Song of the day 1/24/13

Stop Shammin’ By Big Daddy Kane

I was recently reminded of some of the forgotten work of one of my favorite all time rappers. I’m in that age group where Rakim, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane will always be in my top 3. Like all rappers though, people get old and lose their edge. While I’d by lying if i said I was really checking for any of these dudes currently, all three of them had a deep and profound effect on the way I listen to hip hop. They were the elite mc’s when I was young and, even after they peaked, a lot of that older shit they did still held up to the standards of whatever was current in hip hop.
In the case of Big Daddy Kane, he had some up’s and downs. After releasing two classic albums (Long live the Kane and It’s a big daddy thing), he saw the first signs of backlash with his album “A taste of chocolate”. While I understand why, I also felt it was wildly slept on and very unfairly judged. But, instead of me explaining why, peep this video right here where RA the Rugged man breaks it down perfectly:

Anyway, because “A Taste of Chocolate” was so intensely judged, the next album was a crucial one for kane. So what did he do? He dropped a dud. “Prince of darkness” , while it had a few moments, was easily the worst Kane album (during his still capable years). Filled with bullshit slow jams and pretty much playing like exactly what people had been saying about his previous album. It’s like he took the criticism and was like “They think that’s soft? Wait’ll they hear this..). After “Prince of Darkness” A lot of people had seemingly threw in the towel on Kane. His loverboy style of rap has gone overboard , he was seemingly mailing it in and people just didn’t wanna hear that shit anymore.
Well, someone must have alerted Kane of this cause he did what so many rappers before him who had had similar fall offs had done…he made a “return to the streets” album. Now, normally, this would be some pandering bullshit that was just the fallen rapper kicking thuggy rhymes in a last ditch effort to regain the fans he had lost by rapping like a pussy. But, in the case of Kane, he was actually still a good enough rapper to pull it off. His album “Looks like a job for…”, featuring a photo of him in a hoodie on the cover, was a return to form. Sure, he wasn’t the same kane who change the game but he was still good enough to make a strong album. So, while “Looks like a job for…” wasn’t fucking with his older catalogue, it was still a good album.
Anyway, I write all that to write this: I had all but forgotten this album until recently and I had a chance to revisit some of it. This song was always one of my favorites from it. Not only the rhymes but that beat? goddamn. Easy Moe bee for the win. Good stuff.
As a bonus, here’s Big Daddy Kane Primer course for those young’uns out there too young to know…Here are some highlights from all his albums up to “Looks like a job for…”
Long Live the kane

It’s a big daddy thing

A taste of Chocolate

Prince of Darkness (This is where things went to shit…)

Ughh…He was definitely mailing it on the highest level there but it did have this song

Looks like a job for…