Song of the day 11/16/12

Sh. Fe. MC’s By De La Soul Feat A Tribe Called Quest

Before the internet made everything a click away, there were certain underground rap songs that nerds such a myself looked at as the holy grail. I feel as if every underground head from the 90’s can relate. These were songs that, perhaps, we had heard once on a radio show and could never locate actual copies of. At the time, I didn’t understand limited edition releases or side projects. I was just a kid who wanted everything by certain artists. So, to hear a small taste of of something I didn’t know existed on the radio, always drove me nuts. How would I find this song? There was no There wasn’t a hotline I could call. All you could do was hope the Source or Rap pages maybe mentioned it in the next issue. Keep in mind, this a dude who wasn’t buying vinyl talking. I didn’t have a record player in my teens so it was all Cassettes and CD’s. These limited edition/special release/B-side only type joints were torturous to me.
This song is an example of a song that was extremely hard to track down. De La Soul only released this on a vinyl EP called “Clear lake Auditorium”. My tape listening ass had no chance.
Most of the time, with songs like these, I’d be stuck listening to a 4th generation dub off the radio until that low quality became the norm in my mind. Like the idea of actually hearing a good quality version of this song was a joke to me. I’d say the biggest bummer about it all is , by the the time I actually got my hands on this song, I was already kinda sick of it. Go figure.
Anyway, here are some other songs that I used to view as holy grails that can now be found on youtube with the ease of wiping your ass:

Ughh, just listening to these all make me wanna break something for the years I lost searching for them…

Song of the day 4/3/10

Mr. Incognito By A Tribe Called Quest

There was a time when finding this song was a big deal. I remember hearing it on various radio shows and immediately hitting many of my favorite record stores to find it, but always coming up empty handed. In fact, I’ve definitely never owned a purchased copy of those, not for lack of trying. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find it fairly easily though, so, i guess we all win here.