Yay or Nay: 3rdiiiUth

These are some young mc’s from by way of maryland (I was originally told they were from Cali but I’ve since been corrected).
This is one of those Yay or Nay situations where I’m not sure where I stand. I suppose that’s kinda the reason I’m asking you guys.
On one hand, a few of these dudes can rap very well , they seem like they’re on their own shit and I like the beats. On the other, they did a song about weed in 2013 and , perhaps, they smoke too much weed to make songs with any focus. I dunno. I don’t think I’ve heard enough.
Also, I’m guessing the name is pronounced “Third Eye Youth” which is dangerously close to Third Eye Blind, so there’s that too.
So, peep this:

So, what do you think?