Peep Googie’s new album ’tis what ’tis ! I did a few tracks on it.


A while back, I wrote a “yay or nay” column about Googie. He’s a Jersey born, Queens based rapper with a relentless style and dominating presence.
What had happened was , I was at a show , chilling by the bar , waiting for Billy woods to go on and heard this dude absolutely murdering it on stage. It was that rare moment were an opening act really caught my attention. That man was Googie. I had met him that night and seen him around a few times after that. Well, he’s finally released a proper album and it was my pleasure to do a couple tracks on it.
Check out the whole album right here:

Here’s one of the tracks I did off it. Good stuff.

Congrats on the release!

Here’s a dope album for you to check out

I typically do “Yay or Nay” here but a former “Yay or Nay” subject has recently put out a great new album that deserves to be shared. L.A’s KoreaTown Oddity just released “5 Chuckles”. It’s him and Producer Ras G.
Gotta say, I post a lot of music on here but nothing seems like it will be more up the alley of my readership than this. It’s like if Madlib made an album in the early 90’s. Vocals samples, quirky loops, and just a overall very coherent flow to the entire album. All I kept thinking while listening to it was how it’s mood really bought me back to what albums used to sound like. Before people just slapped together a bunch of songs and, instead, really took their time crafting an album as something that works when played front to back. It was nice to hear again.
Koreatown Oddity, as you can imagine from his name, is not your typical rapper. He’s a weirdo. And that’s great. He’s not out here doing crazy flow patterns or anything but his originality is found in his basic personality. He’s a character. I don’t mean that in a “he’s a made up person” kinda way. I mean, just off listening to this album, you can tell he’s on his own shit. So, yeah, peep the album. I think you’ll like it. Hell, even buy that shit and support an artist. That would be nice of you!

The Mighty Jones Album “Gone Long” is here!

Man, this has been a long time coming. You guys have no idea.
Probably cause you don’t even know what I’m talking about. The Mighty Jones. This is a project I’ve been working on for what feels like forever. It started over ten years ago. It was me, Joanna Erdos (The midnight show), Jeremy Gibson (Sir Jarlsberg. The moon rabbits, PFAC) and Pierre Michelle (Guitarist and vocalist). All four of us were friends who worked in different kinds of music, who united to try to do something a little different. Right as the ball got rolling, tragedy struck and Pierre passed away due to a terribly unfortunate freak accident. We were all devastated and , obviously, any thought of making music was put on the back burner. A few years passed and Joanna and I felt we should try again. Jeremy was still down and we added the guitar prowess of Damien Paris (The giraffes and the guy who plays all the instruments on all my solo albums). So we began working and writing. We had some old songs we had done that were unfinished works but I gave them away here. These are those demos. Check them out. They’re rough and unmixed but this is where it all started.
“Blow my mind” features some vocals we had salvaged of Pierre’s and remains the only Mighty Jones track he ever got featured on.

Well, flash forward about 10 years and it’s finally time. Since then, we’ve added the endlessly talented Bay Li Mckeithan (The Skins) as a second vocalist to round out the group to 5 people. Due to scheduling, life and general disarray, our album has taken way longer than it has any right to take. BUT IT’S HERE. It’s called “Gone Long” (for obvious reasons) and it’s ten tracks of psych/soul hip hop with female vocals. I’m sure you can listen to it and draw some comparisons but, for me, I wouldn’t know where to start. It’s not Portishead. It’s not Fiona apple. It’s not the sneaker pimps (lol). But it’s something.
The album is available on bandcamp right now and will be available at many other digital outlets in the near future. But for now? Bandcamp is it. You can purchase it there or simply just stream it. I should say that we are putting this out 100% on our own. No label. No press. Nothing. This has been a complete labor of love and something all the members of the group took a lot of time and pride in. We hope you like it…And, if you do, spread the word cause that’s better than any blog write up we could ever ask for.

Or, if you’re more of  soundcloud kinda person…

On I-tunes:

On Amazon:

It’s also on Spotify so go check it out however you listen to music!


It should also be noted that, while this album took forever to make and release, we’ve been working on new music for a while so a follow up won’t be that far behind. So, new shit is in the works!

Okay, thanks for listening and enjoy.

Pre-order “Bells and Whistles” and other important info

So, as you may know, my new album “Bells and Whistles” is dropping next tuesday (november 18th). It’s a digital release for now but the vinyl will be coming a little later. My guess would be very early 2015. I don’t have pre-order info for that yet but, when I do, I’ll let it be known.
Until then, you can get your digital fix at bandcamp:

To answer other FAQ’s:
1)This album is not coming out on Ninja Tune. I’m putting it out myself. It’s a bold new world.
2)This album will be available at many different digital outlets. I-tunes, amazon, etc…So, if you’re not a bandcamp kinda person, you can get it there.
3)To people asking about Cd’s, as of now, there is no plan to make them. I know there is a handful of you who still buy them but, truth be told, this is all being self financed and I’m not trying to lose money on this just to make a couple cd’s for a few people. That said, I’m not writing off the idea. I might do a small run one day to sell at shows but I wanna feel everything else out first.
Anyway, I hope you like it. And it you haven’t peeped any of the leaks gets, check out my sound cloud page:

As well as this exclusive one Potholes in my blog premiered the other day:

See you on the 18th…digitally!