Answers for Questions vol. 277

Hey there everyone. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend (US ONLY). This is answers for questions. You guys ask me stuff, I answer. Simple stuff. If you’d like to ask me anything, please do! Send Questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be creative!
Also, I’m leaving for a european/russian/tel aviv tour on wednesday so I dunno how functional this blog will be while I’m gone. You never know but don’t be surprised if I don’t post for a week or so. Not like you care but for the 4 or 5 people who do…just a heads up.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were going to die?

Hmm…I’ve been in situations where i’ve felt very threatened (being robbed at gun point, a plane having insane turbulence then the lights flicker off, a car crash where we flipped over, seeing a shooting at a pool hall) but I honestly can’t say I ever felt I was gonna die.
In all the cases above I just sort of assumed things wouldn’t get that far. I’d say the car and plane situations were the scariest cause those were out of my control. But turbulence happens and the car crash happened so quick, it didn’t really give me time to think i was really going to die.
Now that I think about it…the closest I’ve come to truly feeling like I might die was choking on pizza cheese while eating alone in my house once. I legit had to reach in my throat and pull the cheese out cause I couldn’t breath. That was one case where I felt a legit moment of terror and mortality.

What are some of your favorite names of porn films? Strictly talking about the name, regardless of subject matter. Have their been any films name after hip hop artists/albums that you’ve come across?
The whole idea of funny porn names is far more hypothetical that a reality. Sure, “Edward Penishands” exists and there have been plenty of porn parodies of real movies but the majority of them are called shit like “Latino cum swappers 28” and “Where the boys Aren’t vol 39282”.
I have yet to see a porn that references something hip hop related outside of the obvious “Hip hop honeys” kinda shit that’s basically using the phrase hip hop to mean “black”.
It’s a shame cause you could flip rap album titles into porn titles easily…
“It takes a nation of millions to hold this cock”
“Gay outta compton”
“All guyz on me”
“Step in the anal-rena”
“The gape adventures of Slick Rick”
“The Life of Pablo”

Sup. Got a question. Beyond Reach is one of my fav tracks you made because of the lyrics. Who wrote ’em? How did Baby Dayliner and you came up with the song? You both share the emotions of the lyrics?

Beyond reach” was a song that Baby Dayliner had made way back in the 90’s. It was done on a four track and he made it while he was still searching out his sound. He wrote the whole thing. I had always loved it and thought about sampling it in some way cause it never came out and it was just sort of sitting there.
I forget exactly how my version came about but I must have been reminded of that song and thought “I should remix that on my album”. I hit up Baby Dayliner and asked if he had a copy and he sent it to me. That’s about it. The piano and vocals are all parts of his original song. everything else, I added. As for the emotions of the song, it always hit a nerve with me. I can’t say I relate personally to those feelings of young loneliness but the overall mood definitely grabbed me.

Being an “anarchist”, I believe that society’s endstate will be one of freedom from wage slavery, and having machines care for our immediate needs – also, money will stop being a thing. It might take a thousand years (if we survive that long), but I think it will come around.

My question then is: do you think people will still be rapping, or b-boying or doing graffiti or whatever without money being a part of it? Without the profit motivator determining the charts? Without labels propping some acts up and not others? Or is material gain and fame an indispensable part of the industry? (save for some small acts that defy it)

This already happened in a sense. When record sales started to not matter anymore, the whole landscape of music (especially hip hop) changed. People no longer could “get signed” and “sign a big deal”. MTV stopped playing videos. Everything was illegally downloaded. So, all these people who were angling to make rap music simply as a means to get rich were suddenly in a bind. It’s no coincidence this happened during on of the most stale eras of rap. The mid 2000’s.
However,once that smoke cleared, there was an abundance of great music getting made by people who simply did it cause they love it. That was around 2009/10. So, i feel as though, no matter what happens to money and rap, there will still always be people making the music. To many artists, it’s like a itch. You can’t leave it alone cause it’s not bringing home a profit. Think of all the people out there who are in their mid-30’s, still doing local shows, opening for mid-level acts. They do it cause they love it. Sure , some may be delusional but, deep down, they know they aren’t gonna “Make it”. They keep pushing forward cause it’s what they enjoy doing.

Can you see yourself ever dating a woman who is REALLY in to any of this nerdy stuff? Like maybe not all at once, but she REALLY likes a few things from the list? What are your general thoughts on these hobbies for an adult, be it a man or woman?

Video Games
Science Fiction or Fantasy movies
Comic Books
Collecting toys
Card Games (Magic the Gathering, Yugioh)
Board Games (The new complicated ones that no one has ever heard of.)
Renaissance Fairs
LARPing (Live action role-play)
Cosplay (Dressing up like characters from movies, comics.)
Collecting crystals

I mean, if she doesn’t expect me to take part or care about those things then it would be fine with me. It would only be an issue if those things interfered with our relationship. Thinking realistically, it may be hard to keep some of those things separate from a relationship but I’d be willing to at least try if every other thing about this hypothetical girl was awesome.
The first 6 things on the list all seems workable. As we get into things where dressing up and pretending come into play, i might be a little wary. If not just totally embarrassed. Like, more power to people who do that but I don’t ever wanna be forced to have to go to one of those things for a millisecond.
Also, collecting crystals is fine and probably the least offensive thing towards the back of the list but if that girl wanted to talk to me about crystals at any point, I could not date her. In general, I feel people who collect crystals and I have a different life view. Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends…I just can’t see a crystal person and me ever truly connecting with any depth cause, well, I just don’t buy into that shit and they do. Similar to religion. Like, if you’re someone who feels strongly about your faith, i support that but it will eventually become an issue if we were to be together cause it’s a basic difference in beliefs that you’re eventually going to have to face.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be gaining popularity as the next thing the Technology sector is bent on figuring out. I feel like AI is making that same evolution into our general acceptance as Facebook and Google did, but it’s is way more deserving of our scrutiny. What are thoughts and predictions about the involvement of AI in the future of our world?

It would seem that the internet is well on its way to becoming a sentient being. Like you say, the tech people are obsessively working on all things AI related. From robots to figuring out ways to make advertisements seem more interesting.
I can’t say i lose sleep over this kinda thing but it is certainly the type of idea that, if you stop and think about it for any amount of time, you could spiral into a pit of fear and despair towards what the future may hold. Robocop could be a reality. Cars that drive themselves. Robots that learn and evolve like people do. it’s all possible and will very likely happen in our lifetime. Personally, I miss rotary phones.

I am trying to get back into reading but it is a bit challenging and I’m not sure what to get into. When is the last time you read a book and what was it? If you don’t read very much, pretend you do – what kinds of books would you go for?

You could not ask a worse person this question. I loath reading. It bores me to death and I honestly haven’t read a book in years. The only time I’ve read books for “pleasure” is when I was traveling a lot and knew I’d have tons of downtime with nothing to do. I can’t even recall the last book I read. Probably someones autobiography. It’s been that long. Maybe Tina Fey’s book? Pretty sure I bought it in an airport bookstore last second.
So, yeah, i can’t even pretend to tell you what to read. I don’t have a favorite author. I don’t curl up with a good book ever. It’s just not for me. Never has been, most likely never will be.

