Pre-orders for “The Art of Sampling”

Oh hey, My newest album “The Art Of Sampling” is coming on vinyl (Thanks to the good people at Young Heavy Souls) and there are only gonna be 1000 copies pressed…so here is the pre-order link. Get it while you can!!!!

3 thoughts on “Pre-orders for “The Art of Sampling”

  1. Dope! I got a copy ordered!  Thanks for coming through Fort Collins again, Tony. It was awesome to catch you live again and talk with you some before the show. You’re one of my favorite producers and always will be, thanks for being you. I have your pin on my backpack. Beyond enhancing my backpacks looks, it’s good luck on future bike rides and other travels. I hope to catch you in Colorado again soon! Peace, Jake Gross

  2. Thought the vocal sample on “Posse” sounded mad familiar when I first heard this, just figured out where I heard it used before:

    Same loop but the beats still sound totally different; yours is mad chill and his is some get hype shit. Also not accusing you of biting or anything; you’ve probably never heard that track before, just thought it was interesting.

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