What’s for you isn’t always for me.


A couple times a year I get into a conversation with someone who loves weed. Inevitably, the conversation sways towards me and my intake of the substance, where I regretfully inform said weed lover that I , in fact, do not partake. This is typically met with a face of disbelief and a noticeable physical retraction from the other person. What follows is not unlike a senate hearing where I am asked a rapid fire bunch of questions , where the weed enthusiast tires to either disprove that I actually do not enjoy smoking weed or find out why. The “It’s not for me” response is never enough for them. So, i go on to tell them about how I used to smoke weed regularly in my 20’s. I had a window where I loved it. I would smoke, freestyle with my friends, eat a shit ton of terrible food and then watch tv or listen to music. In it’s essence, that’s what weed was good for with me. Those specific things. Everything else? Not so much. I never enjoyed it socially and it never made me feel smarter or deeper. In fact, it made me feel like a complete idiot 95% of the time. As i grew older, it got less fun and more uncomfortable. It fucked with my sleep. It made me anxious. Around 28 I decided “fuck this shit” and stopped. Since then, I have tried it maybe once or twice a year just to be sure it hasn’t turned around for me. The last time I smoked. I almost had a panic attack. So, when the weed lover hears all this, they immediately go into how weed has changed and the different strains that do different things yada yada yada. This is generally where I stop them and say “hey man, it’s cool…I don’t have to smoke weed for you enjoy it”. And that kinda brings me to a point. We , in general, are obsessed with wanting everyone to feel and see things how we see them. When someone has a differing view point, it often rattles our fragile ego and leads to someone trying to shove their ideals down another persons throat even more.

Like, say I love Dr. Browns Cel-rey Soda (I do). I offer you a sip, you taste it and spit it out immediately cause it’s some soda made from celery. I would be crazy to try to then convince you that, even though your mouth rejected it, it’s actually amazing. No, the proper thing to do is shrug it off and accept that Cel-rey is an acquired taste. Here’s the thing….everything is an acquired taste. Chocolate is an acquired taste. Sex is an acquired state. A mothers unconditional love is an acquired taste. So, we gotta stop trying to force our own shit down other peoples throats.
Recently, Trump made statements about how people who burn the flag should lose citizenship or go to jail. Obviously, he’s a complete moron and lunatic but the point remains. He feels this way, so everyone else should too. And, to be fair, this works both ways. Liberals are no less guilty of this mindset either. cause it’s human nature to want other people to agree with you and connect on things you hold dear. But human nature can be petty sometimes.

I’m a guy who loves cities. I like the activity. I like the people. I like the availability of things i desire. I don’t like nature that much and things like skiing, boating and camping are not things I have any interest in. Now, just as i wrote that, I guarantee a decent amount of you rolled your eyes and thought of nature situations that i couldn’t possibly not enjoy. This is cause, to you, what you get out of such things is infallible. A sunset. A scenic landscape. Wildlife. The feel of the wind rushing over your face while you slide down a mountain on a wood plank. All that shit. And that’s great. But what is for you is not always for me and vice versa.

Do you play basketball?
No? Well, you should. you’d love it.
Oh, what? you’re not into sports and have no athletic ability?
Whatever dude…just do it. It’s basketball. How could you not love it.

So, yeah, the point of this rant is to just say “love what you love but don’t ever think anyone else should be expected to feel the same way”. After all, without these differences , how can we properly judge one another. And judging? That’s the real fun shit right.

11 thoughts on “What’s for you isn’t always for me.

  1. Amen to the Panic Attack BS. I stopped for a long time after almost making my girl take me to the hospital because I was so convinced I was going to die. Took me a while but I eventually tried it again and will take a random hit here or there. But im not taking down an eighth of weed in two days or ever hitting out of a bong ever. Everything in moderation including moderation.

  2. “Everything is an acquired taste.” Well said. And it follows that allowing people to choose when and how to acquire said taste can be essential if they are to ever acquire it. Obtuse example: Little girl is adopted. The new parents love her all up, but she resists them. She is not ready to stop loving her mother, maybe she is afraid that if she accepts the insistent love of these strangers she will never get her mother back. The adoptive parents try and try to get her to give in and let them love her, but she won’t. At this point they assume something is wrong, and there is — they have not allowed her to choose them when she is ready, they are not waiting as long as it takes for her. So, yeah, everything is an acquired taste — even the love of people who would be your parents, without which you will not do well. Full disclosure: I offer answers for question IRL. I just thought this was said so perfectly that I would cheer and chime in.

  3. Great essay. It kind of remindsme of a friend that I felt always needed to validate himself and his own beliefs by pointing out the supposed holes in other people’s ways of thinking.

    He’s been a good friend since I’ve know him. He visits me in the hospital and had me over on a holiday but sometimes that validation shit can be pretty annoying. once I made my point or feel like I’m tired of talking about it, I just drop it at this point. But yeah, people always want you to think what they do or like what they like. I accept him and his wack ass collection of wicking shirts though, so good for me I guess.


  4. Full disclosure: I offer answers for questions IRL as well. I mean, I am not paid for it or anything, and no one particularly likes or agrees with the answers I offer, but I continue to offer them all the same.

  5. Hey there Blockhead- Merry Christmas! I know this blog isn’t so active, but any chance you’ll put together another compilation of songs you liked this year? Last year’s list put me on to a bunch of new artists and I wound up buying a few albums just on the strength of the tunes you put me on to. Have a great Holiday and I look forward to checking out that show you have in NYC in a few months!

  6. Yeah we stoners really like it when other folks share our admiration for the herb, but unfortunately a lot of pot smokers are super annoying about it. I’m just glad you make dope tunes for all of us to enjoy. Thanks! By the way I very briefly met you in steamboat some years ago (with Emancipator I believe) and despite my obvious drunken babble you were super cool and humble. Thanks for that lol!

  7. I get the same negative reaction from weed. I tried the high CBD shit when I was in the states. It was more tolerable. Still didn’t really enjoy it tho.

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