Answers for Questions vol. 276

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 10.57.53 AM
If you’re anything like me, you ate too much last night and are paying dearly for it today. I don’t even care about football but , man, hot wings…you pay the price.
Anyway, this is answers for questions. You guys ask me stuff and I answer. Simple stuff. If you have an interesting or funny question you would like me to take a shot at, fire off. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. That’s all i ask
This weeks batch is a good example of the variety that’s possible when people actually think beyond “What sampler do you use?”. Let’s see what we got.

As you get close to your 40s, are girls in their early 20s just not as hot any more? I find that some of the moms who are in their early 40s are super sexy and I just think of the young ladies as a pain in the ass more than anything. Do you still want to get with hot young ladies, or are you more drawn to women now who are about your age or older?
It’s hard to say. While I definitely can look at a 21 year old and be like “she’s super hot” the reality of them and actually having to talk to them is something very different. There is just such a huge disconnect between their generation and mine. In my limited experience with talking to girls in their early 20’s, they tend to be more self involved (which makes sense, they’re still growing up) and the things they’re concerned with are things I haven’t thought or cared about in 15 plus years. Like, how can I, as a 39 year old college drop out, really talk to someone about what college courses they’re taking with any interest whatsoever? And what would I have to say that would interest them? I’m old and boring.
There’s also that thing where , in a picture, I might drool over them but ,once I see them in person , how young they really are jumps out at me. That can mess with my head for sure.
At the same time, I’m not looking at older women and being like “yesssss”. There are certainly tons of girls older than me that are Beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to but it’s not like the lust for young girls just leaves and all of a sudden transfers to older women. That makes no sense.
To be honest, I’ve found my self most attracted to girls in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. That’s more my range of interest.
There used to be some old saying that men should date a women half their age plus seven. Well, a 26 year old is still a little young to me and the person who came up with that equation probably owned slaves so, yeah…I dunno if I’m buying that one.

Have you ever taken a review of your music really badly?
Eh…not really. I mean, sure, reading about you sucking is never fun but the thing about reviews is that you have to take with the good with the bad. They’re both equally unimportant cause, in the end, that’s just one persons opinion. Who is that person? Some dude/girl who listened to an album I made once and wrote about it. Why do i give a shit what they think?
The only time it’s a bummer is when it’s a big publication with some pull. Like, when Pitchfork has reviewed my albums, they generally haven’t liked them much (I think Music by Cavelight got a 6/10 or something) and that can hurt me in different ways cause websites like that are tastemakers.
Also, when I read a review that is negative and they are coming at me with some weird made up angle about why my music sounds the way it does and what it’s influenced by , even though, I’ve never even heard these things/people I’m supposedly influenced by, that can be frustrating.
Basically…art critics on any level are 98% full of shit so taking them to heart is a waste of time. What my peers think is far more important to me.

Who is your favorite porn star of the 90s? Like the one who was on a vhs tape whose name you remember.
I had a special affinity for Heather Hunter. She wasn’t the prettiest but she was sexy and lived in my neighborhood and I’d see her around all the time. She also had an amazing public access show called “Wild style” that I loved where she would interview rappers and make them uncomfortable by coming on to them. I wish clips of that still existed.
I think those two things made her seem like an attainable goal and that , to me, was huge.

For the rest of your life would you rather:

a) have to speak in a fake british accent and end every single sentence you say/write with the word “nigga.” example: “hi can i take your order?” “yes i fancy a slice of pepperoni, nigga.” if you fail to do either of these things your dick catches on fire.

b) be R.A. the Rugged Man’s roommate and share a bunk bed with him (you get to choose the top or bottom). You would also have a 2-seater toilet and only be able to poop when he poops, sharing the same bathroom.

c) give a homeless guy a blowjob once a year.

I guess I have to go with B on this one. It’s the only option where I’m not risking physical or mental harm on myself on a daily basis. With option A, i’d be opening myself up for constant fights and misunderstandings. With options C, I’d be sucking a homeless guys dick , so…yeah…that’s off the table.
With C, it’s just a shitty living situation but it’s not jail and I can go out so I’d just take advantage of that and be out as much as possible. Also, after a while, I’d get used to the dual shitting things, as awful as it sounds.

Are rich people more pretty or do pretty people become rich? Which comes first? Chicken on the egg kinda question.
I think the wealth comes first, followed by the upward breeding.
Historically, men have been the ones with the money, whether it be through it being handed down to them via their families or them actually earning it. These men, however, are often troll faced hunchbacks. But, with money comes options. So, they flash the money and power they have been given/acquired to attract females of a higher caliber. Fortunately for them, many women love the idea of power and wealth so they come to a mutual agreement. It should also be noted that , in general, women are far less shallow then men so they are better at “finding the good” within something that might not be so pleasing to the eye. So, the ugly rich man mates with the beautiful woman and , ta-dah, the upward breeding has begun. A few generations of that and the men start looking better as well. Case in point, Donald Trump has a beautiful daughter , yet he looks like an inside out orange sock that a 13 year old has been cumming in for months. Breeding, yo.

have you ever had to deal with any serious cognitive dissonance, such as with shitty or exciting aspects of the world? And if so.. how’s that shit going?
You know…not really. I’ve always been pretty centered and my thoughts don’t waiver much about things that really matter. I mean, i also don’t take hard stances on things I’m not truly informed on…and that’s A LOT of things.
The closest i can say I’ve been to that is realizing that the last Drake album is really fucking good and questioning if I was wrong about him this whole time. Well, the album is GREAT but , upon looking back, I wasn’t wrong. That’s just a really good album and his old music is mostly mediocre.

I am an up and coming producer — Nah just kidding man, anyways, you’re stuck on a desert island forever (assume food/water is taken care of) and you get to bring one album, one movie and a book. What’ll you choose?
The bible on tape, the passion of the christ and the bible. OBVIOUSLY.
These kinda questions are always such a shit show cause I don’t have clear favorites in any of these categories.
One album? Fuck. Probably the longest album I could find. Maybe some awesome mixtape with like 45 songs on it. Cause, really, it doesn’t matter what album it is…I’m gonna be sick of it or just stop listening to it. So, in effect, music would become irrelevant on this island.
Same goes for the book and the movie. Having one of anything for the rest of your life isn’t gonna last. I mean, I’ve watched the movie “zodiac” probably 45 times and I could watch it 45 more times but…eventually…I’d turn it off forever. And books? Shiiiit…I don’t read much. Maybe the most updated encyclopedia? Cause i could at least use that whenever i had questions that needed answering on the island. How’s that for a practical and “not what you were looking for” answer?

Answers for questions Vol. 273

Hello everyone. I hoped your 3 day weekend went well. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask stuff, I answer stuff. You wanna take part, it’s so very easy. Just email me questions (anything at all) to or leave them in the comment section. Be creative. Be weird. I’m bout that.
Let’s see what this week has in store…

What’s the longest you figure you’ve gone without….

eating? masturbating? drinking alcohol? playing basketball? making music?

Eating: I’m an obsessive eater. Meaning, food is always on my mind. I pretty much start thinking of what my next meal is going to be right after I finish the current meal. It’s a wonder I’m not the worlds fattest man. Because of that, it’s rare I have gone without food for any extended period of time. The only time that pops out to me is once on tour , we had eaten an early dinner the night before and had to drive like 9 hours that day so we skipped breakfast. Honestly, it wasn’t even that long a period (maybe like 18 hours) but I was losing my mind. I’m not a moody person at all but hunger is one thing that will make me a lunatic. That and waiting in line behind indecisive people with too much time on their hands.

