New song! “Make America gape again”


Hi guys. Long time no speak. How you been? Oh word? That’s too bad. Same.
Anyway, As you may know, I’m working on my next full length album called “Funeral Balloons”. It’s in the mixing stages and should be done fairly soon. As to when it’s coming out, that’s a good question. I really can’t say yet but I’m hoping later spring/early summer.
In the meantime, here’s a song that WILL NOT be on the album. I’mma eventually put this (and my other newer song “Tinder in the time of cholera“) out on a free compilation record that will feature solo stuff as well as songs with rappers and singers.
So, yeah, enjoy…and MAKE AMERICA GAPE AGAIN!


Also, I’ll be announcing a bunch of tour dates in the US in the near future. Keep an eye out cause I’d love to see you.

7 thoughts on “New song! “Make America gape again”

  1. i love how you are always able to progress and grow into new elements while still leaving in some of your signature samples and effects. to me it feels like reading an old favorite book and finding out there’s a chapter i totally missed. thank you, sir.

  2. Damn these last couple of minutes have so much elements mixed in. Lovin it as always 🙂
    Hope you can make it to Chicago. I’ll never miss a show within 1/2 hours from me.

  3. So I’m going to assume you seent the episode of hardcoregangbang. com ‘make America gape again’? Bunch of dudes in trump masks fuckin ‘America’ personified as some blonde chick. I couldn’t even watch the preview, had to put my dick away, so it’s pretty impressive you sat thru every minute, for to get inspiration, I am imagining…

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