Upcoming shows! US and Europe!

Hey everyone,
I’m about to hit the road and do some shows in select places over the next few months. You should come to my shows if you happen to live in the area cause…why the fuck not?
Here are my US dates this month with Lusine
And in November, I head out to Europe. I’ll have more info on these soon, but for now, this is your warning!

November 10th: Ghent, Belgium @Lux ballroom
November 11th London, UK @Red Gallery
November 12th Poznan, Poland @Project Lab
2 Days offfffff
November 16th Bratislava, Slovakia @Nu Spirit
November 17th Budapest,Hungary, @Ötkert,
November 18th Berlin, Germany @Yaam
November 19th Athens,Greece, @Six Dogs,

8 thoughts on “Upcoming shows! US and Europe!

  1. MEGA dropped today and Blockhead is coming to Budapest. WTF is going on, is this real life? Does anybody else smell burnt toast in here?

  2. yay!! blockhead in athens at last!!!im your number one fan in greece dude!!you made me so happy!! see u in november!!whatever u need i’m the man!dont hesitate to ask for anything!!!i’m too excited 😀

  3. Awesome that you are playing in London, finally! Like that dude from Greece above – let me know if you need anything. Also, you should tell your promoters to promote your London event – I only heard about it today after looking at your blog, and the facebook event has about 30 people invited. You have loads of fans in the UK, just gotta let us know!

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