My new album is out! it’s a little different from my normal stuff cause it features some MC’s on it , as well as some instrumentals. This is an album I’ve been wanting to make since before I ever made any solo albums. I started my career working with mc’s and it’s always been my favorite music to make. So, check it out!




And for vinyl or cd’s (as well as shirts and sweatpants):

3 thoughts on “FREE SWEATPANTS IS HERE!!!!

  1. 2 Blockheads > 1. Really liking all the features, and it’s especially cool because half of the artists you introduced here on the blog, at least to me anyways.

    What a day for new music though. Between this, new Malibu Ken, new Tree + Vic Spencer, and that new Andre3k verse on the James Blake album, I’m feeling very spoiled right now.

  2. Ahhh, the blog is still here!

    Really Really great album. I hope you release some more like this eventually, with lots of rap features. Some singing features seem like they would fit in really well too. I still spin that Mighty Jones album a lot, and like the songs you’ve done with Wilder Zoby and Baby Dayliner on vocals.

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