Masturbating: I’ve gone like a month. Again, on tour. It just wasn’t an option. Was sharing a room with someone and I’m not a guy who jerks off in showers. It wasn’t that bad though. You kinda forget about it after a while.

Drinking alcohol: Oh…months and months. When I had mono at the age of 19. It fucked me up for so long (and it especially weakens your liver) that I just avoided booze for probably 2 or 3 months. Booze is something I have no problem not drinking. I like being drunk a lot but I hate hangovers and I don’t particularly like the taste. So, if I’m not partying , i don’t drink it. It serves one function for me and thats: getting me drunk. A casual drink with a meal or one drink here and there? I simple don’t do that. it’s pointless. Why drink a little poison?

Playing basketball: 9 months. When I was 22 i tore three ligaments in my ankle and that put me on the shelf for a long ass time. I didn’t have health insurance so I never really got the proper care (I didn’t do physical therapy) so I just waited till it didn’t hurt. 9 months. That was the worst.

Making music: I’ve gone long stretches. Maybe 4 months? If I’m touring a lot it’s hard to make new stuff but, often, during the summer, I will get lazy. I don’t work like I used to , in general. Inspiration doesn’t come as often as it did when I was younger. So, i don’t force myself to make music unless i feel I have to. Definitely hit a slump a few years back where I didn’t even turn on my sampler for a long time.

Have you considered doing a basketball-related column? Would you? Just curious, since I’m a fan.

Nah. People aren’t really trying to hear my blab about basketball with any regularity. Also, I’m not really trying to get into punditry. It’s the worst. i love basketball and will go on other peoples shows and talk about it forever but I wouldn’t subject the blog readers to that kinda shit.

Are there certain fashion choices (or other superficial choices) that immediately turn you off to talking to a person? For example, (these are all old and probably outdated), when I saw someone wearing a bluetooth, even when not on a call, I assumed they were a tool. I assumed girls in trucker hats were cornballs. Dudes who wear sunglasses on the back of their necks would be another example. Are there any examples that hit a nerve for you?

Over the years, sure…Many fashion styles rub me the wrong way. Like those tight at the bottom, baggy like diaper pants. Those are the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Not a fan of those baggy , ripped up jeans girls have taken to. it makes every lady look like a hobo in a boxcar. What else…I dunno…teenagers…what they wear. The 90’s are back and , while there is something nostalgic about it, it’s still fucking dumb looking.

In general, when people try to much. That’s a wide spectrum but , what can I say? People go out of their way to look like assholes. The way people tend to blindly follow fashion trends has always been corny to me. I’m a person who’s basically dressed the same for over 20 years so, clearly, I’m not on the cutting edge of anything. Still,I feel that some peoples willingness to look like assholes cannot be ignored. All I can think is “they are going to look back on that ten years from now and feel so wack…” I mean, we all have. No one dresses cool in a timeless way.

What’s your favorite venue to play at? Also what is your favorite venue to go see a show at?
I love the Empire control room in Austin. I just always have fun shows there. The energy is great and they have good visual components working at all times.
As far as going to see shows? I don’t really go see many shows. i only see my friends play so I’m either at hole in the wall spots or places where Aesop might play in NYC. I can’t say I have one that I love more than another. It’s all relative.

In the darkest time of your life, what pulled you through?
This is gonna sound like bullshit but I haven’t had many “darkest times”. i mean, i’ve been down and fucked up shit has happened to me but I’ve never been one to wallow in my own sadness. I just don’t function that way. I have a very “It’s out of my hands” way of looking at certain aspects of life. So, things like death of people close to me don’t typically put my entire life into a tailspin. I can be sad and feel a certain way about things but I’ve never been in a hole i couldn’t come out of. I’m too even for that. I also don’t get manically happy ever either so it works both ways. I’m just very level, for better or worse.
To be honest, the most fucked up I’ve been was when my laptop got stolen a few years back and it had two albums worth of music I hadn’t backed up. That was an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that fucked me up. Also, it was my fault for leaving my bag at a bar. That’s the most inconsolable I have ever been…and , lucky for me, I somehow got it back. That in itself was incredible.

What are your thoughts on the 1993 film classic ‘Super Mario Bros’ starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper and Samantha Mathis?
I have no thoughts on this movie. I never saw it. If I had to guess, it’s terrible and the only people who like it do so in an ironic manner and/or nostalgia.

Could a girl’s voice ever turn you on? What makes a girl’s voice sexy, if anything?
It’s hard to say. Like, i don’t think phone sex with a stranger would work for me. Cause that faux sexy talk shit is usually corny. I’d say I can pinpoint what makes a girls voice unsexy before i can tell you what makes it sexy. Like a shitty accent. Midwest, boston, philly…that kind of thing will turn me off quick. And a baby voice, like Joey Lauren adams. Not sexy. Wouldn’t want a husky low voiced girl either. I know that kathleen turner type is liked by some but , I dunno…Just a normal voice works for me.
I suppose it’s more in what and how they are saying it then the voice putting it out there.

Answers for Questions vol. 272

G’day everyone. Welcome to Answers for Questions. if you don’t know what this is by now, i feel like it’s not even worth explaining. Also, self explanatory.
If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, fire away. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. Be weird.
This weeks batch is a good one. Definitely one that will probably annoy a few people…which is always fun.

What are your rules for dating a girl who has kids? How many kids is too many? What if there are multiple fathers involved?
Personally, and this will sound terrible, I’m not trying to date anyone with a kid. Probably cause I’m not in a place where I’m looking for anything very serious and I feel like , when there is a kid in the picture, the stakes are way higher. I’m not trying to fuck over some single mom.
So, my rule? I don’t do it. That may change down the line but, for now, that’s where my head is at.

I am a fan of rock as well as hip-hop. You mentioned Max Fish and I follow Sergio Garcia, the bassist for Deftones, on Twitter and it looks like he has a regular gig DJ’ing there. I guess he is friends with Shannon from Activator, who has been a long time, from what I can tell, friend of the Def Jux crew. I’ve heard some Activator and it seems like straight up metal. Can you explain the nature of this relationship(Def Jux/Activatior/Deftones)? Also, what are your two cents on Deftones? They are probably my favorite hard rock band, and I know El-P/Cage did a song with Chino on Handsome Boy Modeling School. I am rambling here…haha…feel freed to construct your answer with whatever about this that strikes you as worth discussing. 😉

I don’t know sergio but Shannon is my good friend. He is one of those old NYC guys who just knows everyone from all walks of life. He met the Def Jux people from just being around and working at Max Fish. He and El become good friends and then Shannon was his hype man for a bunch of years. Jux was also gonna put out the Activator album but the label folded before that could happen (I think…I’m not 100% on the timeline of that).
As for the deftones, I’ve never heard them. To be honest, I don’t get into metal so , in general, i’m clueless with regards to most of the genre.

What up Block,

So i been wanting to hear your thoughts on this for couple reasons. One, you from NYC Two, you write funny ass articles Three, im guessing this shit would annoy the fuck outta you and id like to hear you roll off about these ppl.

So I work in Saudi Arabia (from USA) but get limited contact with anyone outside of my coworkers (minus internet) cus this country is ass.

Therefore im constantly around the same 14 guys everyday. Breakrooms, work,van to work, everyday.

One new guy (british) will NOT shut the fuck up about 9-11. Bush did it he works for montesanto group. Masons this etc etc. guy is mid 40’s and talks to himself in circles about 9-11 conspiracy theories non motherfucking stop. To quote him talking to himself in the van “just like all these fools who think 9-11 really happened, wake up you muppets! It was bush…..buncha sheep oh my lord”. The rants continue and are endless.

