Yay or Nay?: This BSBD song featuring Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.

For those who don’t know, Blue Sky, Black Death is a production team from the north west (Seattle and the Bay). Aside from making cool instrumental stuff they’ve also put out a bunch of albums with mc’s (Most notably Nocho Picasso and Dinero Farrar). They’ve continued putting in work and recently dropped a new song featuring NYC ignorant rap legends Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.
The song also features some rappers from across the pond called SAS so, you know, take that all you people who say I ignore rap from all non-US countries.
Anyway, this song came out of nowhere (to me , at least) and was a pleasant surprise. I realize both Killa Cam and Nore are fairly polarizing figures in rap so i was curious to get an idea of where you, my readers, stand on such a song. It’s not often two major artists do a song with an underground production outfit so this is kinda exciting to me.
Here’s the song (you can download it for free on the bandcamp page)

Now, tell me what you think:

Song of the day 10/26/12

Down and Out By Cam’ron

Last week I went on Cam’ron listening binge. I dunno what made it happen but his music had a renaissance in my Ipod.
I’d say there are a few ways to look at Cam. He’s either straight up great OR awesomely ridiculous and hilarious, both on purpose and accidentally OR he’s terrible . Now, when the people who feel the latter way are confronted with any of his music words like “real hip” and “Boom bap” seem to get thrown around as a way to disprove Cam’s worth as an MC. In my eyes, that’s a shame. Not cause Cam is the next coming of Rakim but cause those people who write him off are overlooking some of the facets that make a rapper great that Cam has more than his share of. Sure, he may not rap thought provoking lyrics with an intricate flow but he’s got presence, confidence , and an abstract creativity like few other rappers before or after him. It’s a shame that his topics and viewpoints are such a turn off to some cause I feel as if people are missing out. His run of music in the early 2000’s was awesome. Highly ignorant, negatively influential to all the rappers around him but awesome nonetheless.
He literally had little kids in the hood wearing huge pink t-shirts. CAM POPULARIZED PINK AS A COLOR CHOICE FOR MEN. He was gaudy, obnoxious, over the top and everything else…but , more than anything, he was clever. This song is my favorite example of that. It’s a album track off his peak achievement “Purple haze”. I was planning to write out some quotes on here but there are so many I don’t even know where to start.
Yes, many of you will not like this. Some of you might even be offended by it. I get it, you’re most likely fans of my music. It’s not like I have much in common with Killa Cam musically. I just ask you listen to it with an open mind. Also, the last 2 verses are pretty much two of my favorite verses he ever kicked.

Some video’s I’m enjoying this week

This one speaks for itself. I can’t imagine this guy hasn’t either killed himself or a large group of people by now

This is one of my all time favorite rap city clips. This is Cam in his ignorant prime. I was gonna post another Rap City clip with Cam but juelz Santana is in it and he raps for the first 3 minutes of it rhyming nothing but bandana, banana and hammer. Wasn’t worth the fast forwarding.

This one has been everywhere this week but I can’t get enough of it. It’s like if Madlib made a beat in 1989 and had a group of fucked up trannies rap over it after shooting up a pound of heroin.

The bottom of the pussy hole

Before you read this, listen to this

Got it? Good.

So this song obviously touches on many different points that I feel are worth discussing. The first and most glaring issue would be “hitting the bottom of a pussy hole”. Just reading that, you’d think it was more an homage to dudes with big dicks handing out cervical damage to young ladies. If we were to take what Cam’ron says literally, I think most girls would concur that having a dude actually hit the “bottom of your pussy hole” result in sharp pain and a push off that certainly doesn’t add to any romantic encounter.

However, I don’t see it in an entirely literal sense. While I’m sure that’s an aspect of what Cam’ron was getting at here (as much as I’m sure he loves his penis and delivering pain to women like an evil santa clause), the reality of what he’s talking about is really turning a girl out sexually. I’m not speaking of turning a girl out like a pimp would. I’m talking about being the first guy in a girl’s life who opens her up sexually like never before.

As much as men would like to lend this sort of thing to amazing sex skills, I truly believe it has more to do with timing then anything. Sure, none of the bumbling dildoes from “the pick up artist” are gonna be blowing backs out anytime soon and some skill is required, but I see it more as a girl being ready. There’s a level of comfort that has to be there before a girl can accept being “turned out”.

Every guy in the world’s fantasy is turning a girl out. Taking a sexually shy girl from, let’s say, a farm and turning her into a raving sexual lunatic. Why do you think men find innocence so attractive? It’s because it exudes a certain untampered purity that most guys would love to ruin. Cam’ron is no different. What he also touches on is the mania that often follows such happenings. On paper, this creation of a raving sexual lunatic seems like an awesome idea. The same way, on paper, a nymphomaniac is a good idea

…in reality, that shit is a nightmare.

A funny thing happens to men and women after they’ve had good sex a few times (warning, huge generalization ahead —>).

Once men are getting it (good) on a regular basis, we’re petty content. Sure, there are times when we’re horny animals but when the dust settles, we’re good with a few times a week. Girls, in a lot of cases, seem to really zero in when they found something they like. If the sex is good, they want that shit all the time. It’s funny cause, prior to having sex, the man is frantically trying to make it happen while the girl is usually being more coy. Thusly, once “you hit the bottom of the pussy hole”, as Cam’ron so delicately puts it, the dynamic of a relationship changes.

Obviously, if the couple is in a serious relationship, this point is moot. However, for more casual relationships, it can be baaaaaad news. It usually leads to a guy either dissing the girl or treating her like shit..cause he can. I don’t think most girls are used to their sexual advances being turned down. When that does happen? Drama. The amount of crazy that comes out of a girl who gets rejected sexually is some real shit. It’s insecurity mixed with anger mixed with denied horniness thrown into a bowl and whipped into a frenzy.

Not a good look for anyone.

Another very interesting point in the song is when the woman speaker mentions how women will pass over a good man (one who will provide, be faithful and take care of his business) for a guy that simply “hit the bottom of the pussy hole”. Against all logic and promise of a healthy future, good sex will make people do crazy things.

Now here’s the fucked up part…if you were to ask most men; “Would you rather be a great guy who takes care of his business and can provide for the woman he loves OR be a low life kinda guy that turns a girl out to the point she starts going a little crazy?” The REAL response may depress you a little. The same way all men are obsessed with their own dick size, we’re also so ego driven, it’s kinda on some sociopath shit. I guarantee you, deep down, most men would rather be the dick that changed a girl’s life sexually, then the man who made her a better person.

It’s funny, cause if you watch porn, it gives you a pretty clear idea of where our heads are at. Men make most porn and it’s no secret the penis is the focus of attention. In some dudes heads, the idea of girls worshipping their dick is more fulfilling then being told how smart they are or what good people they are. Bummer, huh?

I recently was talking to a girl who found out a guy she was seeing was sleeping with other women. He didn’t know she knew and she wanted to know how to approach the subject. She was obviously distraught (and pissed off to boot) over it but, because the relationship lines were blurry, she didn’t really have the right to flip out on him. My advice was to mention seeing other people and then casually mention the other guy she sees “cause of his big dick”. Sure, he was an imaginary guy but his purpose would be clear.

No matter what happens after that, that guy will be fucked in the head and questioning himself from there on out.

Even if he did hit the bottom of the pussy hole.