Yay or Nay: Bobby Raps and Corbin

Remember Spooky black? The mysterious St paul vocalist who looked like a an amish boy dressed like a 1990’s drug dealer but sang like an angel. I’ll admit, when he first came out I was confused. It was hard to connect the audio to the visual. But, when the smoke cleared, we had a dude with a really good voice making strange and atmospheric music that worked. While his full length didn’t exactly live up to his single “Without you“, he was definitely a pleasant surprise. I admittedly lost track of what he was up to (I also reached out to him on soundcloud asking for an accapela version of “Without you”. No dice.) I kinda assumed he would keep plodding forward as artists do. I actual thought he might get signed to a major and be totally exploited by now but I guess he’s either got his own game plan or the offers never came. Regardless, I was recently hipped to his newest project. This time he partners with a rapper named Bobby Raps. Also, Spooky black is now known as Corbin. That’s a must more suitable name for him, though it is admittedly less exciting.
Here’s the video:

Is it weird that I’m shocked he linked with an unknown rapper that’s actually pretty good? i mean..how many good rappers are there even at this point?
So, what do you think of the look for good ol’ Spooky B?