The porn Star Questionnaire: Asa Akira

Welcome to another addition of the Porn Star Questionnaire. The last one , with Kristina Rose was pretty much one of the most read posts I ever did so here’s another one for you. Coincidentally, this is my girlfriend LEAST favorite article.
Just to remind you, this is just a bunch of random questions I put together to ask porn stars. While it may seem like a Maxim article at times, I stressed to them to be honest and not give me the penthouse forum answers.
Today’s installment features the lovely Asa Akira. Not only is she awesome in general but she’s also a New yorker , which is kinda rare for girls in porn. Let’s see what Asa has to say

– Asa Akira
– 26

Where you from?
-My nationality is Japanese, i was born and raised in NYC : )


Do you read much?(I’d ask what books but I don’t read shit so I don’t really care)
-I do! every night to go to sleep. my favorite is Chuck Palahniuk (In case anyone else cares.)

Do you watch a shit load of TV? If so, what shows?
-Hell yah! I love it all. I love the good shows, like on showtime and HBO, but i like the really shitty stuff too, like on bravo.

Do you watch porn on your own time? 
-Yup. I watch all of my own porn. Aside from that, i go through phases.. Right now i like to watch anal porn a lot.

What kind of music do you listen to mostly?
-I’ve been listening to pretty much all of the same music since highschool. A lot of underground hip hop. But a lot of Britney too.

How often do you exercise?
– Every single day. My biggest fear is to get fat. (Don’t judge me.)

Can you do 10 man style push ups?

What’s your type? (IE: Skater, rock dude, MMA fighter, Nerd, Questionably straight)
-Funny!!!!!!! Everything else is secondary.

What’s good height for a dude?
-I dont care. Taller than me. Which is everyone.

You down with fat guys?
-I’m always down for anything that makes me feel skinnier.

What race is your favorite? (it’s ok, no one will think you’re racist)
-I honestly dont have one. I swear. Except I’m done with Puerto Ricans. I have bad luck with them.

How important is a male’s body hair situation?
-I like body hair. If you have it, dont shave it.

Girls always talk about how important a guys hands are. That’s bullshit, right?

(having a hard time forgiving the Kobe jersey but I’ll let it go)
This is a hot topic for men. Pretty much, no matter what they say, every dude alive wants to know these answers cause we’re all obsessed with our own penis. Is it childish?  fuck yeah. But trust me, this will be the most closely read part of this entire interview. PLEASE be honest.

If you had to pick, 5 inches and thick or 10 inches and thin?
-5 inches and thick. 10 inches is too long for every day usage.

On a scale of one to ten, how much does size really matter to you?
-i would say 10. But as long as it’s not too big or too little, it’s all good : )

Name a porn guy who’s dick is too big (if there is such a thing)
-There is such a thing. I think they are all nice, to have from time to time. But to fuck everyday… Manuel, Nacho, Everhard… a lot of them are too big.
Crooked dicks: A problem or something you can work with?
-I’ve never seen one so crooked it affected sex.


Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of most of the other actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

-I get along w/ most of them. I have a high tolerance for people, i think it helps. 

Has what has gone down in scene ever led to a fist fight with another girl who you had just done that scene with?
-No, haha!

Who is your favorite male performer to work with?
– I love all the European guys, they are great lovers.. Toni Ribas, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Keiran Lee… I also love me some Erik Everhard, Mr Pete, James Deen… Mr Marcus is really fucking good… Lex is so sexy… I also just worked w/ Ryan Driller for the first time the other day, and i think he might be the most handsome person i’ve ever seen in real life. Along w/ Charles Dera. 

How often to people fart during scenes? And how do you stop laughing when that happens?

-Haha i’ve never seen that happen!! 

How long were you working before you felt comfortable in front of the camera?

-My first scene felt so natural and comfortable already. I feel like i was born to do this. It sounds corny as hell but I’m serious!!

What’s the best place to film? indoors? outdoors? on a bed? On a kitchen table?  on top of a freshly killed Elk (I’ve seen this video…it exists)?

-Honestly, indoors on a bed is my favorite. Or on the floor on a soft carpet. It makes it like a free-for-all, you can just do whatever u want, you’re not limited due to furniture, weather, heat, sun, etc.

Is a DP scene ever worth it? And do you secretly thing the two dudes doing it are kind of gay?
-I fucking love DP. I always say i feel bad for boys cause they dont have a vagina, and therefor will never know the sensation of DP. I dont think it’s gay at all. The men are in a woman. What’s gay about that?

We all like to get our buzz on. Well, not all of us but most of us. 

What’s your drug of choice?

-I dont do drugs anymore. In highschool i did a lot. Of everything. Special K was my favorite.
You a drinker? If so, like a party time drinker or one of those motherfuckers that likes wine?

-I’ve been drunk maybe 5 times in my life. I hate it, always have.

Cant’ stress the honesty point enough…

You gotta man?

Has fucking on camera made off camera sex better or worse for you?
-Better. I get it less, so i appreciate it more. It’s a totally different experience. Much more intimate, obviously.

Do you actually enjoy anal? Do you do it in your normal sex life? If so, how long did it take get to the point where you liked it?

-I LOVE anal sex. Getting used to it was like losing my virginity all over again… It took about 20 times to really start liking it. It hurt at first, but i just kept thinking “soon it’s gonna be so fucking good.”

Favorite position? 
-Missionary. It’s the most intimate… I like to look at my partners face. Also, it’s a good position for getting choked.

Scale of 1-10 how much do you like just laying in bed with a dude you like and making out for hours?

-Depends on the guy. If im into him… 10!!!!

As for cumming, do you find you get off better from clitoral stimulation, getting fucked with a penis, a mixture of both or you’re not someone who cums much (or at all)? 
– I am definitelly someone who cums a lot, and fairly easily. When i masturbate, i cum from clitoral stimulation. But i cum much harder from actual penetration.

Do you do the gagging on a dick thing in your normal sex life?
-No. Unless it’s requested.

Cum: Is it at all gross to you?
-No way!

Are you actually bi-sexual in the sense that you would date another woman?
-Emotionally, no. Sexually, yes. So the answer to your question is no. Haha.

Does it bug you out when you meet a fan and you just know he’s masturbated to you? or is that somehow a turn on?
-It’s actually my favorite thing about porn. It’s why i do it. I love thinking about guys jerking off to me. When a fan says to me “I just jerked it to you last night…” it’s even better than the actual sex. Im weird, i know.


Assuming you’re on twitter, do many celebrities ever try and fuck you via DM on Twitter?
-A few have contacted me. I’ve never met up w/ anyone though.

In real life, have you ever been hit on by anyone super famous? Name names?
-Not that i can think of. sorry!

If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be?
-Jack nicholson 30 years ago

If you could kill one famous person (and get away with it) who would it be?
-The girl from “little miss sunshine.” She is so irritating! I think she is easily the most annoying child actor of all time. Abby something…

If you had to fuck one dude from Jersey shore, who would it be?
-I am a total TV whore, but i dont watch Jersey Shore!!! 

(How is that possible!??!!?!)
Without naming names, have multiple famous married men offered you money for sex?
-No. You’re making me sound so lame right now. Don’t make me end it like this! Haha.

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Photo’s by Van Styles