MMMMM…The satisfaction and the pain.

This wonderful video of lesbian country singer Justin Bieber getting rocked in the grill with a water bottle has been making the rounds on the internet lately. My first reaction was a hearty and joyous , bottom of the gut chuckle. After that subsided , it reminded me of one of the more impressive live performance feats I have ever seen.
This happened about 5 or so years ago the famous music festival SXSW in Austin ,Texas. I was there to do a show and had an extra day to roam around and check out some other acts. One of the acts playing was my good buddy Despot. He , for those who don’t know, is a rapper from queens who i’ve made a bunch of beats for. He put out a few songs on Def Jux before it closed down and is now in the process of making a new album with help from the world famous Ratatat. This was his first trip to SXSW as a performer and really around the time he began cutting his teeth with touring. He was opening for the legendary dirty song singer Blowfly on a tour that sounded pretty much like the basement beneath hell. But , hey, sometimes you gotta go through those things to get your stripes and he certainly came out of it a much stronger performer.
Anyway, He told me he was doing a show in some random bar/venue that was definitely away from the typical path of where most of the SXSW shows are held. I took a cab over there and it was a bugged out scene. There was a palpable thuggy vibe there, which was strange to me considering who was performing. Despot wasn’t very well known at that point and Blowfly was some cult shit that only perverts like myself were up on. Whatever the case was , the crowd was not the most inviting I’ve ever seen.
An opening rap group stumbled through a forgettable set and on came Despot. For those who don’t know what Despot looks like, he’s is a short dude with red hair. Not a diss as all, but that’s what he looks like on the most basic level. He’s one of the few rappers who lives up to the “can’t judge a book by it’s cover” saying. His voice sounds like nothing you would ever guess that would come out of his mouth. I only bring this up because , to an audience like this, watching him rap is already gonna be a tough sell.
So, Despot begins his act. The crowd is pretty sparse , as we are in the middle of nowhere and Despot is just starting his career. He gets through one song and begins the second. Within about 8 bars, a full cup of beer whips into his face while he’s rapping. His microphone shorts out and all that’s playing is the beat in the background. For about 12 seconds, I see him rapping, but there’s no sound. Not to mention, He just got hit in the fucking face with a beer. And I don’t mean he got grazed…that shit connected.
Finally the mic turns back on and, to my amazement, Despot didn’t miss a beat. He came in perfectly, like he had never gotten hit with drink and as if his mike hadn’t shorted out. It was pretty fucking amazing and showed a brand of heart you rarely see at raps shows. While some assholes are marching around stage screaming at sound guys to pump up their already blisteringly loud monitors, this dude is catching a drink in the face and continuing with the show like he just caught a rose in his teeth.
Ever since seeing that, Despot’s resilience has been my gold standard for how mc’s should handle themselves on stage.
I got a chance to see him play again recently and he rocked it. It would appear all that early bullshit he went through has paid off. Now, if he’d only just finish his fucking album already! (just kidding bro, but seriously..come on.)

Song of the day 5/10/10

Fuck the pain By Blowfly
What’s that? You don’t know about Blowfly? What the fuck is wrong with you? Blowfly is pretty much the greatest man alive. A true american treasure. He began his career as song writer and singer who actually had some decent success. Somewhere down the line , he decided he wanted to become “Blowfly”” and make perverted comedy music. The majority of his stuff were truly fantastic Weird al-esque covers of popular songs (IE: Shittin’ on the dock of the bay” and “Suck around the clock”) as well as making a rap record in 1980 when not many others were really doing that shit yet.

^^^^seriously amazing shit right there.
Today’s song, however, is a jewel I came across when i was in high school. I knew about Blowfly and thought he was funny. I saw this tape in a 99 cent bin. I bought it and was pleased to find the song “Fuck the pain”. It has since been anthem amongst my friends and I…as well a cautionary tale of STD’s that we should all heed.