Closing time…Kinda.

They say all good things must come to an end. I assume that applies to all mediocre things as well.

I’ve been writing this blog in some form since around 2002. It started as rants on my personal myspace page. Moved over to a weekly column on the Definitive Jux website and, when that went down, I stated Phat friend January 1st 2009 (or was it 2010? I can’t remember) . The purpose of this blog was just for me to say whatever the fuck I want. I enjoy writing. I like ranting about things i don’t ACTUALLY care about. It’s a good way to blow of steam. Certainly better than bottling it up and losing your shit over some pointless grievance. That, in it’s essence, was what this blog was. “Sweeping generalizations”. There was never any money or glory in this. If anything, it was a means to give my life a little structure. As a musician, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and having this to write every morning , at least, put me on a track to be creative and not just lay around in bed playing words with friends and candy crush until I get hungry enough to get up.

That said, I’ve reached a point where I feel as though this has run it’s course. I’m basically rehashing the same 4 or 5 columns and it’s not like any new light has been exposed. I’ve answered thousands of questions, listened to hundreds of demos, fucked, married and killed all the people I can. What more can I say?
Part of the reason I’m gonna stop posting with any regularity (I’ll get to that later), is that I really don’t have anything left to say. I’ve exhausted my rants. Also, as you get older, ones passion for the minutia of life wanes. This blog has always been about taking dumb things and expanding on them. Making them seem bigger than they are. Like, I could write a piece about men wearing open toed shoes looking like assholes, and it would cause an explosion of fury from every man who’s ever worn flip flops to the beach. When, in reality, I don’t give a fuck what another man wears on his feet. It’s just fun to poke fun and rabble rouse people. Basic trolling. But the stakes seem higher now. Sure, i could write think pieces on things I don’t really care about/know about/understand. I’m just not the involved or informed in the world around me. I listen to what I listen to. i watch what I watch. i read…the internet. My scope isn’t exactly wide. The last thing the internet needs is another white dude talking out his ass about everything.

Another side to this is the environment that we live in now. When i started writing this , i could say anything. If someone was offended or bothered by it, they would roll their eyes and get over it. i didn’t have to explain jokes or tell people “It’s not that serious” all the time. But, we live in a time where everything triggers something. Every word you say can be turned against you, context means nothing and intent is always under scrutiny. To me, that takes the excitement out of writing. Like, I wanna say things but I can’t cause i don’t feel like having to argue with a bunch of people in my comments. Don’t get me wrong, that’s always been a thing but it’s gotten worse ten fold over the last 3 years or so. And, seeing that, one might think “Well, you’re pussying out!”. Maybe. But, to be honest, the weight of those invisible restrictions had effected my writing. i don’t enjoy it like i used to. I’m too aware of things that might cause an issue. i end up over explaining and watering down the point. So, fuck that…Combine that with a lack of things to write about and , well, here we are. I’m sure i could write about how the world is seemingly going down the drain but I feel there’s enough of that out there. What can i really add? So, as of now, Phat Friend is scaling back.
I’m just gonna post music updates here and there as it comes in. Pretty much, this will function as Blockhead’s website, as opposed to “Tony’s blog”. If I get inspired to write something, I will. But, other than that, it’s a wrap. No more demo reviews, no more answers for questions , no more of any of the regular columns.
So, I just wanna take this time to thank all of the people I’ve met over the years who’ve told me they fuck with this blog and all the faithful readers. It’s been a pleasure. You guys, more than anyone, “get” me. This blog is more me than my music has ever been so, just know that, you’re appreciated.
It’s not dead…but it will be dormant.
And , finally, shout out to all the strangers and friends who have taken the time to tell me I need to fix my grammar and spell check more thoroughly. I will miss you guys the most. Feel free to find me on twitter, where I will be spelling things wrong and abusing the english language with regularity.
Thanks and Good day,
Blockhead AKA Tony

65 thoughts on “Closing time…Kinda.

  1. As someone that has been reading and asking questions since myspace it has been a good run. Aside from your music I appreciate the music you have put me up on like Spark and Spooky Black. Keep the Yay or Nay via Facebook.

  2. Damn, I’ve been reading weekly for years. Ya gotta do what you feel though right? Godspeed! I’ll miss the updates, have a good one though.

  3. Gonna miss you, Tony. You’ve been keeping us entertained for a long time and I’ll miss you. Never stop tweeting though!

  4. ¡Respecto! Thanks for the fucking laughs man:) Your explanation is more than sound and your honesty is super rad, which is why I dig it the most! We will always have the archives?!

    • Yup. The archives are not going anywhere. In fact, to anyone who’s only discovered this blog the last few years, the best stuff is definitely buried the further back you go.

