Blockhead merch bonanza!!

Hi there.

So, Prior to this pandemic, I had ordered a bunch of merch i was planning on selling when I toured. Seeing as it looks like that won’t be possible for a long time, I’ve decided to make it available for order online. Now, keep in mind, I am not a business. I am one person with minimal organizational skills so I’ll be sending all this stuff out by hand. Also take that into consideration when considering the method in which i sell them. If you want any of these items below, email me at All payments can only be made over venmo or paypal. Like i said, i’m not a business so sorry if this limits things. Also, shirt sizes range from s-xl. Shipping costs included in the price and I’m only sending these within the US (unless you’re willing to cover those shipping costs, then we can try and figure something out).

Anyway, here’s what I got available and the price:

Blockhead “Blockbuster” hat. $40

Blockhead “blockbuster” T shirt Blue $30
Blockhead “Blockbuster” Shirt Cream $3o
Blockhead “Blockbuster” Beanie $23
Blockhead Pin $12
Blockhead baseball hat Black $25

These following items are all VERY limited in quantity. Sizes range from s-xl. They are all drawings of mine that Aesop found in an old sketch book of his. i liked them so much I decided to make them into shirts.

Light yellow Lil’ Devil shirt (20 shirts printed) $35

Forest green “Bag o’ bitch ass” shirt. (10 shirts made) $35
Grey “Almost Billy Zane” shirt. (5 shirts made) $35

That’s in. If you see and wanna ow any of these things, Hit me up at and we will make it happen.

Thanks for the support!

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