Yay or Nay?: Medhane and Slauson Malone

Last week, I did a little write up for Brooklyn’s Elucid. I spoke of him being experimental but still maintaining a NYC aesthetic, in terms of having a gritty feel that very particular to NYC hip hop, without looking backwards. This week, I was introduced to Medhane and Slauson Malone. A rapper/producer duo from Brooklyn that are actually a fantastic companion piece to where Elucid left off. The word “Challenging” is not something a lot of rap fans have a stomach for. Most people would rather be spoon fed their entertainment. Medhane and Slauson Malone do not make music that is meant to be heard in passing or booming from car speakers. This is thinking rap. This is more in tune with people like Billy Woods/elucid, The Clipping, and Rat King. Similar to those aforementioned artists, Slauson Malone can rap very well. Madhanes beats are off kilter but not at all just noisy hell. He also takes some really great creative liberites with the directions his songs go. You’re never really sure what might happen next, which is a cool feeling to have when listening to a rap song. The video that accompanies their first song is definitely one that jumps off the screen (and perhaps, might give you a seizure) but, personally, it grabbed me right away.

Clearly, this isn’t rap music made for everyone but it is made for a specific type of fan. I feel that may be right in the wheelhouse for many readers of this blog so I’m curious what you think. Before casting judgement just off the video, I’d advise downloading the album and giving it a listen cause the video doesn’t portray the group entirely how they are.

So, what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?: Medhane and Slauson Malone

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever used this phrase and meant it but, this shit bangs like a mother fucker. The video is fucking crazy good too.

      • Guess that’s what I get for doing a “preview review”… I listened to like 20 seconds of it and SoB popped in my head.. Ill informed or not.. that’s where my head went.. Which is weird because I haven’t listened to them since probably ’98.

  2. Loving this. Slight pedantic note though: I think the rapper is actually MEDHANE while slauson malone is the producer.

    • Someone already said the other way around. I’m still not 100%. Medhane liked my post on twitter and was selling beats in his Bio so I’m hoping I got it right.

  3. Love it. I’ve given the album a couple listens now and I’m liking it more and more each time.

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