  5. I make content on YouTube, and one of the things that tends to happen is that you meet new people as you progress. Now, some of these people are absolutely fucking lovely, I honestly can’t fault some of them. However, to balance it out a bit, you have the people who get offended by fucking everything, people who complain about certain words in Tweets because they could “trigger someone” and the people who have a physical list of words that “trigger” them.

    I’ve always been one to try and let people be who they are, although when all your social media feeds are packed with people getting offended by razor blade adverts and news articles that include the word “knife” and right-wing politicians that they know nothing about other than the fact that they are right-wing, you really do start to find it irritating. I recently made a video that included some dark humour but decided to make it unlisted and only share it with a few people because I couldn’t be fucked to deal with the backlash of anger from all those offended. I really do see what you mean about the annoyance of not knowing what to write without offending someone. Even tweeting something *slightly* controversial is enough to set some people off for me.

    Nonetheless, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered your music about a year or two ago. Keep on doing whatever you’re doing and I look forward to more Blockhead tunes. Cheers man!

  6. Thanks for keeping it going for so long, was always great to have something uncensored and free and ridiculous to read in this darkening world. I especially enjoyed the time I tried to ask you on a date and you denied me. You’re the best. One more question? Now that you’re single again, would you go for a drink with a (non creepy, I swear) fan next time you’re in Vancouver?

  7. Awww man. Can we just get, like, one more Answers, and one more F/M/K???? I’ve been reading this blog pretty much since the beginning, and I’m really gonna miss those!

    • Honestly, i don’t read any blogs. Ironic , i know. But it’s on brand with me not listening to any instrumental music so , in that way, it makes sense.

  8. Twitter/Facebook has ruined everything. Everyone is activist or overly sensitive about everything…and most are not very good at it. It was better when people posted stupid shit about movies, music, tv. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

    I blame Millenials!

  9. This has been one of my top five internet sites that I check daily. Love your music, and love your writing.

    How does this play out with your Twitter and Instagram pages?

  10. I’ve enjoyed reading your rants, etc. They always had that quality of simple, straightforward honesty that you usually only get from good friends. I hope you find another good outlet or just find that you don’t need one anymore. Regardless, I’ll keep watching for updates. Thanks.

  11. Thanks so much Tony! I saw this coming. How many times could you awnser the same questions about making stuff, or releasing samples or what you would do if you didn’t make music? If anything you’ve kept up a dialogue with your hardcore fans that most people couldn’t be bothered to even start. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this blog. From reading while I got my kids to nap, to making it part of my commute everyday. I will miss it.

  12. But Fam! I was bout to send you my new demo, shit is hot fiyaa.

    Now that your blogging career is over do you plan on starting your acting career? I’ve got a role for you, pays $14 a day.

  13. Enjoyed your writing as much as your music.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight for irrevocable irreverence, Block.

  14. I don’t even recall the date i started to follow you Tony. Feel pride for how much you have written, not any person can do such a dedicated job. I have to say i will miss answers for questions, because that was the coolest way to get an answer from you. This is by no means a final goodbye, i am glad you have decided that you will post when you feel a true inspiration. I will be waiting for that =) So long Tony, and thanks all the advices and laughs.

  15. You had a good run, bruh.
    Instead of being sad, I’ll try to focus on the positives of your decision.
    Less exposure for shitty modern rap music, and at least you quit before you said something racist.


  16. Really appreciated your efforts to connect with your fans via this blog. I would always discover new artists here too, maybe continue linking what you’re listening to on Twitter? As a fellow musicmaker it’s always cool to see what my inspirations are inspired by.

    Cheers Tony!

  17. Damn. Just, damn.

    I have half a mind to find you at your next show, get wasted and come up and bug you with a shitty conversation and call you Tony like I know you personally just so you’re so pissed you come on here to write something.

    We understand, and glad this site and your amazing style and efforts will be preserved so we can go back whenever. I have the site bookmarked to the Aesop MTV2 promos which is around the time I started reading every week at a minimum. That’s over six years which means you’ve given me one of the most consistent enjoyable places to visit on the Internet for more than a half decade.

    Big ups to you man. Thank you for all the laughs and advice over the years. Best of luck in finding whatever’s next to fill this void (for you and for us). You’re the best Block.

  18. Hey Blockhead, I just wanted to say thanks for tuning me into so many great artists I never would have heard about if I hadn’t read about them here. really appreciate it

  19. On the real though, thanks for indulging so many of my absolutely stupid questions over the years. I’ve been reading your stuff since you were posting on the Def Jux website whenever that was. Thanks for giving away all the cool free music on here too. I hope you still throw some random remixes or whatever our way somehow.

    Anyways, I have a feeling this is just a thinly veiled cover so you can disappear to an expensive recording studio in the mountains for the next year and a half to record a new Party Fun Action Committee album. Until proven otherwise, that’s exactly what I’ll believe.