So my questions:

1.You being from NYC, what’s your opinion as far as conspiracy surrounding the 9-11 attacks?

2. This youtube obsessed conspiracy theory guy. How do you suggest i get him to shut the fuck up? He likes rap n there are literally 2 other ppl in this country i know that listen to rap so I tend to ignore his rants n give him passes / leave rooms when he tangents.

3. Do many new yorkers share this British guy’s 9-11 opinions?

Personally I dont think it was an inside job and if it was, this fucking guy has no proof but youtube videos.

1)I think those conspiracy theories ,and most of them in general , are complete bullshit. People who obsess over them are bored as fuck and seem to be spiraling out all the time. I wrote a post about this very topic a while back:
2)there’s no use arguing with a person like that. At best you can be like “Okay guy, we get it…”
and hope he realizes what a crazy person he sounds like and just stops. Sadly, from your description, i doubt you’ll be so lucky.
3)Sure. People all over believe that shit. And the fact they base anything off youtube is hilarious. That’s like citing a think piece for a research paper.

Thoughts on Porzingis? Do you think this kid will save New York Basketball?
He’s awesome. On so many levels. Where he save NYC basketball? Can’t say but he will help it for sure. His ceiling is insane. Like a much more athletic dirk who can play defense (with a slightly worse jump shot). He’s gonna be an all star in the next year and for a decade to come if he can stay healthy. Definitely will be a great centerpiece to build around for the Knicks.

What do you think of PETA?

Ohhh, you’re trying to set me up. i see you.
Well, I’m all for the ethical treatment of animals. That said, I don’t give it ANY thought ever. Like, the other day, I posted an instagram pic of a dude with a tat that read “Vegan” , eating a hot dog. Some guy flipped out in my comments about the treatment of animals used to make food and I was just like ,dude, I’m glad you have your convictions but I truly and deeply don’t give a fuck. AT. ALL. It’s just not a cause I’m invested in. Also, i love eating meat and nothing based on emotion will ever sway that. At the same time, i’m not in favor of animal torture, obviously cause, you know, I’m a human being who’s not inherently evil.
But, as for PETA as a group, i find them to be overbearing and annoying as fuck in how they do things. It’s one of those cases where someone is on the right side of an argument but they’re such dicks about it , it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Like, they seriously got upset of some squirrels being skinned in the movie “Winter’s bone”. Pick your fucking battles, brah.
Now i patiently await someone in my comments to fly off the handle about something I just wrote…and that’s okay. Go nuts, guys.

What happened to Steady Bloggin? I used to check that site all the time, but nothins been posted in months. Thought you might know
I think it just kinda faded out , as blogs often do. These things are often labors of love so, unless you’re really dedicated to it and have tons of free time, they will all end eventually. It’s the people getting paid for it that can invest that time.

What are some of your greatest fears?
I mean, dying some horrific way is obviously in there but it’s not really practical. That’s something you can’t control.
In everyday life, my fears consists of getting into a conversation with someone I dislike and being stuck with no means of an exit. That happened to me a few times over the last month and i legit felt what a panic attack must feel like creeping up on me. Like I had to close my eyes for a moment and collect myself mid convo.
Really being trapped anywhere. Like being buried alive but in a more social situation. Other fears include:
I fear that rats get into my house. That terrifies me.
I fear something bad happening to my dick.
I fear that working as a musician will cease to be a viable way to make money.
I fear NYC will be washed away in the next 20 years.
I fear todays youth are making the world one big gaping vagina and it’s gonna come back at us when we actually need to stand up and be about something that matters.

That’s about it though…

Who are some of your favorite writers? I’d love to hear about any “classic” literature you like as well as current/modern/informal writing like your own.

I don’t read books. I simply don’t enjoy it. Never have. I’ve tried. I’ve read fiction, non-fiction , various eras of writers , taken recommendations from friends who know me and…nothing. It just doesn’t take. And i’m not saying i can’t read or comprehend what’s on the page. i literally get bored and drift off within a few pages. I can read a book, know what went on, capture the nuances of it but , 2 days later, not remember a thing about it. No clue why I’m like that but I just am.
My “writing style” is informal cause it’s based on nothing. it’s me rambling. I talk how i write. There’s no method or planning. It’s stream of consciousness to the max. That said, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wanna read my writing either.

Answers for questions vol. 271

Right? okay.
Welcome to the all new, updated version of “Answers for Questions”2.0! Just kidding. Same shit, different day.
As always, in order for this column to flourish, I need your help. Ask me things! Get weird! get creative! Oh, and while you’re here, feel free to ask me for advice for the “Ask Dr. Tony” column.
send questions to or leave the questions in the comment section below. Let’s goooooo!

What’s your take on “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”? It seems the Martin Shkrelli purchased it for 2 million. Guess he used all that AIDS pill money on it?

I can’t help but thinking, if I somehow live 88 years longer and I’m actually able to hear this album, it’ll be like every other full-on Wu-Tang album – 2 or 3 standout tracks, with the rest kinda meh and leaving me reaching for Wu-Tang solo stuff.

I think the idea of making an album, making one copy and selling it for a million bucks is insane. No matter WHO makes it. Like, if Michael Jackson rose from the grave and was like “Here’s the new album!” under the same circumstances, fuck that album.
The fact that Shkrelli dude bought it is even crazier. But he’s proven to a a guy with way too much money and a slightly tilted life view so, hey man, enjoy that album!
But, like you mentioned, the idea of a Wu-tang album in 2016 shouldn’t excite anyone that much. I can’t recall the last time I peeped a Wu album closely but , like you said, they’ve generally been a collection of songs hastily slapped together with 1 or 2 standout tracks. Not exactly a 7 figure piece of art, if you ask me.

I’m interested in vacations. How often do you take vacations? What were your last 5 destinations? Are you more of a domestic vacation guy or do you take trips to other countries? What´s a place that you have some fond memories of?

I don’t really take vacations. I travel so much for work that , when I’m home, I tend to like to stay there. The only vacation I can think of, in recent memory, is going to Miami for 3 days to chill with some friends. That’s it. To be honest, my life is like one big vacation that isoccasionally interrupted but having to travel for shows.
But, in general, I’m happiest when I’m home. All the travel I’ve done has worn me out. I’m sick of airports. I don’t have that fire in me to see new things cause, chances are, I’ll see them anyway later in the year.

If for some reason you had to permanently leave the USA (ecological disaster, political enemies, army of angry ex-girlfriends, take a pick): Where would you go to start a new life? For some added difficulty: It may not be a country where English is the primary language!

So that means no Australia? Cause that would be my first pick. So, excluding canada, Australia and the UK…Hmm…it’s hard to say cause a place like Paris would make a lot of sense. Berlin too…but , at the same time, every time I’ve been to eastern europe, I’m like “Man, I could live here for a little bit and really enjoy myself. Places in Poland and Romania especially. But, I gotta be realistic and recognize that my life revolves around eating delicious food so I’d probably end up in paris, berlin or maybe a city in spain. Food>>>>

Are you and Emancipator bro’s or do you hate one another? Also, who would win in a fist fight?
We have mad beef! Nah man. we’re buddies. We’ve been touring together for, like, 4 years. Probably one of my favorite guys to hit the road with. He’s super chill and just an all around fun guy to be around.
In a fist fight? I dunno. I’m a little bigger than him but he’s younger. Neither of us are particularly rage fueled people either. My guess would be, whoever was angrier at the time.

