Song(s) of the day 2/24/12

Poor Wayfaring stranger by Cliff Gober
Poor Wayfaring stranger by The Anita Kerr quartet

About two years ago, when I started this blog, one of the first song’s of the day I did was “Poor wayfaring stranger” by The Anita Kerr Quartet. This song was extremely out of the ordinary for me to choose for many reasons. FOr one, it wasn’t a rap song or an old soul song. Secondly, It was a religious song I found on a record while digging for samples. As a very non-religious person, I’ve sometimes had issues even really getting past that when listening to music where it’s the focus. I mean, i can zone out lyrics pretty well but sometimes all that jeebus talk will seep in and annoy the shit out of me. But that song was undeniably beautiful. Amazing harmonies for an just an overall great song. A little later down the line I discovered the Cliff Gober version on some compilation of Christian soul music. Gober’s version was completely different but equally awesome. I figure, since the link for the original post is dead, I’d do a good old 2 for 1 here and give you both.
On a side note, I ripped the Anita Kerr version right of vinyl and there was a little skip in the record. Nothing I can do about that but, hey, it adds a little authenticity, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!