This week in Ridiculous rap: Krazy Eight

Man, if I could make this column as a weekly thing, I would. I’m sure there are so many ridiculous rappers out there but it’s hard to track them down. The internet simply moves too fast and I’m but one man. If you’re hip to a rapper you think is truly ridiuclous that you think might be fun for me to profile, send him my way (email it to me at
Last week, Stitches took the world by storm. He is no doubt just beginning and we can look forward to months of videos by him. Depending on your opinion, that is great or the worst news ever. I’m siding more with “great” but I also watch car crashes when I drive by them.
This week though…wow. While this may not pack the punch that Stitches brings, this is even crazier in my eyes.
Krazy Eight is a rapper from…I dunno, the south somewhere (Florida)? A land where crews of tatted, chubby white dudes with goatees wear baggy jeans and , apparently sell drugs or something. His affiliates include names like “Thug Kracka” and “Taylor Boy”. But there is something about Krazy Eight that sets him apart. Fast forward to the 2:26 of this video cause, for some unknown reason, they tried to make this video a mini-movie.

Lady rappers. White rappers. Gay rappers. Blind rappers. But paraplegic rappers? Yup. And not just any paraplegic. This dude gets money. He calls shots. He gets girls.
Unlike videos I’ve seen in the past of disabled people rapping, where it’s clear his “friends” are making fun of him Like, say, Locomotive Curt

This is different. I get the vibe this dudes crew rides hard for him. And that’s pretty admirable.
So, yeah, this is a goldmine and I hope these dudes get it together and make a full length “I’m bout it” type movie cause , with Krazy Eight at the helm of your ship, it’s smooth sailing.

Also, shout out to The Keen one for unearthing this treasure.