Which emoji do you think should be invented which hasn’t already been invented?
They need to just drop all the pretenses and make real genital emojis. It’s time. The World is ready. The eggplant has had it’s time. I realize this could be an issue for kids with phones but…I dunno…child proof that shit!
There also seems to be a lack of a convincing “eyeroll” emoji. I know there are ones that mean that but none that feel right. That seems easy enough though.

And this is just a question for here because it’s only a tv question….have you been watching Fargo (the series)? I lovvvvve it
I did and I loved it. The second season was even better than the first. Truly upper tier television. Don’t sleep.

Let’s say you have an opportunity to get completely free rent in a very nice, well located apartment in New York. The only catch is that every room in the apartment shares a wall with a very popular bar. This wall is actually a one-way mirror, so the people in the bar can get drunk while they see your every move. Would you make it work for the free rent?
ehhh…nah. That sounds like a social experiment I want no part of. Aside from the constant lack of privacy, there would be the noise element. Bars in NYC stay open till 4am. That shit would drive me nuts.
I suppose there would be ways around it though. Like created rooms with blankets for walls so all the onlookers could see was just some drapes. But it just seems like a whole to do. Like, Imagine , i bring some girl home and she sees all the blankets up. She’ll either think I’m a serial killer or a manchild who likes to live in a homemade “fort” full time.
I’m good with the apartment I have.

Answers for questions vol. 270

Screen shot 2015-12-28 at 10.35.28 AM
Happy holidays everyone. Hope you got a gift that you liked or whatever.
This is “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. Right now, my question queue is running low. So, that means I need you guys to dig into your santa’s bag of gifts and ask me stuff. Go nuts.
Send questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Seriously..tis the season to ask a motherfucker some random shit. I’ve long said that, once my question bag runs empty, it might be time to shut this whole things down. Don’t let that happen (unless you want to, in which case, carry on).
Here’s this weeks stash…

QUICK! I’ve been studying in NYC this past semester and I leave in about two weeks (mid/late-December). I wanted to try and do something in each borough before I left. Any recommendations? I currently have only driven through Queens and haven’t even stepped foot on Staten Island.’s probably too late and , honestly, I’m a terrible tour guide. I think living here my whole life has made it hard to just give random ideas of what to do in the city. It’s like asking me “What’s your favorite line in a movie ever?”. How can I even begin to figure that out. Also, I don’t do much. I chill. I don’t go out to new clubs or check out art exhibits. I’m low key. On top of that, I don’t know shit about queens, the bronx or staten island. So, yeah…sorry…can’t be much help here. I can say that it’s okay to just skip Staten Island. Not that it has no merit but it’s probably not worth the boat ride unless you got something VERY particular you want to check out there. What that could possibly be? I have no clue. Unless you’re one of those wierdo’s who likes to see where your favorite rappers grew up and end up hanging out near fucked up projects just so you can take an instagram pic of the WU-tang mural.

back in college (early 2000s) i had a NES in my room and used to wreck both my roommates at super tecmo bowl. i was sovereign. then one night my roommate brought one of his homeboys over and that guy whipped the polecat piss out of me in super tecmo bowl. to the point i wanted to throw the controller and accuse him of cheating. it was like he stole a piece of my identity. so the question is: have you ever been “known” for something that’s part of your persona, and then come across someone who’s so much better at that thing that it ruins it for you?

Sure. I’ve had that reality check a few times (I’ve also given it to people as well, which feels great). In my case, it was ping pong. I’m pretty good at ping pong. But on a casual level. Like I’ve always been the best amongst my friends and shit like that. One time, I went to this ping pong “club”. A friend knew a friend and got me in. It wasn’t like olympic dudes but somewhat normal people playing (though there was one guy who apparently played in the olympics and he was playing people using his phone as a paddle. He was kicking everyones ass). I got matched up with some dumpy Puetro rican kid. He seemed harmless enough but, goddamn…I play a very spin heavy game. but this dude was throwing ungodly shit at me, the likes I had never even known possible. he demolished me. Not only that, I watched him get destroyed the next round. That was a rude awakening for me. Like, I never thought I was an elite talent in ping pong but I was confident that I was very good. Then , when you see how deep it really goes…man…it’s depressing.

What is your policy on tipping? Are you generous? A stickler? If you go to deli, do you tip? What about places were they literally just grab something for you, yet still have a tip jar out? What’s your criteria when determining a tip in a restaurant situation?

I tip at least 20% at restaurant. I prefer to pay cash and I’m impatient so if I end up paying more and it means I don’t have to wait for change, so be it. Only time that changes is if the service is truly awful or if the service is next level exceptional then I will react accordingly. But, 20% is the norm.
For other things, I’m a little more picky. I don’t go to coffee shops but I used to work in one. When I worked there, I never expected tips. So, in that sense, I don’t tip people who are just doing their job (and getting paid decently for it). If I’m a regular somewhere, have some familiarity with the workers, I always tip a buck and change in the jar but otherwise? Eh. Not so much.
I don’t tip at deli’s or bodegas cause who does that?
I tip delivery men about 3-4 bucks per delivery. I tip a cab driver 1-3 bucks unless it’s a long ass trip (like to the airport) then I add on a few more dollars.

what are you listening to these days?

Random shit. I have a playlist that I throw new music I like into and it’s pretty much all I listen to. I recently added joints from Wiki’s new album, some Pusha T shit, there’s a new 50 cent song I like, “Days with yen lo” still gets run, Vince staples, shirt.
Honestly, the majority of the stuff I listen to gets mentioned on this blog eventually.

ever considered making a “year end list” of your fav tracks?
I will probably do that in the next few days. Many of you will be confused and disappointed by said list.

The initials of your blog are PF (fact). Which made me think right away of PF Chang’s (the chinese restaurant chain). So here’s my question: if you could be any item on a chinese food menu, what would you be? And would you prefer to be eaten with chopsticks, reg. fork or other?
This is important.

I mean, I feel as though picking a food that’s going to be eaten is pretty arbitrary. Like if I’m lo mein or beef and broccoli, my fate remains the same. It’s not like it’s gonna be better to be chewed to death cause I’m a peking duck or if I’m sauteed bok choy.
But, ignoring that, I would want to be a steamed pork dumpling. Why? Cause they are my favorite. You could eat me with a fork or chop sticks but I’d almost prefer people use their hands. Let my brown grease drip all over your gluttonous fingers as you take me to my final resting place.

What’s one trend thats popular right now that you cant wrap your head around?
Hmm…Rapping into autotune. It makes me feel old cause I know it’s a big thing but…why? it sounds like shit. I get singing into it but rapping? It’s so fucking stupid. I’m not a fan of “extra” in general and that all just seems so extra.
Also, crazy lumberjack beards. It’s not that I don’t get them. I fully get them. As a man, it makes all the sense in the world. But what I don’t get it how much women love them. Like kissing one of those dudes must be like licking a bears asshole. But ,hey, i support them in some sense cause they promote manliness , which is a dying concept.

Not a particularly creative question, I’m just in a fatty eating mood right now!

