Yay Or Nay: Action Bronson being his own Stage security

I went to a stand up comedy show this week. It was fun but, as it sometimes tends to happen, there were a few girls in the front row who felt it was there duty to chime in throughout the whole show. They weren’t even heckling. They were just answering Rhetorical questions and saying shit like “Oh my god, my friend totally does that to!” in the middle of jokes. unacceptable. Seeing this got me thinking about how some people are just wired to be entitled assholes when going to see people perform. I’ve certainly had it happen to me. Someone walks on stage while I’m playing to literally chat with me like I was sitting alone at a bar or to request I play something else…at a show I’m headlining. So, yeah, crowd participation has it’s limits.
This morning, I was treated to a video of Action Bronson taking justice into his own hands. Some dudes jumped on stage and this happened:

Personally, I loved this. Sure, the guy was harmless and just really excited but, at the same time, get off the stage, bro. So , I wanna know what you think…This weeks “Yay or Nay” is a little different. You’re not judging a song or an artist…you’re judging an action…by Action Bronson. So, what do you think?

Song of the day 7/20/12

Elimination Chamber by Alchemist feat. Domo Genesis, Earl, Vince staples and Action Bronson

I think I’ll try something a little different this time.
So, here was have a new song. It’s produced by the Alchemist and features a few very popular newer rappers and a few that are kinda whatever (in the eyes of most people). first and foremost, we got Earl. Back from his samoan vacation. Pretty much anything he’s on nowadays is going to be idolized or put under a microscope because of what an impact he made 2 years ago with his solo EP and the lofty expectations we’ve all set for him..
Then we got Action Bronson, who’s been keeping pretty busy. I’m a fan of Bronson and I appreciate the dudes drive to get on all sorts of tracks. He does songs with thugged out dudes, old school veterans, weirdo’s like Riff Raff and pretty much anyone else he happens to be down with. I applaud that mind set and , while it doesn’t always work, it does make for interesting music.

Then we got the slowly improving Domo Genesis and Vince Staples, who I’m pretty clueless about.
So, put them altogether on this bare, light in the drums (which is the style right now, kids) Alchemist track and what do you get?
Personally, I think it’s decent. I don’t think the wheel is being reinvented and I don’t think everyone on this track bought their A material but it’s certainly not bad. Definitely a song that , when it pops up n my Ipod, I will listen to.
So, I’ve been reading some peoples reactions to this song online (which have ranged from people masturbating in public to people claiming that Earl is done and cursing the song like it killed their first born son) and I’m curious, what do you think?
You know what that means. POLL!!!!!