Song of the day 11/30/12

Call me crazy by Bushwick Bill

(This was written about 10 hours ago…)
So, I’m in Poland right now and I can’t sleep. I got a show tonight in Paris and will probably be awake all day. Cry me a fuckin’ river I know but I’m going somewhere with this.
When you can’t/don’t sleep, you go crazy. Pretty much anytime I’ve been to europe I spend half the time feeling like a crackhead due to sleep deprivation and jet lag , waiting for my soul to leave my body. So, in honor of feeling like that, I give you a Bushwick Bill song. I wonder if this is how he felt all the time? I wouldn’t be shocked.

Side note, I’m patiently waiting for the arrival of some brooklyn based female hipster rapper who calls himself Bushwick Jill. She will suck but she will also , for sure, one day exist.