Song of the day 1/19/10

Pesh mode By Blair Cosby
Blair cosby was an alias created by Camu Tao. he was said to be a mix between Blair Underwood and Bill Cosby. Basically, Camu was a very funny dude. He would hole up in his crib for a night or two and make complete albums as this character. All the songs would be freestyles with hooks. while this sounds like a recipe for disaster , in the hands of Camu, it was some truly off the wall shit.
I was given my first taste of these about 4/5 years ago. at first i just thought they were funny and moved on but , within a month of having these songs, i found myself constantly playing them over and over again. they were funny (and actually had some dope beats as well) but more than anything, they were a perfect example of what made Camu the kinda guy he was. Anyone who knew him , knew this side of him and loved him for it.
so, here’s my personal favorite Blair Cosby song. if you guys are into this, lemme know and i’ll up the rest of the songs in one big file in a later post.
enjoy and RIP Camu.