Oh dip, a free beat by me!

I made this beat a while back and wanted to somehow work it into my new album…but , alas, shit happens and the floppy disks told me to fuck myself. So, instead, you get to go over to Aesop’s website and download the original version I recorded directly off my sampler. Enjoy!


Aesop’s new website “900bats” is here! Featuring an exclusive remix by me.

For a while now, Aesop Rock has been working on his own website. While he coulda just done some lame old blog (eh-hem) or a place where he gives tour updates, he actually set his sights higher. Instead , opted to create a place where artists from all walks of life can do as they please. He called upon his many friends and peers and the result is http://900bats.com/
In his own words:
In an effort to supply a sandbox for what I hope proves to be a multifarious and growing mix of contributors, I, with the help of Alex Tarrant and Justin Metros, have created 900bats.com. Original writing, photography, artwork, audio, and video content from varying sources will be posted regularly.

Massive thank you to Jeremy Fish ( sillypinkbunnies.com ) for the illustration, and Alex Pardee ( zerofriends.com ) for the logo.

Aesop Rock

Please check it out

Also (plug plug) I did a special remix of an old Tom Waits song ( “yesterday is here”) that you can download exclusively from his site. It’s up there right now so get it while it’s hot.