What are you favorite types of…
-ice cream

God, I love junk food.
This question is pertinent to my interests.
Chips: I like to get those fancy off brand chips they have at obnoxious “health food” deli’s but, when it comes down to it, my favorite all time chips are ruffles sour cream and cheddar and tostido’s Lime tortilla chips. Those are what I can always go back to.

Candy: I like gummy candy. Gummy bears are the obvious choice. I don’t buy candy much anymore but, when I do, it’s gummy bears. Sometimes, I’ll branch out and get the gummy coke bottles.

Chocolate: I don’t like dark chocolate. Call me a heathen but fuck you are you bitter bullshit ass chocolate. Milk, ALL DAY. I fucking love a Skor bar. I may be the only man alive who does but, man, I love some chocolate covered toffee. In general, I like anything milk chocolate related. Only time I’m not into it is when it’s got nuts. Otherwise, I’m all over it. ALL OF IT.

Ice cream: I’m kinda boring. While I love me some talenti ice cream (the salted caramel is crazy), in general, I’m basic. I like strawberry or cookies and cream as my go to flavors. Also, green tea ice cream is my shit. There’s a place near my crib that makes earl grey ice cream and that shit is incredible.

I’d also like to add that chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing on earth. That is all.

Answers for questions vol. 269

Whattup everyone. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I respond accordingly. You got anything you wanna ask me? And i do mean anything…fire away. The only questions I’ve ever passed on were personal questions about other people and really boring questions I’ve answered already. Email me questions. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Get creative. Get weird.
Okay, let’s see what we got this week.

Do you feel the need to create music is outside of yourself? Are you visited by a “muse” from time to time, as some artists claim?

Nah. I’m very practical about how I make music. I sit down, get in a headspace to do it and execute. Sounds robotic and it is. If anything, I don’t buy that “muse” shit in general. I mean, I get that some people probably work that way but my guess would be that most people who speak of their work like that are full of shit or trying too hard. That said, I can see certainly how a person or event can inspire music without question but the idea of a “muse” is corny to me. Like “Hey, Cindy! Come stand in the room while I make this beat!”. It should also be noted that what I do is very different than, say, a guy who’s composing a piano concerto. So, in that sense, I could be talking entirely out of my ass.

You don’t strike me as the most sentimental, festive type of person haha, but what is your favorite holiday tradition from when you were a kid?

You are correct in that assumption. I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuck about any holiday. In general, I’m not a fan of any old time traditions.
That said, I wasn’t always an ice hearted monster. Back in the day, the christmas stocking was my favorite thing ever. Even more than the actual presents I’d get from my family. Even thought those presents were always the “good shit” , the randomness of the stocking was my favorite. Like i would get chocolate, a tear away far side calendar and some random toy I never asked for. But i loved that shit. As i got older, i realized it was a way for my mom to push her health agenda’s on me. Like I’d get a certain kind of face wash or deodorant. Regardless, the surprise of what i would find in there was the best.
Nowadays, all I care about is the food. Obviously , seeing family is nice but it’s not like i never see them. Most of my family lives relatively close to the city (with a few exceptions) so seeing them for a holiday isn’t some major event. Food, son…all about the food.

Oh heyyy, nice to see Phat Friend back. How’d the touring go, do you feel human again yet?
I think I covered what touring on a bus was like last week so I won’t repeat it.
But the tour went well. Saw some real deep hippie spots. Like the type where, if you walk through the crowd, you can tell half of them use those toms of maine rock deodorants that don’t actually work. Aside from that, nice people though.
I was only gone for two weeks but it took me maybe 2 days to feel human again, once home. All i need to do is fall back into my routine. Which isn’t hard.

What are some of your favorite music videos (visually) from the mtv days?
Ohhh…tough question. Gotta think…There is a really a wide variety. some of them are songs I don’t even like but the videos were awesome.

Drop by The Pharcyde

Come to daddy By Aphex twin

Separate ways by Journey

What you see is what you get by Xzibit

Cry by Godly and creme

Hell yeah by Dead Prez

Human Behavior by Bjork

Smack my Bitch up by Prodigy

There are tons I’m forgetting but those all popped into my mind.

It’s been 11 years, what do you think of Ass Like That by Eminem?
I haven’t listened to it once in it entirety ever but i’m gonna assume it’s as bad, if not worse, as it was when it dropped. For a guy with the talent that Em has, he’s got some songs under his belt that rival anyone, in terms of “worst songs ever made”. He’s neck and neck with 1990’s Aerosmith.

I was listening to music by cavelight and I noticed that the beginning of Forrest crunk sound a lot like Drake’s Hotline bling. Is it just me or is the same sample? That’s all, lol. Have a nice day.
It’s just you. Definitely not the same sample. This is the hotline bling sample:

Awesome song. I’ve had it for a while and when i heard drake use it I was actually pretty psyched cause it’s not a sample I would fuck with but it’s really dope.

how many hats do you own? whats your criteria for buying a new one, are there any specific teams you would avoid?
Hmmm…I own about 8 or so but like 4 of those are well out of the rotation.
As for what kinda hats I buy, i’ve moved away from sports teams the last 3 or 4 years now. Nowadays I just look for kinda obscure hats that confuse people. Like, I rock this one I got in St. Petersburg, russia sometimes. I rock a Max Fish hat. that’s this bar I go to and it looks like a yankee hat but it isn’t. Basically, I’m trying to wear hats I don’t see everywhere.
When I did wear team hats, I stuck with only baseball teams and mostly old versions of the hats. Like the Orioles, the Brewers or the Padres. It wasn’t so much about the team as it was the design and colors.

Answers for Questions vol. 268

Screen shot 2015-12-14 at 10.43.17 AM
sup brahhh?
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You guys ask me anything and I tell you what’s up. I can always use more questions so don’t be shy. Fire away. Email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be creative. The time of “What inspires you?” type questions has long passed.
okay, let’s see what we got this week from you snarky bastards.

Do you have a thing for small mammals? Maybe you had one as a kid and your parents said it “ran away” while you were at school, but you were too quick for that nonsense and realized it must have died? Are you still hurting from that lie and expressing those feelings through stock photos on a mundane personal blog?

You got me. It’s actually a sexual thing. I just like small furry things in an erotic way. Sue me, bro!
Just kidding.
I simply like pictures of cute animals that aren’t cats or dogs. When I started doing this column for my blog, I decided posting a pic of a cute animal every week would lend to the continuity. In reality, I doubt I’d wanna even touch most of the animals whose pics I post (I’m allergic to lots of animals). But, in photo form? Those are my dudes. But thanks for reading so deeply into something that could not be more shallow.

So I’ve noticed that older countries tend to have (but not always) country capitals which are also their largest respective cities (Tokyo/Japan, Cairo/Egypt, Paris/France etc.) whereas newer countries tend to have capitals which are not (Canberra/Australia, Brasilia/Brasil, etc.). Anyways, how do you think NYC would be if it were also the nation’s capital? Like, if you took Washington D.C. and and almagamated it into your city?

I think it would be exactly the same. It would just be a title. It would be impossible to make NYC MORE a focal point of the USA so calling it a capital wouldn’t add or detract from that. It’s not like Albany was all of a sudden popping off cause it’s the capital of NY. It’s just a name.

If you had a son, what are the odds that his name would Kristaps Simon?
Pretty low. He would be Dominique Wilkens Simon, obviously.

I know you’ve talked before about in the past wanting to do an album that was just rappers rapping over your beats. Is that still something that interests you? Seems like you’ve got plenty of friends and associates who are great rappers to make it happen with. And if so, these days, who do you think you’d like to get on an album like that if you were to make it happen?

