New Video by Billy Woods & Cult Favorite Remix

This is the outro track from the album “Dour Candy” that I made with Billy Woods. It drops July 2nd on Backwoodz records. Get hyped!
Also, if you missed it, here’s another song off the album called “Tinsletown”.

Here’s an extensive article about the album that just put up. Thanks to Zack Lipez for making it happen.
Also, I did a remix for Cult Favorite (Elucid and AM Breakups) for the song “Omega3” featuring Billy Woods
Free download yall!

A little “me” time

I figure now is as good a time as ever to just do a big post updating all of you on what I’ve been up to, musically. Since I get about five tweets/facebook comments a day saying shit like “Hey dewd, instead of posting jokes how bout you make some new music!”. First off, blow me. Secondly, I am and always have been steadily making music. So here’s a run down of some newer shit I’ve been involved with and what’s coming up:

By now you should know my newest album “interludes after midnight” BEEN out. Buy it on I-tunes, or at a store or from a guy in an alley…Whatever…just cop that shit…or go here:

I also have a free EP I did with Illogic (more on that later) that you can download here:

What else? Oh yeah, I did this remix for aesop’s single “Zero Dark 30”

as well as a remix for Billy Woods “DMCA”

There’s also this remix I did for Premrock and Willie Green:

Okay, and now the stuff that’s coming up…

Illogic and I have another free EP “Preparing for capture part 2” dropping September 4th. After that, we plan to drop the full length album “Capture the sun” in 2013.

I’m working on an album with Billy Woods that’s mostly been recorded. It’s gonna be crazy. It was originally gonna be an ep but we decided to just make it a full length. I’m very hyped about this album.

I’m doing albums with Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt as well. both of those projects are still in the early stages but they should get rolling very soon. Mike told me he’s gonna bring out the Evil Mike Eagle for this record, which I responded “You should call your self Open Mike Evil” to which he responded “STFU”. Whatever, it’s gonna be awesome.

There’s also the album I’m doing with my group “The Mighty Jones” , which consists of singer Joanna Erdos, Guitarist Damien Paris (he’s the guy who’s played guitar on all my solo albums) , Jeremy Gibson (aka Sir Jarlsberg but he also plays like 20 instruments), and myself.
This is a song from that album…It’s gonna be ten songs long.

Beyond that, I plan to hit the road in the fall. There is talk of me finally getting back to Europe in late september…but it will be mostly eastern euro dates so, if you live in france or the UK get your local promoters to come holler at the kid. I’d love to get out there again…it’s literally been almost ten years. Regardless, I’ll announce all those dates when/if they get solidified.

As for US dates, I’m still working on that but I got a show in S.F. in august:

Okay? Cool. Well…thanks for reading this and supporting me. I’ve enjoyed it all.

Peep this remix I did: Billy Woods “DMCA”

As you may or may not know, I’m working on a album with Billy Woods. If you’ve read this blog with any regularity over the past few months, you know that I’m a huge fan of Woods and I’m extremely excited to get to work with the guy. He recently asked me to do a remix of one of the songs of his amazing album “History Will Absolve me” and I jumped on the opportunity. The song I chose ,”DMCA” ,is one I feel that most artists making music now can relate to. Basically, we’re fucked and it’s not getting better anytime soon. Yup. Awesome.
Anyway, check it out and download that shit.

This is the first taste of much more to come in the future…

Song of the day 4/13/12

Frozen Sunlight by Billy Woods Feat Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt

It’s been a good month for rappers I like/work with doing songs together. Earlier Illogic, Marq Spekt and open mike eagle did a song and now, Open Mike Eagle and Spekt join Billy Woods for a non-album track banger produced by Willie Green.
In case you were unaware, Billy Woods released his album “History will absolve me” earlier this week. It’s literally the only thing I’ve been listening to. I can’t express enough how much you should buy this album. It’s on I-tunes or available at .

I’m not about to write a review of the album but I can say it’s a real album. In the sense that it was made with consistent themes, it ties together musically, and Woods seems to have an overall concept behind the entire thing. To say that kind of thing is rare nowadays is an understatement. Not to get corny but this kind of thing is art. I generally hate that word and think throwing it around when discussing rap is extremely lame but there’s no other way to put it. It’s not always easily digestible but it’s something you can go back to , time and time again and pull something new out of. So, yeah, if you like hard rap with a head on it’s shoulders that somehow manages to be not at all nerdy, this will be your shit.

As I said, this song was a track that didn’t make the album and , that alone, is a testament to how strong this album is. Peep it.

Backwoodz recordings present “The Cost of living:

For all those of you who have liked the Billy Woods joints I’ve put up, his crew just dropped a compilation.They’re a very talented stable of rappers and producers. It features Woods, Elucid, Open Mike Eagle, Vordul Mega and a bunch of other dudes. It’s free…peep it…
here’s the tracklisting and the link:

Loopholes (produced by Nasa)
Demolition (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring Elucid)
Blue Dream (produced by Man Mantis, featuring billy woods & L’wren)
The Knock (produced by Willie Green, featuring Megabusive, PremRock & Open Mike Eagle)
Six Flags (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring billy woods)
Stingray (produced by Willie Green, featuring Junclassic)
Gladhanding (produced by Marmaduke)
Shilling (produced by Marmaduke, featuring billy woods)
Excuse Me (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring MC Eleven & Teddy Faley)
Elevator Music (produced by Willie Green, featuring Cavalier)
Antz (produced by Junclassic, featuring Vordul Mega, Junclassic & billy woods)
Bank Of America (produced by Marmaduke, featuring Elucid & billy woods)
Help Me (produced by Willie Green, featuring Pastense & HiCoup)
Pig Iron (produced by BOND, featuring billy woods)
No Invitations (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring Elucid)

Song of the day 9/22/11

23’9 By Billy Woods (as featured on the Reservoir Sound compilation)

I’ve been preaching the word of Billy Woods around these parts for a little while now. This song isn’t exactly new but it’s off a compilation so I figured most of you might not know about it.
For those who don’t know, Billy is a brooklyn, by way or a shit ton of other places, MC who was part of the group Super Chron FLight Brothers. He’s somewhat of a throwback to the early Def Jux sound except with a slightly more rugged edge. I just got word he’s dropping a solo album fairly soon so I’m very much looking forward to that. Btw, this song was produced by AM Breakups. Dope track for sure. Enjoy.

EDIT: I fucked up. It’s just been bought to my attention that I’ve posted this song before in a mix I made a while back. Crap.
So, here’s a bonus round of Billy Woods:
African Robotics

Song of the day 5/18/11

White worst By Billy Woods

I’m pretty late to the game on this whole scene right here. So, I figure if I am, than there’s a good chance lots of you have never even heard of it. Billy Woods is a Brooklyn based rapper who was part of a group called Super Chron Flight Brothers. In the past two weeks, I started checking both Billy and SCFB out and, I gotta say, it was a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to really digest that much new music so I’ve been slowly making my way through it. It’s strange. It’s got an urgency to it. I like the direction the producers are going. Overall, it’s really dope. So, here’s a taste. I’d highly suggest you go on youtube and find some more songs to get a better idea of what this crew is doing. It’s some really interesting stuff that is as far from typical as it gets, nowadays.
If you can, peep the mixtape for which I took the picture above from. It’s a good entrance into the whole scene.