Yay or Nay: This new ASAP Rocky Song

It’s been four years now. Maybe five. Asap Rocky has been around THAT long. Feels like just yesterday people were hitting me up on twitter like “Dude, how mad does it make you that he stole Aesop’s name!?!?!”. Oh wait, that was yesterday. You people need a hobby.
Anyway,four years ago I wrote a post about ASAP Rocky and how his music is somehow good against all logical hip hop snob thought. He hit a nerve. At the time, I was referring to his first mixtape, After that, I can admit I kinda lost interest. He released his major label full length and it just didn’t grab me. I’ve never been “Eh, fuck that guy!” but I wasn’t really into it so it just kinda evaporated into the background like so many other albums tend to do.
Well, he’s got a new album coming out. Honestly, when I saw this clip pop up I almost didn’t even check it. The list of “guest” names alone annoyed me. Not that I have a problem with Mark Ronson, Miguel and , umm, Rod stewart. It just seemed like too much. Well, I listened too it. I’m reminded that Mark Ronson is a really good producer. I’m also reminded that Rod Stewart had some joints back in the day as this song does not feature him as much as sample him. Is that what’s going on now? We sample people and they get credit like they recorded the song again? I have no issue with that. it’s just funny to me that that counts as a “feature” nowadays.
But I digress…let’s talk about this song. As far as I can tell, it’s a banger. I love the beat. Rocky does what rocky is gonna do. He raps about nothing very well. He’s the seinfeld of rap. Well, that may be giving him way too much credit but you know what I mean. The only part of this song I think is pointless is Miguel. It’s like they threw him on at the end as a favor or something. Perhaps they recorded him just in case they couldn’t clear the sample and , when they cleared it, they were like “Well, shit…we got Miguel singing already…we should probably keep it, right?”
Whatever the case, I’m sure many of you have already made up your mind about this song before even listening to it but do me the solid and check it out before you vote. It’s only fair. I like it and I was sure I’d never care about another ASAP Rocky song again. Life still does have some surprises , guys.

So, what do you think? You can vote for more than one option.

Song of the day 11/4/11

Palace By ASAP Rocky
Well, as I warned in this old post, ASAP Rocky has arrived and is as polarizing as ever. Rumor has it he just signed a deal with 3 million bucks to Sony/RCA. While that’s both highly unbelievable and amazing, it would impressive if he signed a deal for half a mill in this climate. Especially considering he’s had like 8 songs in existence prior to said signing.

Like most things on the internet, people are taking sides and everything is black and white (or BLVCK and white , if you’re team ASAP).
Well, allow me to be the middle man here. I enjoy Rocky’s music. I don’t think he’s reinventing the wheel and I don’t think he’s the super mc that really deserves both the praise and scrutiny he’s been getting. The bottom line, to me, is that he makes music that’s cool to listen to. (For future reference to all my young , passionate readers, you’re allowed to kinda like something sometimes. Not everything is the worst or the best. sometimes it’s just “kinda cool”.)

His new album “LongliveA$AP” dropped earlier this week and it’s got some great songs on it. If you’re looking for lyrical miracles and deep soul shaking lyrics, this is not the album for you. If you’re looking for some music that has a very particular mood to it, conducive to chilling, drinking, smoking and feeling nice, then this will be your shit.

This song, in particular, is a good example of what can happen when Rocky and Producer Clams Casino join forces. Clams has somehow successfully captured the vibe if Enya in rap beats without sounding like he’s putting me to sleep. It’s hard to explain but whatever he’s doing, is pretty fucking dope, in my opinion. It’s like new age rap without the crystals and lame philosophy…just the mood.
Anyway, peep this and then go download the whole album if you like it. To show you all his songs aren’t in such a dream state, here’s an example of something more conventional from his album:

Asap Rocky is like “Rules of attraction”

Last week, the name ASAP Rocky started popping up all over my internet world. Whenever I start seeing a rappers name get shine, I consider a few things before listening to him. Who’s giving it love and how fast that love seems to spread. It’s situations like this that put me on to acts like Odd Future, Danny Brown, and Jay Electronica. In this case, it was a Phat friend reader who hipped me to it (shout out to Rep), then I saw Despot talking about him, then I read about him on Philaflava.
Honestly, most of the stuff Phat Friend readers try and put me on to isn’t my bag. Not their fault, i’m just a picky motherfucker.
Despot, however, is like the world greatest A&R. Pretty much EVERYTHING that’s been dope in the last 5 years, he’s known about way early. It’s uncanny.
Philaflava.com is home to my favorite message board ever and those dudes on there are always on the ball. However, not everything they love is my shit. That’s just the nature of hip hop in 2011.
But you combine those three things and I had to look deeper into it. Then i saw this:

My first reaction was “hmm…interesting”. A Texas dude in NY making sort of screwed music with some really dope beats. To be honest, I don’t “get” screwed music but this is certainly not something you hear every day. Still, I wasn’t totally sold. I mean, from the cursory glance I gave it, it was cool but the the rapping was kinda “Meh” and he was doing that whole “swag” chant thing that I’m pretty fucking sick of.

Still, there was something interesting about this dude’s music to me. Perhaps it was the video above. It’s not everyday you see a gold front mouthed white girl dropping N-bombs. Well, depending where you live, maybe it is but you know what I mean.
Then I got hipped to this little compilation that some European blog put together of his stuff:

Since then I’ve been bumping it pretty regularly and I don’t even know why. I mean, I like it…but it’s not fantastic…yet I still seem to always be down to peep it. The only thing I can compare it to is a movie like “The Rules of Attraction”. Behold the worst trailer ever…

When I initially saw that movie, I was kinda like “Whatever…”. Later, when it started getting run on cable, I found myself always watching it. To this day, if “Rules of attraction” is on TV, I’m watching it, no matter where it is in the film (except the last 10 minutes which is truly awful). ASAP Rocky’s music is kinda like that. It’s some shit that my subconscious must just be eating up.

All that brings me to this: seeing how the internet works, this guy has the ball rolling. People are taking notice. And while I can’t exactly verbalize what it is I like about his music (Though, I think the beats being really great are a big part of it) there is just “Something” there. A feeling. I’ve noticed , with music nowadays, when an artist has a hard to define aura about them and people start spreading the word, good things happen. I guess that mystery makes for good music. ASAP Rocky , to me, is the next “big thing”. Maybe not on a grand scale. He won’t be winning a grammy or anything. But the hipsters are gonna eat this shit up. As will some more basic hip hop heads. Following in the footsteps of Lil B and Odd Future…he’s next. I dunno how long a run he will have or if he’ll reach the same heights as those previously mentioned artists, but something is going to happen. I just hope, if he gets famous, he doesn’t dump his production team. They’ve got talent, yo!