Song of the day 5/25/11

Pissin’ Razor Blades By Bust Down

I was contemplating making a mix of songs about getting STD’s but I got way too lazy…and, in my own personal collection, I could only find like 6 or 6 joints. However, the bright side of that half assed search was that I happened upon this little lost gem. Bust down was from New orleans and this came out in 1991. Not a lot of rap coming out of that area at that time. Well, Bust Down was fucking hilarious and definitely on some dirty shit. So, let that be a warning to you. If you’re not into raps about bitches and hoes giving dudes chlamydia , you might wanna skip this one.
(Special shout out to Galvatron over at Philaflava for putting me on to this shit)