The porn Star Questionnaire: Angel Del Ray


It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these and it’s a shame. Not surprisingly, it’s the most read column I do. Why? Cause dudes love porn. I’ve asked Asa Akira and Kristina Rose these same questions over a year ago and EVERY DAY they’re still one of the most viewed pages on this blog.
Go figure. The amount men want to read about what girls think about sex, especially porn actresses, is crazy. So, for all you dudes out there, here’s another one. This time around it’s Angel Del Rey. She was kind enough to take the time and answer my really annoying questionnaire with honesty and patience. If you’d like to know more about this lovely lady, follow her on twitter She’s newer to the game than the past interviewees so this is a slightly different perspective. Enjoy…

Blah blah boring….but neccesary.

Name? (porn name, we don’t want creeps finding out your info)

Angel Del Rey

22 as of October 5th


Where you from?
Los Angeles

Let’s get to know you.

Do you read much?(I’d ask what books but I don’t read shit so I don’t really care)
All the time.
I love reading.

Do you watch a shit load of TV? If so, what shows?
Well I don’t have a scale to compare to, shit comes in different sizes so I’d say I probably watch a couple of series on television such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, and I can’t think of much

Do you watch porn on your own time?
No, only when I’m not having sex do I need porn, which is almost never.

What kind of music do you listen to mostly?
This question has almost every music genre in here.
I also can’t just throw music into genres because there’s so many different styles thrown into one song.
But I grew up on classic rock.
So I’d go with that one.

How often do you exercise?
I exercise I’d say never.

Can you do 10 man style push ups?
Yes I can.


What’s your type? (IE: Skater, rock dude, MMA fighter, Nerd, Questionably straight)
I’d say alive is my type.
I never really seem to date the same type of dude.
Alive is usually the common denominator.

What’s good height for a dude?

You down with fat guys?

What race is your favorite? (it’s ok, no one will think you’re racist)
I’m totally racist. White is my favorite race.

How important is a male’s body hair situation?
Not all that important.
Hair on the head is very important though.

Girls always talk about how important a guys hands are. That’s bullshit, right?
Complete bullshit.

This is a hot topic for men. Pretty much, no matter what they say, every dude alive wants to know these answers cause we’re all obsessed with our own penis. Is it childish? fuck yeah. But trust me, this will be the most closely read part of this entire interview. PLEASE be honest.

Honestly if it gets the job done, I’m satisfied.
There’s such a thing as too big.
Not fun for small girls like myself.

If you had to pick, 5 inches and thick or 10 inches and thin?
5 inches and thick

On a scale of one to ten, how much does size really matter to you?


Name a porn guy who’s dick is too big (if there is such a thing)
J Mac
Too big.
I did a scene with him for Reality Kings called 8th Street Latinas

Crooked dicks: A problem or something you can work with?
Something I can work with, but prefer not to.

This may be the most sensitive topic of all cause, you know, people might read this. They probably won’t but I know how things are. Try your best to answer these questions truthfully.

Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of most of the other actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

All the time.
Most of the girls are really naive and dumb.
Most of them actually think they’re going to become famous.
I’ve only gotten along with a couple of girls. Which is rare.
Extremely rare.

Has what has gone down in scene ever led to a fist fight with another girl who you had just done that scene with?
Girl had a yeast infection and still came to work anyways which is disgusting and didn’t say anything until after. The dick went from her pussy to mine halfway during the scene.

Who is your favorite male performer to work with?
John Anthony

I know porn actresses have lists of dudes they won’t work with. Who’s #1 on your “No fly” list? why?
I have girls on the no fly list.
Dudes aren’t really the problem in the industry.

How often to people fart during scenes? And how do you stop laughing when that happens?
Never really happened.

How long were you working before you felt comfortable in front of the camera?
I felt comfortable since the beginning.

What’s the best place to film? indoors? outdoors? on a bed? On a kitchen table? on top of a freshly killed Elk (I’ve seen this video…it exists)?
On a bed.
It’s never really as comfortable as it looks. It’s actually almost never comfortable.
Everything we do is in an uncomfortable position.

Is a DP scene ever worth it? And do you secretly thing the two dudes doing it are kind of gay?
Never did a DP scene. Sorry to disappoint. Working omit though. It’ll come soon enough.
No pun intended.

We all like to get our buzz on. Well, not all of us but most of us.

What’s your drug of choice?
When I do drugs, which is never, is nothing.
Sorry to disappoint on that as well.

You a drinker? If so, like a party time drinker or one of those motherfuckers that likes wine?
I love me some alcohol.
Vodka with Redbull

Cant’ stress the honesty point enough…

You gotta man?
Yes. I have a man.

Has fucking on camera made off camera sex better or worse for you?
Hasn’t changed a thing except I appreciate the hard work that you guys do to please me.

Do you actually enjoy anal? Do you do it in your normal sex life? If so, how long did it take get to the point where you liked it?

Idk why but it feels amazing.

Favorite position?

Scale of 1-10 how much do you like just laying in bed with a dude you like and making out for hours?
Not at all.
I like sex and making out is lame.

As for cumming, do you find you get off better from clitoral stimulation, getting fucked with a penis, a mixture of both or you’re not someone who cums much (or at all)?

There has to be penetration.

Do you do the gagging on a dick thing in your normal sex life?
Not fun but guys are usually into it.
I personally don’t need to gag.

Cum: Is it at all gross to you?

Are you actually bi-sexual in the sense that you would date another woman?
Yes. I love women.
But I love dick too much to give it up.

Does it bug you out when you meet a fan and you just know he’s masturbated to you? or is that somehow a turn on?
It’s a lil embarrassing.
But flattering nonetheless.


Assuming you’re on twitter, do many celebrities ever try and fuck you via DM?

Only happened once.
Not sure how many times it will happen though. *wink wink celebs*

In real life, have you ever been hit on by anyone super famous? Name names?

Rob kardashian totally eye fucked me when I worked at a certain mall near Calabasas
It happened.

If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be?
Justin Bieber. Only because he fucked Selena Gomez and I totally love her.

If you could kill one famous person (and get away with it) who would it be?
Oprah. Because it’s Oprah.

If you had to fuck one dude from Jersey shore, who would it be?
Pauly D seems sweet.

Without naming names, have multiple famous married men offered you money for sex?
Can’t say. But yeah.