun Action Committee” album.

Stallone I’d pick simply cause the idea of him rapping is hilarious and could somehow turn into some cult album that people will love 30 years from now.
Stylistically , it could go one of two ways. I could take the easy route and make an album of old samples…shit from the 70’s that sound like rocky or maybe even italian stuff from the 50’s , full or harmonicas and upright bass. OR, just give him my 12 dopest beats and see what happens. It would kinda be like what Primo did when he made the first group home album.

Who are some artists who you never want to meet but like their music?

I’d say most artists. I don’t really have a vested interest in meeting my heroes. It’s not like we’re gonna become friends and start hanging out. Best case scenario, they’re friendly and the interaction is positive but, beyond that? Meh. My experience with these things has been underwhelming so I don’t even try. Shake their hand, tell them you are a big fan and keep it moving. That said, I feel as though I’m able to keep a person and their music separate. Like, if I met someone like Tom Waits and he was a total asshole to me (just thinking of a random example), i wouldn’t start hating his music after that. Conversely, if I met Will.I.AM and he was the nicest guy ever, it may soften my take on his music. Like “Yeah, I don’t really like what he does but he’s a really good dude”.
In general, I’m fine if I never meet anyone I’m a fan of. The aura of celebrity doesn’t do much for me.

Any funny stories on doing psychedelics? How were your first times doing psychedelics?
Would you ever consider doing DMT at your age? (For like, depressing stuff, or can be for experimenting aswell) Also, have you thought of learning to play an instrument and read music?
I don’t know why but I always picture you playing a trumpet.

The first time I did psychedelics was at hampshire college in the mid/late 90’s. They used to have a huge halloween party there every year and some of my friends went there so I would go visit them. About 5 friends and I ate some shrooms and walked around the campus, tripping the fuck out. It was amazing. So amazing, in fact, it became a tradition until all those guys graduated.
I’ve written about this before I think but the funniest thing I ever saw while tripping was a family of rollerbladers wipe out right in front of me. I was down in battery park city, by the water, just sitting on a bench. I saw a line of about 6 people who seemingly were all related, snaking their way down the bike path, hands on hips. That itself was weird and funny to see but when one of them lost control and they went down like dominos, I lost it. It was one of those laughs where tears are streaming down your face and you think you might never breath again. I was legit hyperventilating. I was high so I really don’t even know how far away they were or if they saw me losing my shit but that will forever be my favorite moment while tripping.
As for DMT, I’m good on that. I’ve had enough people explain what it’s like to me to understand I have zero interest in feeling anything like that. I’m past the point in my life where self discovery via drugs is of any interest to me. If I do drugs now, it’s for fun. Everyone who’s ever told me about has spoken like it was a transformative experience that changed how they see the world but, looking at most of the people who told me, can’t say that world is one I would ever wanna live in. No offense to them, just not for me.
As for learning to play instruments, nah. I’m simply terrible at learning and my attentions pan is that of a fruit fly. It’s amazing I can’t even sit here and write this, let alone, learn to play an instrument.

Have you noticed a difference across cities with how much people tend to use their phones during shows? Like filming and taking pics during the show etc.
I’d say the phone usage thing is across the board. It’s less so in europe. Especially the further east you go. Americans though? We live via our fucking phone screens. Seems counterproductive to experiencing something first hand but I guess that’s just how it is. I know when I’m at a show and I wanna capture something, I’ll do it for like 15 seconds, feel dumb and give up. It’s not like recording that shit even sounds good or has replay value. It’s more like a proof of attendance. I’ve seen people just sit in the front row and record entire shows on their phone. Why, I will never know.

If you had to do one of these things, which one would you do?
1) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (~2,600 mi)
2) Bike coast to coast (~3,300 mi)
3) Complete an IronMan triathlon (2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, 26.2 mi run, completed in <17 hrs)

All of these have to be done continuously, without breaks. With the first two, a break would mean stopping and flying home for a couple weeks then going back. You would be able to stop in a town for a day or two to resupply, fix gear, etc. The Ironman triathlon has additional time requirements (along with a lot of other rules)- like, the swim must be done in 2 hrs, 20 mins, the bike must be done in 8 hrs, 10 mins, and the marathon must be done in 6 hrs 10 mins.

I think the Pacific coast hike would be my only plausible option. I haven’t ridden a bike in like 25 years and have zero confidence in that as a skill that would take me 3000 plus miles. The iron man thing would probably just kill me and the fact I’d have to be doing it under a clock? Fuck that. I’d drown 1/5th through that swim.
I would loath every second of the hike and camping is truly hell on earth but at least it could go at my own pace. I’d probably be in great shape afterwards too, so that’s a bonus.

How long do you think human civilization will last?
I think we got maybe 150-300 years left. After 150, i feel as though we will be low on all natural resources, the weather will be nightmarish and the economy will be in the toilet. I think , within the next 100 years, shit is really gonna hit the fan. Wars, famine, no clean water, etc…and it will take another 100 years or so after that to finally finish off all mankind. Roaches will be chilling though. They got this.

Hey Block, I heard a rumor that you’re moving to New Jersey because you’re tired of city life, is this true?
Nah man. Never. I have no plans of leaving NYC at any point , unless I’m forced out by powers beyond my control. And , if I was, i wouldn’t move to jersey. Now, don’t front…you didn’t hear that rumor. You made it up so you’d have a question to ask.

4 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 291

  1. Hampshire college…in the 90’s…been there, shroomed that. it was called “trip and treat” or “trip or treat” or something. Thanks for the flashback, Block, good times!

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