This is 100% something that interests me and I’m actually starting to put together a game plan to make such an album. Problem is wrangling the rappers. Obviously there are friends I’d have on it but the hard part would be reaching out of my friend zone and getting people I don’t know, who I want to work with. Because this is actually starting to happen, I don’t wanna give anything away but just know it’s in the works on some level.

would you ever go to a fan’s house or go out to eat/hang out/etc. with a fan if you had more than one day in any particular city (not talking about a girl wanting to get down)? I feel that could be horribly boring and uncomfortable or incredibly fun and you’d learn a lot about the city you’re in. Probably nothing in between. Do fans ask you that?

I don’t think I would just go chill with some random fan. That’s weird. I talk to people at my shows and hang out but I think it ends there. I get asked to go smoke weed all the time and I decline cause a)I don’t smoke weed b)I don’t wanna go anywhere with some random dudes I don’t know. At best , I’ll kick it with the promoters a bit or maybe some of the other artists on the bill.
But, if i was in a city for a few days with nothing to do? Who knows. Fortunately, that doesn’t really ever happen cause I’m rarely in a city for more than a night.

Q for a, have you noticed Aesop’s influence on any newer artists, examples?


Have you ever picked up on your own style being copied/paid homage to?

Sure. In my demo reviews I hear Aesop’s influence all over. Not so much his newer style but his older style. People try and sound like he did 15 years ago today. It’s kinda funny, actually.
As for people copying/paying homage to my style, I rarely see it. I mean, there are times here and there where a mood reminds me of my stuff but I have yet to head anyone that made me stop and be like “whoa…he sounds like me!”. I’ve met a lot of people who tell me I was a “huge influence” on them but when I hear the music, I don’t see the similarities…which is a good thing. Being influenced by someone should not mean “I sound like them”. It should mean you heard what they did and applied that to your own style.

Do you call yourself Blockhead because your head is blockish?

Yup. That’s the origin. When I was younger, I was a rapper and it was the era of self depreciating names. My head was always square (at least my jaw was), so I went with that and it stuck. Now my head is far more oval but such is life.

Does it bother you when Spotify puts up other artists with the name “blockhead” on your page? You have some weird old singles attributed to you….
Man, I go fucking nuts when I see that. Like, I straight up black out and start punching strangers.
Nah, I don’t even have spotify so I have no clue what’s there. Someone alerted me recently of one and I actually tweeted them, they responded and fixed it. So, hey, who gives a shit?
The thing about my moniker is that it’s somewhat common. There’s a some hardcore band from the DC area that’s been throwing shows for years that has somehow linked in with my profile so I’d imagine more than a handful of people have seen them thinking they were gonna get me. Oops! Read the fine print guys and know the artist you’re listening to. If you hear a song on spotify with my name on but it’s some emo thrash japanese pop song, assume it’s not by me.

Answers for Questions Vol. 267

Hello hello…
Welcome to “Answers for Questions”. You guys ask me stuff and I answer it. I’m an open book (within reason) so fire away. If you wanna ask me a question (or questions) email them to me at or simply leave the question in the comment section below. Be creative. Don’t be basic. The better the questions, the better the answer. You can do it. I believe in you, bro (or lady).
Let’s see what we got this week…

I feel like you’ve already answered this question (sorry), but have you considered writing a humorous book or anything?

I wasn’t sure if your blog was meant for you to just vent as needed, or if you genuinely enjoy writing.

I haven’t really given it that much thought , to be honest. I mean, it would be a fun thing to think about but the reality of actually writing a piece of fiction is something I’m not sure I could really do. If someone wanted to compile stuff I have already wrote as “essays” and do some MAJOR editing , that might be cool but I wouldn’t even know where to start with that.
I do this blog partially cause I like writing, partially for me to vent through, partially to put forth a more pure image of me as a person (as opposed to just my music that might have people thinking I’m some depressed shut in) and as means to give my day a little extra structure. Not having a typical “job”, it would be easy for me to fall into all sorts of shitty habits so writing this blog helps me keep things at least a little orderly.

What’s your opinion of people around the age of Vince Staples who prefer the 90s hip hop he said he doesn’t care about? I came up on the early 2000’s stuff he did (and still think there’s some very good stuff from that time) but since high school have always gravitated more towards the boom bap stuff from your era.

It doesn’t really make a difference to me. That’s my era so I’ll always be connected to it. But what some 23 year old thinks about it? That’s on them. I’m not mad if you like it and not mad if you don’t. What Staples said about it didn’t bother me at all. I felt the same way when i was a kid about the rap that came before the stuff I grew up on.
I do think that, as rap fans, we should embrace it all. I’m not saying we need to like everything (that’s ridiculous) but people get caught up in “their thing” and act like it’s not okay to like Big daddy kane, rare project blowed shit and Drake at the same time. It’s all music with good qualities to it. It’s when people become dismissive that I take issue. I feel like young people, in general, have that attitude. Like “If it’s not what I like, it’s stupid!”. I’m sure i was the same way when I was that age too though so it’s all part of the growing up process.
I liken people who are young liking old rap to how I feel about soul music. I didn’t grow up listening to that stuff but it does speak to me. There’s an authenticity and earnestness to it. Old rap is similar. At the same time, a lot of it sounds incredibly dated and I can’t even listen to some artists I used to worship. But , I suppose, that’s life.

Hey Block,
I’m visiting New York, specifically Brooklyn, for the very first time in 2 weeks. Being a huge fan of Hip Hop and movies, NY has been my number 1 U.S. destination for some time and I’m finally doing it. I’m not a big touristy kind of guy and don’t want my time there to be typical. What would you recommend I do/see/eat while I’m there (5 days total)? Thanks.

I’m terrible at giving advice about what to do in NYC for a few reasons.
I don’t do much. I’m removed from any scene where i could tell you where to go and have fun. I don’t particularly like going to shows and the things I do socially aren’t exactly anything I’d recommend to tourists. All I could really steer you towards is food ideas but even that it a daunting process.
Only thing i can really say is walk around. Everywhere. If you go to Manhattan and you’re not going for museums or Central park, stay below 14th st. Not much to see north of there. But walk around the village, the east village, soho, the lower east side.
I’m not a brooklyn guy really so I won’t be much help there. I mean, I hang out there frequently but it’s not my home base. Sorry for the shitty answer but it’s kinda like asking someone “What’s you favorite albums of all time?”. it’s just too much to process and consider to give clear and thoughtful answers.

What’s the longest distance you’ve walked through Manhattan at a time, from where to where?
I walked from the west village to the upper east side. 14th st and 7th to 92 and first ave.
This happened during the last blackout. My girl and I were stranded downtown with not heat or power. There were no cabs or trains and the buses were fucked cause people were waiting hours just to get a ride 15 blocks in any direction. So, a friend of my girl offered for us to come stay with her for a few days, until the power came back. She lived on the upper east side so we trekked all the way up there. That was like, I dunno, 5+ miles? The walk to like 3 hours at least. It was crazy though cause there were tons of other people all doing the same thing like it was a pilgrimage towards the light. We were walking up second ave and everything was totally dark until 47th street where, all of a sudden, there was power everywhere. On one block it was a zombietown and across the street it was like nothing happened. Man, that shit was crazy.

