New Song! “Tinder in the time of Cholera”


So, I’ve been making a lot of new music lately. A new full length album called “Funeral balloons”, a new album with Billy Woods and a soon to be free album which will feature instrumental tracks as well as songs with vocals. I’m getting tired of sitting on all this music so I figured I’d just plop something down here today. This is a track that I plan to drop on the free album. It’s not mixed or mastered so…you know…keep that in mind.
Just wanted to remind you guys…I’m still here and shit!

9 thoughts on “New Song! “Tinder in the time of Cholera”

  1. Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to hear this mastered plus all the other songs. I’ve been a fan for several years and I thought The Music Scene was the best thing ever, until you came up with Interludes After Midnight and that completely blew my mind. For some mysterious reason, although I bought it and tried listening to it many times, I couldn’t get into Bells and Whistles. I think this track sounds more like Interludes and I really like it!!

    • This may sound weird but I’d say give bells and whistles another chance. Cause if you like the two albums before it, I don’t think it’s THAT big of a departure from those albums. Things change but the mindset and song style is still very much in the same lane.

  2. Dope new song and its title! Is it too soon or would it be possible for you to drop a word or two about a new record with woods?

    Cheers from Slovenia!

    • I mean…it’s a new album. It’s really good too. I’ve been listening to the unmixed demos constantly for the last week. I’m doing most of the beats but Aesop is doing a few as well. It’s got features from a bunch of people but I’m not at liberty to let that info out yet.

  3. Even unmastered this is super dope. And we didn’t even need to go trick or treating for it! Thanks much, and good luck on your new shit!

  4. Came back to the old blog to see if there were any updates. Occasionally scrolling down leads to good things.

    Dunno how I missed this post.

    The new year has come and gone. We’ve changed presidents. Protests are a daily scene now. A new subway line has opened. A new library has been planned in Greenpoint. Time Square still looks like Disneyland.

    Does this mean new Billy Woods, a compilation and a solo album are dropping this year?

    I nearly shit my pants writing that sentence.

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