Yay or Nay: Da Buze Brovas

This is kind of a test. I know my readership. You guys , for the most part, are not into aggressive rappers. I remember when I posted a Gunplay song as a “song of the day” a while back, the reaction was mostly negative. I mean, shit, it makes sense. You’re here via me and I’m not exactly making murder muzic. Still, while I may not make Murder muzic, I’m sometimes a fan of it.
Allow me to introduce you to Da Buze Brovas. Two actual brothers from Philly. They are the definition of a local act in the sense that it’s highly unlikely many people outside of Philly has peeped them. While they do put videos on youtube, the don’t have any music available online. Instead, they opt to burn cd’s and sell them at local bodegas. Yes, this is that kinda shit. The term “street shit” gets thrown around in rap but this is that at it’s purest form. Two dudes making music for the fuck of it with no cares of whether or not you ever hear it. It’s actually kinda beautiful.
Anyway, my dude Marq Spekt is down with these guys and put me on. He showed me a few of their videos and I was immediately intrigued. I’m kinda assuming I know what your reaction will be but, hey, I’ve been wrong before. Just be clear: This is some hardcore Philly street shit. If you’re coming into this expecting anything else, don’t even bother listening. So, tell me, Da Buze Brovas- Yay or Nay?