  20. It’s been a good run.

    Thanks for providing all the advice, opinions, and bullshit over the years. It’ll be sad to see it go dormant (since it’s not dead, per se), but I’m sure you’ll return at some point, a beacon in the darkness of the internet. Or some such shit.

    Looking forward to your further artistic endeavors!

  21. damm bro….that’s real. sad to hear this but i understand. i been reading this shit since 09….fucking loved it. thank you for everything

  22. Found this site off some MTV’s Girl Code nonsense (Rogglecast with Pollyne and Alice Wetterland). Ended up getting introduced to some songs/rappers that’ll always stay in rotation. Enjoyed the writing too.

  23. noooooooo. but I understand the reasons. I’ve been a faithful follower since they one and even met you once at one of your shows. thanks for this blog!

  24. Damn. Thank you for keeping this up as long as you have. This is the only blog I have ever followed and probably ever will. I have found some awesome music through you and will miss reading. RIP

  25. will be sad to see this blog go. answers with questions got me through some shitty mondays! glad to have gotten a couple silly questions in before it went.

    i’d like to point out that not maintaining the blog leaves more time to figure out how to resurrect rogglecast, hmm hmm?

    also, i saw you in austin recently (at empire control room) and really enjoyed/was impressed your performance, and how you made things flow together. feel like you kinda play the performance aspect down here on the blog. it was godawfully, intolerably loud in there though! i dunno how you stood it. i tried to remember if you’d developed any secret signal for your blog readers but could not, haha.

    anyhow, happy trails, good sir! thanks for entertaining us masses.

  26. Thanks for all the Phatfriend laughs. It’s been great reading your articles (and comments) over the years. Looking forward to some music updates soon!

  27. Oh, that’s a shame. Been reading since the days of MySpace. For me the biggest loss will be the lack of Yay or Nay, as they helped me get onto some amazing rappers that I still listen to regularly (TREE, Spark Master Tape, Mick Jenkins etc). It would, purely selfishly, be great if you could keep something like that going in some form?

    As a fellow white, mid 30’s hip hop fan, who enjoys street rap, I say thank you for all of the mixtapes, articles and recommendations you’ve given over the years. It’d made my life a little more tolerable.

    All the best Tony

  28. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years. Even participated a few times. I just wanted to say that you’re my kind of person blockhead, and you’re a gifted writer, in the sense that you seem to express yourself perfectly through your writings. Thank you for all the laughs and the good stories, for all the distraction and for letting me know there are people like you in the world.

  29. Thanks for everything man! This thing was truly one of a kind. If all you ever did was post links to the music you’ve been fucking with it would still be my favorite hip hop blog.

  30. Been reading since 2010 but id actually skip over everything you wrote unless it was about music.That ask Dr. Tony shit was awful – not because of you, but because of the seemingly naive and gutless ding-dongs that would write in. But on a positive note, Im going to miss “yay or nay” and all of the other music related posts. Although I had often already heard of a lot of the artists you posted (gotta love the internerd), you also turned me on to some I hadn’t heard of, some of which I still listen to this day. I know you have some music blog gems, but if I remember correctly you wouldn’t share them. haha. oh well, thank you for your shared love of music. Goodbye Blockhead.

  31. Thanks for the laughs! It was enlightening in many ways and im sure im slightly dumber in some ways also. Its amazing that a famous international traveler, such as yourself, could be such a shut in. Next time you decide to prove white men cant jump, wear some flip flops and socks. Just cuz you tell yourself “I look like the best shooter ever, people must think im just off today ” doesnt change the fact that your mostly just another goofy white dude. I guess im saying: stay focused on your music, really focused, as the last 2 albums sucked compared to your first 2. Ableton was a simplification of the process but also a simplification of the nuance that makes your music amazing. Got away with something on Uncle T’s Coloring book, didnt you!? All jest aside, this blog and ALL your music has made my life better than it would have been without them. Thank You, sincerely, from a stranger whos life is better because of your life and the effort you have put into it. ps i never did get the autograph you promised to send. Dick.

  32. I don’t usually leave replies or comments or anything, because who really gives a fuck?

    Too bad I kinda lost my chance. It’s all ended so soon. I hardly knew ye. But I always appreciated coming here. I’ve liked your music for a long time. Had a lot of laughs looking through the posts. You’ve got a real talent for writing though provoking trash.

    This is the only blog that I’ve ever cared to follow, mostly because it never took itself seriously and was just good fun.

    I guess I’ll have to dig through the archives for fun stuff to read now, because lord knows I won’t touch a real book.

  33. I guess it says something about my devotion since I’m just now seeing this post. All in all, Its been a fun ride and very entertaining. I hope you feel the need to hop back on and spill your guts to us again soon.

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