Yay Or nay: Bishop Nehru

There are three types of kid rappers. The first is the novelty act that gets over on cuteness of the fact they are rapping children. Think Raven Simone or will Smith’s stupid ass kids.
The second is a more serious rapper who is noticeably young but still graded on a curve cause they are so obviously children. Think Chi Ali back in the day or even Da Youngstas.
The Third is the type who are not judged by their age at all. They are like the minor league phenom that shows major league talent so early on, their age is secondary. Most likely, you’ll be bumping their songs and then later hear their age and be like “He’s 16 years old!?!?!”. Think LL Cool J, L-Swift and Earl.

Today’s Yay or Nay is a young rapper who is only 15. He’s very much from the Joey Badass realm in terms of the type of music he’s putting out. He’s got a good ear for beats and definitely can rap well. Be it for a 15 year old or a 20 year old. But I wanna know what you think…Check out Bishop Nehru.

Here’s a link to his mixtape:

Well, what do you think?