Song of the day 12/16/11

Death Threat By The Brand New Heavies (featuring Kool G Rap)

In the history of rappers working with live bands (not named “The Roots”), The Brand New heavies album “Heavy Rhyme Experience” will always be one of the more successful ventures. Featuring artists like Master ace, Grand Puba, Guru and The Pharcyde , the album came out at the right time and delivered.
Of all the songs on it, this one was easily my favorite. Partially cause G Rap is my #1 rapper ever but also cause of how he approached the song. While the other songs often had an air of the rappers consciously “rapping to a live band” , G rap just did his thing like he would over any other track. Good old violent braggadocia at it’s finest. This song not only has a high murder rate but I feel like the band embraced Kool g Rap’s vibe and bought what basically sounded like music you would hear in a Charles Bronson movie.