Ok, so here’s a question for you…

What blogs are you checking for this day, hiphop or otherwise? I feel like a lot of the blogs that I used to be into a few years back have died out and I see that many of the links on your blogroll are less than active… anyone I should be up on?

I don’t really read any blogs with regularity. I check links here and there if the topic looks interesting. I’ll peep passion of the weiss on occasion. Steady Bloggin’ was a pretty good source of new music when it was up and running. I’ll look at What would tyler durdon do , but just for dumb celebrity gossip and jokes. Hmm…Yeah…I don’t really pay attention to blogs though. I’m barely literate so that may have something to do with it as well.

You have an extremely unique sound when it comes to your music, if you were an alchemist making a beat what would be the 5 ingredients you would include?
Heart, soul, elbow grease, the memory of your fallen soldiers and oregano.
Just kidding.
Man…this is tough.
1)A good foundational sample
Something I can build off of that has something to it that makes me want to listen to it repetitively .
You gotta have that low end in there. Some people move away from baselines and just use the 808’s as the low end of a song and that can work great but I’ve always been partial to something more melodic.
Duh. Beats need drums. Not every track has to be some boom bap shit and sometimes less is more but the drums are the backbone of any track I make
I’ve always felt just looping some shit and adding drums is kinda lazy and makes for boring tracks. I like to have multiple facets to every beat I make. Change ups that can take the track in various directions.
5)a feeling
This is hard to explain but, ideally , you want the track to grab the listers ear. I’d be full of shit to say every track I make possesses this quality but it’s crucial to a good track. Sometimes you try and it just sorta misses the mark. But when I make a beat i want something in there that makes a person feel something.

I was just watching a Louie episode where his 10 year old daughter leaves the apartment and Louie freaks out and calls the cops. As a kid in Manhattan were you allowed to roam and ‘be back by dinner’? Obviously different parts of the city are more residential/safe.

While different parts of the city are more safe, the thing about NYC is that even it’s residential areas are not that residential. There are businesses everywhere. It’s not like other cities where you turn a corner and the next 10 blocks are strictly homes. So, because of that, there’s generally more activity going on at all times. Some hoods are more quiet and things don’t pop off after 9 pm but it’s called the city that never sleeps for a reason.
As for my youth, I was given a pretty long rope. I also wasn’t particularly one to go out looking to get into mischievous shit. I stayed in the neighborhood and would just bounce around from friends houses to where we’d hang out (parks, pool halls, deli’s that had video games in them).
When i was very young, there was a scourge of kidnappings in my area that scared the shit out of me (my parents seemed less worried than I was) so i was always very hyper aware of where I was and who was around me. I think that fear actually kept me closer to home for a few years.
But, in general, I could go out but I’d have to be home for dinner and my parents would need to know where I was prior to that. I think that’s typical.

Answers for questions vol. 266

Whattup…I hope you all had a good thanksgiving (or , if you live outside of the states, a good thursday and normal weekend).
This is answers for questions. You ask me stuff, I answer it. I always need new questions so don’t be a #shyboy. Ask me shit! Send questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Be interesting. Be weird. We’re all friends here.
Here’s this weeks batch…

Hey Blockhead! What do you think of the new Prime Minister of Canada?

(Don’t let me down and be like “I have no clue who that is”..)

Prepare for a major let down…The who? Of what?
I’m not someone who follows politics very closely. And That’s the politics of my own country, let alone the one north of me. Sorry. I have no clue about what’s going on up there. Don’t feel bad though…it’s not you, it’s me.

what was the weirdest thing anyone ever gave you at an event.

I don’t know if it’s the weirdest thing but some dude came up to me with a printed pic of me when I was 16 looking like “Boy meets world” and had me sign it. That was awesome. THIS is a pic of that pic.
Other than that, i haven’t gotten that much weird shit. Lots of crystals, which is hilarious if you know me. Lots of cool little homemade knick knacks (this one dude in the northwest makes these awesome paper owls out of mcdonalds fries containers).
One time, when I was touring with Aesop, some dude in Eugene , Oregon gave us a jar of drugs. Like , a huge jar filled with EVERY drug known to man. Not just Weed. There was heroin in there. There was pcp. It was like a christmas stocking for someone with an immediate death wish. Suffice to say, we threw that shit out.

I remember being in middle school and thinking It’s Dark and Hell is Hot was the dopest shit ever, but, just this last year, I re-listened to it and realised it’s fucking garbage. Have you ever had that experience with a beloved album from your youth?
Oh god yes. Lots of the stuff I loved as a kid hasn’t aged well. Lucky for me, I grew up before that “It’s dark and hell is hot” era so most of the album I loved then are still considered classics. But stuff like Fu Shnickens or the Lord of the underground…while they aren’t terrible, definitely didn’t ripen as they grew older.
I’ve also had a thing where something I loved as a kid (The 2 live crew) become passe but then came around to be awesome later. That’s even rarer. The many levels of the 2 Live Crew!

Which of the 3 is the most vile, fucked up pile of rotten snakes of a human?
Beastiality people ( I was once curious and watched 30 seconds of a woman fucking a dog in Romania, and believe me, it was a crime against that poor animal), Pedophiles ( we all know about these sick fucks), or Necrophiles?
rate them in least to most sick

I think the least sickening would be the necrophiles, only cause they aren’t harming a living thing. At the same time, the act their doing may be the sickest of all but I’m not a believer in an afterlife or a soul existing past death so basically, once we die, we’re just worm food. If some creep wants to fuck my dead body, have at it. It’s only hurting him.

I guess beastiality would be second. It’s terrible but I’m also not a person who puts animals in front of humans. Also depends on the animal. If you fuck a horse, does he even notice? Meanwhile, if this weirdo if boning a labradoodle, that’s way worse.

Pedophilia is the worst to me cause it involves, living, breathing, human children who’s lives have to go on after the fact. Outside of the horrifying act itself, there’s a psychological angle to it that is just never ending for the victims.

Whose voice do you like better, Sam Cooke’s or Nina Simone’s?
Ohhh…tough question.
I’mma go with Nina cause , while Cooke may have the most perfect voice ever, it’s the flaws of Nina that gives it character. She can milk emotion out of a song like no one. She was insane, weird and avant garde. Cook was as technical as could be and had a beautiful voice but, i dunno…I’ll take the off kilter, interesting one over perfection every time.

You know that thing when you’re minding your own business looking in the direction you are about to walk or something, then some girl that just happens to be in your line of site turns around and thinks you’ve been checking her out? Have you ever had someone roll their eyes and get all snooty because of it? This happened while I was driving earlier today and it cracked me up. Do you think lots of women go through their day constantly misinterpreting these situations? Is it completely out of line to yell “I’M NOT CHECKING YOU OUT DINGBAT!” if this happens? Or, as guys, should we always just chill and walk it off, with the understanding that women DO get harassed more than we can imagine?

Umm…yeah, walk it off dude. Who cares?
I can tell you that women do get stared at and hit on relentlessly. Walking around NYC is a constant reminder of this and the interesting part is it’s not just the hot women. It’s all of them. i’ve seen a 4 walk down the street and have dude whooping at her like a cattle call. Basically, dudes on the street are the worst so, if some girl misinterprets your gaze as you being a creep, let it go. Unless you have a legit chance to explain it to her…but even then, that’s a Larry David moment waiting to happen.
Let it slide. Worst case is she thinks you, some complete stranger she will never see again, are a lecherous low life. As men, we just gotta live with that judgement. It’s the least we can do.